.blog Featured Site: greatermancunians.blog

Greatermancunians.blog is a collaborative photography project that profiles people across Greater Manchester who have somehow shaped the community. Sponsored by Manchester City Council and created by students at Manchester College, this blog shows us how blogging can contribute to and celebrate a community.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Greatermancunians.blog is a student-led “landmark photography project” that seeks to acknowledge the people who have shaped the region. Musicians, sportspeople, entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, comedians, artists, and community champions each chose a significant place in the city to be photographed.

The influential community members range from Parliament Member Angela Rayner to Sarge, a security doorman. Greatermancunians.blog celebrates the Greater Mancunian spirit and creates a space to tell their stories. 

“Greater Mancunians” will be published in 2023 and culminate in a major city center exhibition.

What Makes It Special?

At its heart, Gretermancunians.blog is a photography gallery in the form of a blog as a piece of art. It’s a directory of the region’s influential people, an artist-guided vision that shows blogging doesn’t have to be in written form. 

As well as being a collection of photographs and stories, it serves as a learning opportunity for students. One major goal of the project is “to give talented young students employability/work experience skills so vital when breaking into the creative industries.”

Each post tells the featured subject’s story alongside a collection of photographs from their photoshoot. They conclude with either a Q&A or reflection on the student’s experience of meeting and photographing them. Together, each post creates a beautiful picture of Greater Mancunians.

What Can We Learn?

Greater Mancunians is an excellent example of a blog that goes beyond its virtual space and contributes to its larger community. Each post uses a similar format while matching the subject’s personality, showing how to create variability in a blog and where uniqueness can come from.

It’s a captivating biographical blog that positively impacts the community, serves as a learning opportunity for aspiring artists, and is part of a larger project. This is a reminder that there are many different uses for blogs — only limited by our ideas.


.blog Featured Site: interconnected.blog

Kevin Xu is the author and founder of Interconnected.blog. An expert voice on global tech and geopolitics, his publication explores the connections between builders, operators, investors, and regulators. He writes from professional experience in founding startups, as a White House staffer, at enterprise tech companies, and in venture capital.

Kevin studied Law and Computer Science at Stanford and International Relations at Brown University. He co-hosts a podcast on Asian American and Canadian political discourse. His work has been widely cited and published, including in The New York Times, Business Insider, Wired, Al Jazeera, and The Wall Street Journal.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Interconnected is a bilingual newsletter focusing on the intersection of tech, business, investing, geopolitics, and US-Asia relations. By highlighting these “interconnections,” the blog gives entrepreneurs an edge in building companies, investing, and hiring. It serves as a place for those interested in the international business market to find information that can help them become more educated consumers and professionals.

What Makes It Special?

Kevin publishes new content every Sunday in English, Chinese, and sometimes Japanese. He believes sharing content in multiple languages is an important part of building more common ground and information accountability between cultures. “No lost in translation, no lost in suspicion, and no media filter, just words straight from […] the author himself.”

What Can We Learn?

Kevin uses this blog to publish articles from his newsletter. Newsletters can be an effective tool for building subscribers, creating loyalty, and driving readers back to your blog. Also, Interconnected.blog offers free and paid premium subscriptions. For free, anyone can read interconnected.blog’s public, non-premium posts, and for $80 per month, subscribers have access to premium-level content, gain early access to co-investment opportunities, and receive a 1-on-1 expert consulting call.


.blog Featured Site: alearningaday.blog

In May 2008, dotblogger, Rohan set out to blog every day. Fourteen years later, he says this daily habit has changed his life. Consistency is key to a successful blogging strategy, and this week we take a look at, alearningaday.blog, to uncover some of the learnings within. Rohan introduces himself to us with the three virtues that guide his blog and how he lives, seeking to: 

  1. Contribute positively to the world, 
  2. Build meaningful relationships along the way, and 
  3. Learn from every opportunity.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

First and foremost, alearningaday.blog is for Rohan himself. He shares how the act of daily writing has changed his life by giving him confidence in his ability to keep his promises. In his own words, “discipline is the foundation of integrity.”

He writes openly about the blog serving his personal growth and being a platform for “being the change [he wishes] to see in the world.” Although his daily blog posts are born from a commitment to himself, Rohan’s writing and dedication are inspiring to anyone who visits his site.

What Makes It Special?

Very few bloggers can say that they have published a post every day for over 14 years. Rohan’s consistency is remarkable and certainly sets his blog apart. Alearningaday.blog is also unique in its purpose and content. Rohan categorizes his posts into three broad themes; people, learning, and making a contribution These he explores through a series of observations, opinions, quotes, stories, reviews, and more. “Some days, [the posts will] provoke. On others, they’ll challenge. And, on a few, they’ll resonate.”

What Can We Learn?

Writing and blogging consistently can have many benefits. Writing every day can help to refine your voice and improve communication. Blogging regularly keeps visitors returning to your blog. Alearningaday.blog gives us an insight into what one blogger has learned from blogging as he continues to ”inspire a learning-focused mindset that values becoming over being.”


.blog Featured Site: neil.blog

Author, podcast host, and public speaker, Neil Pasricha has been blogging for over a decade. His career began with a daily blog called 1,000 Awesome Things, which won a Webby Award in 2009. Its success paved the way for the publication of the bestselling, Book of Awesome, and Neil continues to spread positivity by thinking, writing, and speaking about intentional living.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

The overall focus of Neil.blog is intentional living, with themes of gratitude, happiness, failure, resilience, connection, and trust spread throughout his entire site. 

It also acts as a personal branding tool, bringing together all of Neil’s content, products, and services. Through the blog, readers can join his 100k+ newsletter subscribers, watch his speeches, book him to speak at an event, access his Top 200-rated podcast, and purchase any of his bestselling books.

What Makes It Special?

In one word, awesome describes everything about Neil.blog. Neil is a Canadian family man whose blogging journey started with a countdown of 1000 awesome things, and this positive theme still underscores everything he does. It’s no wonder that he’s found such success as a writer and speaker. He writes with authenticity, a tenet he advocates for, and he is always engaging.

All content comes back to his mission and links to his podcasts, books, and YouTube videos, allowing readers to learn more. For example, in a single article, 10 Small Daily Habits to Dramatically Boost Your Productivity, Neil links to speaking engagements and books, references other well-respected books and resources, and shares personal details of his life, such as his daily shake, morning routine, and relatable clothing choices.

He also hosts a book club where he gives monthly recommendations. He notes that he started the book club as a “public commitment to read more.” Alongside it, he also shares transcripts of speeches that have inspired his work. 

Neil.blog is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to bring positivity, productivity, and intentional living into their daily lives.

What Can We Learn?

Neil.blog is an excellent example of how a blog can be key to building your personal brand. While Neil earns money through speaking engagements, book sales, and the like, his blog is full of free content. His podcast, articles, and email newsletters are all 100% ad, sponsor, and commercial-free, giving readers an accessible insight into what his brand entails.

He engages potential email newsletter subscribers by sharing descriptions and examples, so readers know exactly what they’re signing up for. By noting that he reads every email he gets and aims to reply to each personally, he creates a personal connection with his audience.


.blog Featured Site: Magnet.blog

Magnet.blog is home to the writers of Magnet Quarterly, an original and creative quarterly magazine from Turkey. Each themed edition covers topics like culture, arts, and fashion.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

The Magnet Quarterly blog is an extension of the physical magazine. The publication describes itself as catering to “men and women, typically between the ages of 20 and 40, with a high level of education and income.” Magnet.blog is a place to learn about culture—from hotels to space tourism—all types of art, music, and fashion, even fashion in space and virtual reality.

What Makes It Special?

As a premium domain, Magnet.blog is instantly recognizable and memorable. The one-word name, followed by the .blog TLD makes it easy to identify the site as a blog and further supports the brand

.blog premium domain names are short and to the point, making it easy for readers to find, recognize, and immediately connect to a brand.

Aesthetically, the blog feels elevated and visually matches their magazine. Post formats vary to include videos, interviews, and articles, and they offer a unique perspective on topics like arts and fashion, exploring these fields in the virtual domain. 

Magnet.blog appeals to younger, technology-driven people who care about staying on the cutting edge of topics like NFTs, the digital world, and evolving beauty standards.

What Can We Learn?

Magnet Quarterly successfully uses blogging as an extension of their brand. Having an online presence that gives readers a taste of who they are, allows magnet.blog to ignite interest in the physical publication and encourages people to subscribe to the magazine or for magazine readers to find them online. 

Having a premium .blog domain name helps boost online branding as it shares the same name as the magazine.


.blog Featured Site: exploratree.blog

Kinsume is an influencer marketing platform with an environmental twist. Their passion for sustainable living is supported by a core business connecting influencers and marketers. Their blog, exploratree.blog is a resource for both audiences, sharing marketing expertise and industry trends while shining a light on important climate change issues.   

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Kinsume is a platform for businesses of all sizes to find ambassadors for their specific digital marketing needs. The success of both brand and ambassador is critical to Kinsume’s business. The informative content published on exploratree.blog targets both key audiences: influencers and marketers. How-to posts, lists, and tips for both groups help them get the most out of their relationships. 

Simultaneously, the blog supports a climate-positive mission and its goal to plant 10 million trees per year. With content aimed at people interested in affiliate marketing and saving the planet, it’s a wonderful example of a blog with a focused and specific niche.

What Makes It Special?

Kinsume shows us that it’s possible to run a business and support a greater mission at the same time. They educate and advance the influencer marketing industry while positively impacting the planet through their pledge to plant one tree for every new subscriber. By connecting influencers with partner brands, they’ve planted over 10,000 trees already and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Read more about their mission and plant a tree yourself here.

What Can We Learn?

Exploratree.blog shows us how a business can use a blog to attract, engage with and support customers. The blog keeps readers engaged with visuals, tables of contents, and infographics, making it easy for marketers and affiliates to learn and browse. With tools like the Kinsume user guide, they show how a blog can serve to advance a company’s mission. 

In addition to learning from the posts, readers know they’re helping the planet and feel empowered to make a difference in their own communities.


.blog Featured Site: outdoorliving.blog

Outdoorliving.blog is run by three friends, Cármen, Francisca, and Caetana. They met on a “great adventure” in 2012 and have been exploring the world together ever since. When the pandemic limited their travels, they created outdoorliving.blog to bring the joys of the outside into people’s homes.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Outdoorliving.blog is “where happiness begins.” Its adventurous creators encourage readers to find joy in the natural world by sharing their stories and experiences. They focus on yoga, sustainability, and travel while showcasing designs inspired by global nature.

What Makes It Special?

Cármen, Francisca, and Caetana’s personalities, experiences, and expertise guide their blog. Though they love traveling, their expansive mission invites anyone who values the outdoors to join their holistic journey.

The bios, posts, and photos show how a passion for nature can become a creative and sustainable lifestyle, including sustainable travel products, eco-friendly laundry routines, to exercise tips. 

What Can We Learn?

Outdoorliving.blog is a wonderful example of a blog that successfully pivoted during the pandemic. It demonstrates how to naturally integrate videos and content marketing, for example, by offering multiple ebooks for readers who join the email list.

.blog Featured Site: sarahsayspets.blog

Sarah Hodgson is the dog trainer, pet behavior consultant, and media expert behind Sarahsayspets.blog. With over thirty years of experience helping people and their pets and having authored several dog training books, she’s a self-described “pet-obsessed mom.” Sarah lives in New York, where she does in-person dog training, and also offers virtual lessons for clients around the world.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Sarahsayspets.blog is the ultimate resource for pet owners. In addition to sharing her own services, Sarah educates anyone who cares for animals. She discusses everything from cats and dogs to small mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles, and her posts range from serious issues, like “How Toxic is Chocolate for Dogs,” to playful topics, such as “How to Throw a Doggie Birthday Party.”

What Makes It Special?

This blog is an excellent example of successful monetization. Sarah includes links to everything she sells, recommended products, relevant training, and course options, and free downloads within her blog posts. A pop-up invites visitors to sign up to receive blog updates, curated pet products, course announcements, ebooks, and videos. To incentivize readers, she uses a free ebook as a lead magnet to sign up.

Sarah makes it easy to scroll through her feature page and find the exact topic you’re looking for. Each article is tagged with its relevant categories, and the search feature creates a user-friendly experience. Combined with adorable pictures of puppies on every page, it’s hard not to love the blog. 

What Can We Learn?

Sarah demonstrates her expertise by providing free content and linking to articles she has written as a HuffPost contributor. She uses visual content effectively. Readers can find links to her YouTube videos throughout her blog, and she integrates her TikTok account, where she has many popular videos.


How do you stop a dog from swiping food off the counter? 🧐 Watch the find out! #howto #food #dog #counter #jumping #up #asksarah #tips #tricks #dogtraining #dogtrainer

♬ original sound – veggibeats

Sarah has found the perfect balance between informing readers and enticing them to purchase her services. Her blog is highly educational, making it a good resource for any animal lover while providing plenty of opportunities to purchase her books and services for those who want more.


.blog Featured Site: polychrome.blog

Sarah Grossman is the San Diego-based content creator and event designer behind Polychromist, at polychrome.blog. The blog brings her passions for design, fashion, and travel to life and combines them with art and nature to create a colorful and engaging blog. Sarah describes her unique style as “eclectic mood-based fashion.”

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Polychromist is “a colorful art fashion blog” where each post is a colorful photo shoot featuring fashion styled by the blogger and set against colorful works of art. The blog seeks to showcase up-and-coming designers and thrifted vintage pieces. Sarah shares vibrant environments on her blog that capture her unique design, and, as its name suggests, it’s home to all things color.

What Makes It Special?

The first thing Polychromist visitors notice is how visually captivating it is. The overall format resembles Instagram, which immediately engages readers and makes them want to follow her on social media without needing prompting. This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in art, fashion, and travel, and she makes it easy for readers to learn more about the clothes and places featured in her posts.

Along with the images and design, storytelling is at the heart of polychrome.blog. Sarah weaves stories about events, artists, and her own life to give readers an honest glimpse into her perspective and personality.

What Can We Learn?

One of the things that is most striking about polychrome.blog is the consistent and familiar format. Each post follows the same format and includes the same elements: a story, a location or event, and an outfit. Readers know they can find details and links for everything she talks about at the end of each post. Everything is consistently tied back to the theme of a “colorful art fashion blog.”

Polychrome.blog is evidence that blogs can be successful without writing long-form posts. The key is to follow your audience: Are they looking for tons of written information, or are images a better way to communicate their interests? For Sarah, short stories and pictures are what keep her blog true to the “colorful art fashion” theme. 

She includes paid ad space as a simple way to monetize her blog, and around it, every feature of the site ties back to her theme and exemplifies her well-defined niche. 

.blog Featured Site: davidjones.blog

Our latest featured blogger is a well-known Australian department store. We take a look at how David Jones effortlessly blends content and ecommerce to enhance the online shopping experience. 

David Jones is a premium retailer. Since it first opened its doors in 1838, the department store has grown and evolved while staying true to its original mission to sell the best and most exclusive goods.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

davidjones.blog is a self-proclaimed home of fashion, culture, and style. The blog features everything from food, home, and fashion to accessories and apparel for the whole family, and even electronics, appliances, and gifts.

Readers can shop directly from blog posts, and customers can learn about products and events. Posts include tips on topics, including style, decorating, beauty, recipes, and kids, and serve as a place to get inspiration and learn about various brands and the latest trends.

What Makes It Special?

davidjones.blog seamlessly integrates blogging and ecommerce strategy by connecting content to the online shopping experience. Posts contain links that guide readers to where they can buy the product, and they’re composed of a great mix of storytelling, advice, and products. 

The blog stays current by planning out a calendar and featuring holiday-specific content, like Valentine’s Day and Easter. 

What Can We Learn?

It’s clear that this blog knows what its consumers care about, so they focus on social responsibility and sustainability, create curated edits for specific demographics, and provide blog posts that address its shopper’s interests.

Their posts are visually engaging, with pictures that highlight items for sale and links that make them easy to purchase. 

Overall, davidjones.blog is a great example of how a company can use a blog to successfully advance their ecommerce strategy.