.blog Featured Site: The iHeart Radio Blog

We’re excited to showcase one of our bigger dotbloggers — iHeart. This is the blog of the popular radio streaming platform iHeart Radio, which, at last count, has over 120 million users

iHeart Radio originally began running a blog as part of their business and website back in 2015. They’re the perfect example of an existing blog purchasing a .blog domain and migrating their content over to the new domain.

How iHeart “blogs”

When blogs originally began, they were simple text. They were people writing to share their opinions, thoughts, and stories with the world. The iHeart blog does a great example of showcasing the transition and growth that blogging has experienced over the years.

The iHeart blog uses a variety of content types to entertain and engage its readers. For example, they have a recent post to share the Artist of the Week that is formatted exactly like people expect from a blog. It’s simple text sharing the information they wanted to communicate.

But that’s not all they do!

iHeart Radio is all about streaming music and podcasts. They provide things for you to listen to, so it wouldn’t make sense for their blog to ignore this fact. They do a great job of using a variety of posts to incorporate the aspects of their business.

On the iHeart blog, you’ll find things to read, videos to watch, and music and podcasts to listen to. They have fully embraced all the different types of content that a blog can provide.

iHeart blog categories

The iHeart blog also does a great show of keeping its content organized to create a user-friendly experience on the blog. Blog posts and content is grouped into several different categories making it easy for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Categories include:

  • Announcements: From new apps and playlists to collaborations, if iHeart has something excited to announce, this is where readers will find the information.
  • Behind the Scenes: This section is used to share everything from behind the scenes looks at iHeart employees to backstage tours with your favorite artists.
  • Data: iHeart uses the Data section of their blog to share the stats behind songs, stations, and more.
  • Deep Thoughts: There is more to iHeart Radio than just sharing music. This section of the blog is the place where they share things like the foundations they are supporting and movements that they want to bring attention to.
  • Events: Just as it sounds, this category includes events and important dates that they want to mention.
  • Music and More: In this section, you can dive further into all things music including learning about their Artist of the Week.
  • Podcasts: There are so many podcasts out there that it can be hard to find the right ones to listen to. This section highlights different podcasts that you may be interested in under a wide variety of topics.
  • TheiHeartLife: There are many employees behind the iHeart brand and the company uses this section to pay tribute to their team.

The iHeart blog has creatively found ways to continue expanding their content in a way to attract and grow their audience while keeping existing readers coming back for more.

More blog showcases to come

Throughout 2021, we’re going to continue to highlight .blogs. Some will have big audiences like the iHeart blog and others will be smaller, more personal blogs. One of the things that we love about blogging is that there is so much freedom and diversity within blogging itself.

From the topics that are shared to the way the topics are shared, there are many ways to succeed when blogging with .blog!