.blog Featured Site: fastmail.blog

This week we take a look at fastmail.blog. This is a company that has turned its blog into a vast knowledge base supporting its email product, while still connecting with readers on a personal level, and establishing the brand as an expert voice in email security.

Who is the Blogger?

Fastmail is a privacy-friendly email hosting provider. Their slogan, “email on your side,” highlights the driving mission of their business and their goal of bringing a human touch back to email.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Fastmail.blog aims to educate consumers about the benefits of their service and the importance of email privacy. Their posts demonstrate how Fastmail is different from other email providers while providing readers with actionable tips to operate better online both personally and professionally. In addition to promoting their own business, they use their blog to share tools for living and working in the digital age.

What Makes It Special?

By highlighting the importance of privacy and internet security, fastmail.blog persuades potential clients that their product is valuable even when the posts aren’t directly discussing their service.

The blog is a valuable resource for customers and includes posts that spotlight new features and teach consumers how to better use their products. Fastmail.blog introduces employees in “Meet Our Team” posts, giving a personal quality and supporting the company values of privacy, security, and a “human touch”.

What Can We Learn?

Having a blog can have lots of benefits for businesses. Each post serves as a new page, improving search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic. The blog is a rich resource of knowledge on Fastmail products and services. By connecting to their audience through posts that provide tips on productivity and internet security, they build trust in their company as a credible and valuable source of information. Building this foundation paves the way for new customers and helps retain their current customers, all while supporting their mission and reinforcing their brand.

.blog Featured Site: thesightseeingcoeliac.blog

Choosing a niche is one of the first and most important steps in starting and growing a blog. Our next featured blogger, thesightseeingcoeliac.blog, shows us that identifying a niche within a niche and getting really specific will pull the right audience to you. If you’ve ever wondered if niching down will limit you, this blog is the perfect example to learn from. 

Who is the blogger?

Rachel Goldsworthy is the blogger behind thesightseeingcoeliac.blog. She was diagnosed with coeliac disease – an autoimmune disorder that restricts her from eating gluten. Her blog takes her love of travel and shares her adventures through the lens of a coeliac. 

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?  

Many people with coeliac struggle when eating out. Travel also becomes complicated because of dietary restrictions but Rachel does not let this stop her. She’s visited 20 countries since her diagnosis.

After her diagnosis, she researched restaurants and food she could eat while traveling. Soon after, she shared tips with others on eating out in Central London, where she worked at the time. She gradually became more adventurous with the food she was trying, and The Sightseeing Coeliac blog was created.

Rachel shares tips and gluten-free travel guides to help fellow coeliacs enjoy their travels. It’s not just a travel blog, it’s one specifically for people with coeliac disease. 

What makes it special?

Thesightseeingcoeliac.blog demonstrates how to find a niche within a niche.

There are many travel blogs on the internet, which can make it hard to stand out from the crowd. Only 1% of people have a coeliac diagnosis. By focusing her blog on travel tips for people with gluten-free diets, Rachel pinpointed a specific niche within travel blogging.

With her extensive travel experience, Rachel has covered a lot of ground literally and figuratively. There are many opportunities and content ideas for her to cover within her niche. All the information she shares is directly related to what her audience expects to find on her blog, and her travel guides are wonderful, detailed resources.

With every post, Rachel helps fellow coeliacs have more positive travel experiences. 

What can we learn?

The blogosphere is massive. Bloggers must be intentional about finding the right audience. Sharing information related to a narrow topic helps readers quickly identify if the blog is for them. 

Rachel also shows the power of sharing her personal life through a blog allowing her to connect with others like her.

Why Infographics are Still Important for Blogging

Are infographics a thing of the past or are they still important? Infographics were once seen as an easy way to convey information clearly and concisely. But are they still worth incorporating in a blog post today? We say yes to the debate on infographics and their value today. Here’s why infographics are still essential for bloggers today.

Infographics in the Past

Infographics first gained popularity as an innovative way to display complex data in a captivating and easily understandable way. Rather than only relying on words to present information, bloggers turned to infographics to visually represent their material. Readers were drawn to this visually appealing format, and infographics took off.

The prevalence of infographics grew significantly in the 2010s, seeing the biggest increase in marketing budgets in 2015-2016. Google Trends shows a peak in searches for infographics from 2010 to 2014, with the frequency of searches lowering some since then but still indicating broad interest.

Historically, infographics were often long and information-dense. Much of the knowledge being shared was summarized within the graphic. As businesses began noticing that infographics were an appealing way to display data, many included them in their blogs. Some came to rely on visitors sharing infographics to drive traffic to their sites. However, perhaps, with so many bloggers and websites relying on infographics, they no longer stood out and were no longer guaranteed to produce results.

Infographics in the Present

Numbers don’t lie, and data shows that humans are inherently visual learners. People retain significantly more information when it is presented visually compared. Infographics combine information with the visual imagery that our brains crave.

Sites with visual content in their blog posts see better results than those without, and visual content is shared at a much greater frequency than other content. Even as the trends have changed, infographics continue to be shared at a rate three times higher than any other content on social media. In addition, articles spotlighting infographics receive 72% more views than articles without them.

The key to making an infographic that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle is adapting to current trends. Previously, it was common to produce longer, more complex infographics. Today, with so much content competing for our attention, readers may not stop to take in a more detailed infographic. The good news is that great infographics continue to produce results.

So, what makes a great infographic? Successful infographics provide high-quality, accurate information in a visually appealing way. 

In the age of social media, readers are often used to getting information quickly and concisely. Very few people are reading every single blog post from beginning to end. Some skim for the information they want, and infographics fill that demand. Today’s infographics are shorter than they were in the past and are often broken up for easy sharing on social media.

In 2022, videos are leading content, with reels and TikTok seeing huge popularity, and successful infographics are following this trend. Successful modern infographics are much more likely to include a video or interactive component. In place of more static infographics, those with dynamic parts are often preferred. In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of gif infographics, real-time data visualization, and interactive infographics, with these new forms often enjoying more popularity and shares than the older style.

Infographics in the Future

Blogging is always evolving, and, like all content creators, successful bloggers will continue to adapt to changing trends.

While we can’t predict future shifts, we can stay informed and learn new skills. Bloggers can benefit from rethinking the way they use infographics to reach current audiences and adapt to modern attention spans.

The Takeaway

Regardless of the form they take, infographics remain an effective way to clearly and concisely present information. Visually appealing infographics entice the parts of our brain that seek out and retain visual input. They also are attractive to individuals looking for a simple synopsis instead of reading a full article. Infographics are easy to share and can increase traffic.

Finally, infographics can reflect your brand voice. Bloggers can tailor infographics to their niche, choose fonts and colors, and utilize language that is consistent with their brand. So yes, we say infographics are still important and can be an effective tool in engaging the reader and driving more traffic to your post.

.blog Featured Site: thissweetlife.blog

Who is the blogger?

Natalie Sullivan is the face and voice behind thissweetlife.blog. She is a married, stay-at-home mom of three from Queensland, Australia, and the author of Remember Mama. Remember Mama is a book written to remind mothers of how amazing and loved they are. She exudes a bright and positive outlook that engages her blog readers, and makes them feel like a part of her inner circle.

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

This Sweet Life is a blog written for moms. Featuring family, house, and style, it gives practical advice to women who want to feel even more confident and competent. The posts cover a wide variety of mom-life themes, from ideas for holiday looks, to home organization and makeovers, to chronicles of family birthday parties and travels.

It is a place to find entertainment, reassurance, and joy. It gives its community of readers the experience of being greeted by a friend that understands them. Natalie’s blog is a resource for all mothers, and she shares photos, as well as advice, which allows her readers to get a genuine look into her personal family life.

What makes it special?

Moms want to feel connected, and This Sweet Life creates a space of friendship, shared experiences, and camaraderie. Natalie provides advice that feels attainable to the modern mom. She offers practical ideas and shows how they can be implemented into your own home and life. Her blog is full of links to products and services that she uses and recommends, making it easy for her readers to find exactly what she is referencing. This Sweet Life also shows how a blogger can successfully monetize their blog. In addition to the product reviews and referrals, Natalie has a shop that features gift guides and highlights her book for purchase. She also has a page dedicated to showcasing work she has done for brands and offering other businesses her skills as a content creator.

What can we learn?

It is clear that thesweetlife.blog is intentionally designed. It has a cohesive theme that’s expressed from the blog’s name to its sweet, family-focused pictures to the language used throughout the siteThis Sweet Life perfectly caters to its audience, achieving the goals of offering a “warm hug” and being your virtual “gal pal.” Its colorful and clean look leaves us feeling cheerful and ready to incorporate some new ideas into our own lives.

.blog Featured Site: theorganisedmum.blog

We love that blogs allow people to share their personal experiences in a way that helps others. Our next featured dotblogger is a great example. Theorganisedmum.blog shares a housekeeping and time management system that the blogger developed out of her own necessity. She built her solution into a brand and blog with a strong following.

Who is the blogger?

Gemma Bray is the Organised Mum. As a new mom, she found that the hours of everyday cleaning were taking over her life. She knew things needed to change, so she developed a method to keep the house clean in just 30 minutes a day. No more cleaning on weekends! 

As she found success with the cleaning method called The Organised Mum Method (TOMM), she began sharing it with others. Eventually, she also created The Organised Time Technique (TOTT) to help busy, overwhelmed moms make the most of their day. Gemma is the author of two books and has developed separate housekeeping and timekeeping apps.

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

Theorganisedmum.blog was created for overwhelmed moms looking for some help getting their life in order. The blog covers everything in TOMM and TOTT, including cleaning, eating, and living. Gemma provides specific walkthroughs for readers so they can get started implementing her systems in their own lives. She even provides free printables that moms can use to help remember her system. In addition to her cleaning schedule, Gemma shares tips for recipes, meal planning, and meal prep.

What makes it special?

Gemma continues to expand her offerings and meet her audience’s new and existing needs. She has grown her blog and expanded her topic all while staying within a niche.

The Organised Mum is full of helpful information. There are printables, books, a podcast, and apps catered to her audienced. Because Gemma made these products out of her own necessity as an overwhelmed mom, she knows exactly how to connect with her target audience.

What can we learn?

Theorganisedmum.blog is full of evergreen content that makes blogging easy. The challenges of learning to balance cleaning, cooking, and living exist for every new mom, meaning her content will always be in demand. Her blogs and products will remain relevant for years.

The Organised Mum is also a perfect example of using one’s own life experiences to create a blog. Gemma solved a problem for herself and built a blog to share her solution with others like her.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, let theorganisedmum.blog inspire you. Like Gemma, you can blog and share the solutions you’ve discovered to difficulties in your life. If you have an existing blog, think about ways you can expand your brand through other platforms and resources. 

NDD.blog Home to all the News on Nordic Domain Days

After two years of COVID, we’re finally returning to in-person events again. We can see people face to face, shake hands or bump fists, and mingle. Every industry seems to have some new events coming up, and the domain name industry is no different. A lot of people are excited to come back together. This leads us to one of the first industry events to be held in person again — Nordic Domain Days.

What is Nordic Domain Days (NDD)?

NDD is one of the first in-person industry events of 2022, with .blog as a sponsor. At this two-day conference, registries, registrars, resellers, services providers, and investors come together to network, learn, and share insights into the domain name industry.

This year NDD will be held in Stockholm on May 9-10. Topics will range from domain name abuse to email security and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

NDD provides a forum for active networking and business building. The event will be led by several keynote speakers from the domain industry. They will share their insights, experience, and expertise directly with participants. Attendees will also have opportunities to network and socialize with peers, competitors, and customers, giving them a great opportunity to evolve and grow their network.

How the event uses NDD.blog

We are proud to see NDD.blog front and center in promoting the event. NDD.blog is the go-to source for all the latest information and updates on the event. The blog features speaker and partner spotlights, updates and announcements, and details on the event program and workshops. The NDD blog is regularly updated with posts that keep readers engaged as the event approaches. NDD demonstrates how an event can use its blog to generate excitement.

The easy-to-navigate blog is divided into five categories: Agenda, Announcements, Information, Partners, and Speakers. Visitors of the site can quickly search for whatever information they need. For example, .blog’s partnership is featured in this post, and information posts share more about registration, update visitors on COVID policies, and introduce the team leading NDD.

Hosting an event like NDD is a great way to bring industry leaders together. NDD showcases how a site can effectively leverage its blog to communicate with potential participants and attendees. Providing information about an event doesn’t have to be limited to a webpage. A blog can serve as an effective platform for communicating the agenda, providing exciting announcements, and showcasing speakers and partners.

We’re excited to be sponsoring this event and would love to see you there. Register to attend here, and use sign-up code NDD-BLOG-INVITE for a 20% discount. Don’t forget to come meet us on May 9 at After Work Drinks, hosted by .blog.

.blog Featured Site: berenstainbears.blog

March is National Reading Month in schools across the United States. To celebrate, we chose a dotblogger who is behind some of children’s favorite books, berenstainbears.blog.

Who is the blogger?

The first Berenstain Bear book was published in 1962 by Stan and Jan Berenstain. The series has remained popular with children and parents ever since and grew into a franchise including books, television series, software and video games, and even a stage show.

The Berenstain couple’s son, Mike Berenstain, took over the franchise when Stan and Jan passed away and continued publishing new books. Berenstainbears.blog is written on behalf of the franchise.

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about? 

The Berenstain Bear blog is geared toward parents and children that are fans of the books. The posts highlight books in the series that match upcoming holidays. In addition, it shares craft ideas, recipes, and other fun and creative activities for children and families related to the books.

What makes it special?

The blog shares personal stories and insights into the Berenstain family. These posts allow readers to connect with the family while seeing that many of the Berenstain Bear family adventures are connected to the authors’ personal stories and memories.

There is a nostalgic feel to the website for parents who also grew up enjoying the Berenstain Bear books. It also includes trivia and stories behind the creation of the books. Overall, the blog is a fun resource for both parents and children that allows them to take the books a step further with activities readers can do on their own.

What can we learn?

Berenstainbears.blog is as timeless as the books. The themes and topics discussed in the books and highlighted on the blog are ones people can relate to and holidays celebrated each year. Creating evergreen content like this can help a blog to remain relevant to readers for years to come.

This blog is an excellent example of how to further connect with and provide helpful resources for your audience. If you’re looking for fun ideas to do as a family or want to relive some of your favorite childhood stories, this blog has it all.

.blog Featured Site: montana-cans.blog

For a business, creating a blog and finding the right balance between spotlighting its products/services and engaging the consumer can feel like a challenge. However, our next featured dotblogger shows with the right approach, it can feel pretty simple. Montana-cans.blog shows they know their audience, and positions the brand as an expert voice on graffiti and art culture.  

Who is the blogger?

Montana-cans.blog is run by Montana Cans, a German manufacturer of spray cans and other paint products. The founders of Montana Cans have their roots in graffiti and the urban art movement, and they see montana-cans.blog as a platform to communicate with their community of friends, artists and enthusiasts. 

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about?  

Montana-cans.blog is for consumers and artists. The blog shares product news and videos as you might expect. However, the blog also shares everything from DIY projects to murals created by artists using their products. 

The blog acts as a source of inspiration for artists, while also highlighting how their products meet the unique and constantly evolving needs of graffiti artists.

What makes it special?

More than simply highlighting their products, Montana Cans uses their blog to position themselves as an integral part of graffiti culture, which allows them to show their expertise in the field as a lifestyle. They aren’t simply selling products. Instead, readers can see the company is immersed in the world of graffiti art. It shows they have a clear understanding of the needs required by these artists, and how that fits into their everyday lives.

The in-depth coverage of exhibits and the work of local artists allows them to connect with the graffiti community of artists, while also highlighting what their product lines can do.

What can we learn?

It’s apparent the bloggers behind montana-cans.blog intuitively know what their audience wants, and they are well connected within the art community. In addition to sharing the benefits of their products, they spotlight and feature artists’ work such as the all-female collective SISTERHOOD. Montana Cans’ culture is clearly communicated through inspirational and engaging content. 

.blog Featured Site: bubblegumballoons.blog

This Valentine’s day our featured dotblogger is an expert in creating celebrations of love. Bubblegumballoons.blog is full of fun and unique ways to incorporate balloons into gifts, special events, parties, and more. They will wow you with their balloon creations and illustrate how a blog can showcase products and inspire customers.

Who is the blogger?

Bubblegum Balloons is the UK-based business behind the blog. Sisters Laura and Sally and their friend Megan, also known as the Bubblegum Girls, launched the company with the simple idea of creating personalized gifts for special occasions. After diving into gift market research, they identified a gap they could fill with high-end balloons.

In the past five years, the company has grown to include 26 staff and now delivers over 120 balloons a day. One of their major selling points is their skill and creativity in transforming balloons into showstopping displays. They create displays and installations for all kinds of events and celebrations.

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

Bubblegumballoons.blog is a space for Bubblegum Balloons to showcase their work and inspire prospective clients. The gallery allows visitors to browse by event type including baby showers, weddings, holidays, corporate celebrations, and more.

The blog also includes tips and tricks for properly inflating and caring for specialty balloons. It is a helpful resource for clients and a source of inspiration. From the blog, you can easily access their online store to place your order. 

What makes it special?

Bubblegum Balloons is a creative company that designs bespoke pieces for clients. It is important that customers can see their past work, and envisage the possibilities for their own creations. A blog is a great way to highlight balloon installations in real-world settings, and the wide range of options available, from corporate branded balloons to seemingly endless wedding ideas.

The blog encourages visitors to move through the site by sharing related posts at the bottom of each page. You can easily fall down the rabbit hole of balloon decorations that will make you want to find a way to incorporate an installation into your next event or celebration. 

What can we learn?

Bubblegumballoons.blog shows us how photos can be used to share the feelings of joy and excitement associated with a product. It also shows us that posts don’t need to be heavy on text to be effective.  

Like the blog, the linked social media is characterized by colorful, appealing images of products and displays, offering inspiration and out-of-the-box ideas for a variety of events. 

Hopefully, bubblegumballoons.blog will give you the inspiration you are looking for in both blogging and gift-giving. This is a great example of how a business can creatively showcase its products through the strategic use of a blog. In addition, we hope their creative use of balloons provides you with inspiration for your Valentine.

.blog Featured Site: 35hunter.blog

Blogging has evolved over the years to mean different things to different people. Blogging can be a passion, a profession, a way to add income streams to a business, or a way to engage with clients, prospects, or a community. This week our featured dotblogger, 35hunter.blog, is a personal photography blog that maintains an authentically personal feel.

35hunter.blog is a photography blog started by a photographer using his 35 mm camera to hunt for the best shots. The tagline of the blog is “Hunting for beauty and balance, camera in hand”. 

Who is the blogger?

35hunter.blog is the creation of photographer Dan James. He has an open dialogue with his blog readers, which he maintains by being extremely active in the comments and interacting regularly with his audience. He also shares little pieces of himself throughout his blog posts.

The About page on the blog shares updates on what’s happening in his life at the moment. This includes aspects of his personal life such as what music he’s listening to, what he’s reading, exercise updates, and more. Dan remains relatively physically unseen on his blog but you still feel like you get to know him through his blog posts. 

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?  

This blog is for those who are passionate about photography and those who enjoy art. Dan shares tips for readers who wish to improve their own photography skills, including the type of camera he’s currently using and how he’s using it. 

35hunter.blog is also a platform for Dan to share his own photographs. Recently, he decided to give priority to quality over quantity on the number of images he’s taking, and so, shares fewer than before but each image is unique, creative, and serves a purpose.

Dan also shares his thoughts and perspectives on photography and other areas of life as they relate to his posts and photographs. It’s both educational and entertaining.

What makes it special?

The simplicity of this blog is part of what makes it so appealing. Like other personal blogs, 35hunter.blog maintains the intimate feel people have enjoyed since blogging began. In addition, there is a sense of mystery that draws you into the blog. There is a level of anonymity that exists, even though you’re able to learn about different aspects of his life. He tells you enough about himself that it makes you want to learn more, which helps you connect with the blog over the long term. 

What can we learn?

35hunter.blog keeps people reading. There are lots of internal links in each blog post that make it easy to lose track, as you move from one blog post to another. This keeps readers on the website longer, and also lowers the bounce rate which in turn helps to improve SEO for the blog.

This blog also reminds us that blogs don’t need to be over-the-top with design to engage readers. There is a simplicity in the design of the blog that allows the photography and content to shine. A common challenge that many bloggers have is getting readers to comment on blogs and engage with the posts. Dan accomplishes that by staying active in the comments section for each of his blog posts.

35hunter.blog is an incredible example of a successful passion/hobby-based blog by an individual blogger. We appreciate the photojournalistic approach. It’s a unique way to present a photography blog that connects with the reader.