.blog Featured Site:

    If you want a modern and organized space, but feel overwhelmed on how to get there, might be the answer. This week we feature an interior design blog that teaches readers how to organize and design personal spaces to create spaces where they can thrive.

    Who is the blogger? was founded by home organization enthusiast Adam Jernigan. He believes that happiness starts at home and is passionate about helping others enjoy their home, including apartments or other small spaces. 

    Who is the blog for and what’s it about?  

    The blog is a go-to for home organization tips, especially for those looking to rent an apartment, organize their home, style their rooms, and more. Adam shares the best tips to help people turn their space into a home that makes them proud. 

    The blog is full of advice: moving and decluttering tips, modern home design and home organization advice, as well as more general interior design. In addition, there are tips for first-timers and advice for those renting apartments. As well as traditional home interior tips, the blog also shares advice on organizing and decorating your home office.

    It is worth noting that takes advantage of affiliate marketing, one of the sources of passive income available to bloggers. The blog includes affiliate marketing links for many of the products recommended on their website and mentioned in their blog posts. 

    What makes it special?

    Interior design and home organization is a niche with many different categories. has found a way to narrow the niche even further by focusing mainly on those with smaller spaces and those who are renting. This helps make it easier for readers to identify the relevance of the blog, since all of the content is focused on the same area.

    Focusing on a narrow niche like this is also an effective way to keep readers engaged in the blog for longer. If they’re interested in one blog post, they’re likely to be interested in others, since they are similarly focused. However, where really succeeds is in continuing to cover several different topics while sticking within that narrower niche.

    This blog is also special because it’s a great example of someone starting a blog from their passion. This blogger started out by creating content around a topic he was interested in and then sharing helpful information that attracted those interested in that same topic. This broad audience includes people in desperate need of help organizing their space along with those who share the passion and hobby of organization and interior design. 

    What can we learn? shows us a number of key concepts in blogging. The first is how to turn a passion into a blog. Adam created content he was interested in, related to a passion he had, and it allowed other people to find and connect with him. The global reach of the blogosphere makes connecting with others who have shared passion easier. It gives you a platform at your fingertips to share your experience and expertise. 

    In addition, the blog shows us how to diversify within a niche. There are many topics similar to interior design where you can further narrow the niche. This can help you focus on a specific area, making it easier for your target audience to find you and engage in your blog. 

    If you’re interested in starting a blog based on the niche you’re passionate about, check out our previous article on the topic.  

    .blog Featured Site:

    There are many ways a blog can be utilized by companies with existing websites. is a perfect example. The blog works seamlessly with the Tyson Foods website, allowing clients and consumers to easily navigate between the two sites.

    Who is the blogger? is run by Tyson Foods. You probably recognize the name because they are the company behind popular brands like Tyson, JimmyDean, BallPark, SaraLee, Nature Raised Farms, Raised & Rooted, and more.

    The blog posts are written by a variety of Tyson Foods staff such as Registered Dietician Nutritionists, the President & CEO, Chief Medical Officer, VP of Live Operations, and Director of Marketing, among others. The diversity of individuals behind the blog helps the company cover a wide range of topics while sharing the expertise present in each of their teams.

    Who is the blog for and what’s it about? 

    Tyson Foods uses its blog to share general company information, including new product information, sustainability efforts, animal welfare, and more. The blog is a communication tool to reach and engage with several different audience segments including job candidates, employees, consumers, and retailers. 

    Content on the blog aimed at current employees or those interested in working for the company includes team member profiles along with employee programs. They also highlight farmers who work with their different brands. also covers topics of interest to consumers. This can include information to help people understand what to look for when shopping or solutions to common food challenges like how to plan meals. A few examples can be found in posts like Making Sense of Labels at the Meat Case and Get Back to School With Easy Meal Planning.

    Tyson Foods also creates and shares messages that are relevant to their retailers and potential retailers. This includes things like Leading the Future of Plant Protein and Tyson Foods Enters Kids’ Snack Food Category with Hillshire Farm SNACKED!.

    What makes it special?

    Tyson Foods effectively uses to personalize its brand and engage with a number of different audiences. They share lots of content related to awareness days and topics that will interest consumers. This allows people to connect with the brand, which can help them feel more reassured about choosing to buy Tyson Foods’ products to feed their families.

    They also use the blog to create a positive image of the company and the people who make up their teams. They show a more personal side of the brand and clearly communicate an appreciation for their teams and the work they do. In addition, they highlight the many ways their company and employees are volunteering and making a positive impact in the world.

    Allowing employees at different levels within the company to write for the blog helps show their authority in the marketplace and builds trust with potential retailers and consumers. The blog creates a “behind the scenes” feel and allows people to make a more personal connection with the brand. creates an opportunity for Tyson Foods to show people the image and values of the company, without directly selling to them. 

    What can we learn?

    A .blog extension is effective for adding digital real estate to your existing brand. The design of and is identical. Site visitors may not even realize that they’re moving back and forth between two different domains as they browse the blog posts and look for additional information on the company.

    This is a great example of how a .blog domain can work seamlessly with your existing digital marketing efforts to grow your brand and company. 

    .blog Featured Sites: Registrars Using .blog

    We have a fresh new take on our featured dotblogger series this week. We are featuring some of our partners! Just a few of the .blog domain registrars that have recognized the value of using a .blog domain to communicate with their customers. 

    We’ve covered many different people and businesses using blogs to educate their audience while also highlighting their products or services. Now, we’re going to introduce some domain registrars that are using their blogs in different ways. 

    Here are some of the registrars using .blog:


    Hover is the retail division of Tucows, a domain registrar based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Through Hover, you can purchase a domain name, set up email inboxes, or email forwarding services.

    What’s on the blog allows the registrar to share helpful information for prospective domain purchasers. Posts are split into the following categories:

    • Insights – Everything from running a business to industry news and trends
    • Behind the domain – Specific information on different extensions
    • Inspiration – Stories and tips to inspire you 
    • Hover Updates – Updates and news specific to Hover


    Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd is an Irish-owned ICANN accredited registrar and hosting company. They provide a complete service, from presales to technical advice. 

    What’s on the blog shares a wealth of information in multiple formats. They have posts sharing sales and promotions, updates, blogging tips, and Irish bloggers of interest.

    In addition to written content, Blacknight hosts a podcast for fans. The episodes feature topics ranging from technology and innovation to Irish business news and creativity.

    The blog is rounded out by easy access to the company’s support section along with a clear link for purchasing a domain.


    OnlyDomains is a New Zealand-based registrar founded in 2009. More than “only domains”, the company also provides WordPress hosting, website building, professional email, and SSL certificates.

    What’s on the blog covers a variety of topics including:

    • Branding – Tips on brand awareness and choosing the right domain for you
    • Business – General information and tips for businesses
    • Domains – Information on new extensions and how to choose the right one
    • How-to – Diverse advice including SEO tips, designing a website, growing traffic, and more

    The website is easy to navigate, with a categories section and a “most read” section in the sidebar.


    Netim is a registrar company based in Lille, France. The company was founded in 2004 and is an accredited ICANN registrar. They provide domain name registration, web hosting, email service, site builders, and security certificates.

    What’s on the blog is an active blog with frequent posts broken down into several categories including:

    • Spotlight on!
    • Our favorites!
    • Most viewed articles
    • Netim takes on the news!
    • Did you know?
    • News Netim!

    The index at the top of each post allows you to skip to what matters most to you. They also include their TrustPilot score in the footer to help build trust with their audience.


    bNamed is a Belgium domain registrar founded in 1999. They pride themselves on their ability to provide access to all domain extensions. They provide domain names, email management, and SSL certificates. They also work with resellers.

    What’s on the blog has a clean design making it easy to scroll through recent blog posts. Their posts fall into the following categories:

    • Tips and tricks – Offers creative ways to use extensions and general website information
    • News – Shares extension and industry news
    • About registrar – Introduces new team members and company news
    • Extensions in the spotlight – Highlights different domain name options to consider


    Gransy is a registrar based in the Czech Republic. This ICANN accredited registrar was founded in 2008. They provide domains, hosting, and registry and currently manage over 400k domains.

    What’s on the blog has a simple format that keeps the focus on the information they are sharing. Posts are split into categories including:

    • News – Highlights trends and general industry news
    • Special offers – Shares special pricing on extensions
    • Cyber security – Latest news on cyber security and how to be aware
    • Tips and tricks – Information and tips for choosing a domain name
    • About Gransly services – News related to the services offered by the registrar


    Club is not a registrar like the others. It’s a top-level domain (TLD) that became available in 2014. They are creatively using a .blog domain to bring attention and awareness to their own domain.

    What’s on the blog readers can easily register for a .club domain in the menu. They also make it easy for registrars to access information about their domain extension.

    The posts focus on the following categories:

    • Press
    • Registrars
    • Live sites
    • Events
    • Podcasts
    • Case studies
    • Guest reports
    • Brand protection

    Other ways to use .blog

    In addition, some registrars are also using .blog domains to redirect to their existing blog. This allows them to own a .blog domain to protect their brand while sending traffic back to their primary domain. 

    Examples of registrars with redirects include:


    Multifunctional use of a .blog domain

    These blogs show how domain registrars successfully use a .blog to build awareness around their business while highlighting the benefits that a .blog domain offers. They offer great examples of how .blog can be successfully used.

    As we sign off on what marks our final post for 2021, we take this opportunity to thank these registrars and all of the registrars who supported us throughout the year, and we look forward to working together next year!

    .blog Featured Site:

    You are sure to recognize the name of our next featured dotblogger, As you might expect, the American multinational conglomerate that focuses on industries such as ecommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence understands how to run a successful blog.

    Why we love the domain name clearly communicates what the website is all about because it is an exact match with the brand. There is no question that it’s a blog with information related to Amazon Fire TV. 

    The .blog extension lets you know you’ll be reading a blog. The combination of these two creates a domain name that is on brand and easy to remember.

    Who is the blogger?

    If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Fire TV, it’s a streaming platform similar to a “department store”. It allows you to stream almost anything you want in one place. It offers the top streaming apps and channels across movies, live TV, music, and more. Recently, they shared the announcement on the blog that they had added TikTok to the platform for viewers in the U.S. and Canada.

    You may have guessed that the blogger behind this featured blog is Amazon, and more specifically Amazon Fire TV. The company has a large team of contributing writers working together to produce content for the blog, with each writer sharing information related to a particular niche. Having a team of writers can make it easier to keep up with a steady stream of new and interesting content.

    Who is the blog for and what’s it about? is for anyone looking to stay up to date with the latest news from Amazon Fire TV, including what’s new in streaming. This means existing Amazon Fire TV customers and potential customers interested in learning more.

    The blog shares:

    Product News

    Amazon Fire TV uses its blog to educate people about the latest developments related to its products and streaming services. This includes sharing new features being released as well as the development of products soon to be released on the market.

    What to Watch

    Anyone interested in streaming services is going to be interested in what’s new in the world of television and movies. Amazon Fire TV shares news and updates about the upcoming series on different channels, how to watch your favorite sports team, and recommendations of shows to try. If you’re looking for your next binge-worthy series, you’ll find plenty of options on this blog.

    Fire TV Tips & Tricks

    Amazon also uses the blog to share tips and tricks on how to make Fire TV an easy and enjoyable viewing experience. They share tips on features that can improve your experience and help you stay up-to-date on all that Fire TV offers you, such as two-way video calling.

    What makes it special?

    Amazon Fire TV creatively uses its blog as an additional way to engage its audience. The blog allows them to provide information to their customers that they can’t share on their Amazon product page. This helps them to spread awareness about other topics their audience might be interested in.

    The blog also provides Amazon Fire TV with an additional way to reach potential customers. Posts covering their latest products or the latest trends related to streaming and media can help attract new eyes to their platform. The increased visibility may translate into new streamers on Amazon Fire TV.

    What can we learn? shows how a team of contributing bloggers is an effective option for covering a range of topics within a niche. This helps to draw from different areas of expertise in the industry while also making it possible to publish new posts on a more regular basis.

    .blog Featured Site:

    Blogs have adapted over the years into effective marketing tools used by companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs. However, blogs remain a fun and satisfying way to explore and share your hobbies or interests with others. Our next featured dotblogger is This is a fan-driven blog dedicated to all things Frank Ocean, one of the defining artists of our time.

    Who are the bloggers? is a group effort run by three Frank Ocean fans who have each taken on a different role within the blog. They are listed on the website as:

    • curb: Web Master / Designer / Editor in Chief
    • Mónaco Sheikh: Research / Archivist / Social
    • Mayday: Historian / Archivist

    In addition, the bloggers encourage and invite other Frank Ocean fans to contribute their own pieces of content about the artist and his work.

    If you’re unfamiliar with him, Frank Ocean is a singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper, photographer, and visual artist. He got his start by writing songs for artists like Beyoncé before becoming wildly successful on his own. He is known for his ability to cover deep topics with a fresh new perspective that keeps his fans always wanting more. 

    Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

    This blog is an unofficial site about Frank Ocean. It’s not connected to any of his official sites. The purpose of the blog is to share and preserve the works of Frank Ocean as a singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper, photographer, and visual artist. acts as an archive of all Frank Ocean’s work, which makes it easy for fans to follow along while learning more about his life’s work. In addition, the blog lists all upcoming shows once they have been announced.

    The blog also reshares information about and from Frank Ocean. This includes bits and pieces such as his Instagram updates. The section of the blog titled 365 provides a space for contributors to share opinion articles about his work and finished pieces. 

    What makes it special?

    One reason this blog stands out is the contribution of multiple individuals working together behind the scenes. This blog was originally created from a series of Frank Ocean preservation projects which began on several separate blogs. combined all of the individual efforts into one platform, allowing it to expand into something greater. has brought fans together in more ways than one. While the blog itself is a space for fans to come together over their shared passion and interest in Frank Ocean, the process of creating the blog has provided the same benefit to the contributing bloggers. 

    What can we learn? 

    Frank Ocean’s work is diverse. There are many different ways in which you can enjoy what he has created from music to jewelry. Blogs are also designed to embrace variety. They can cover any number of different topics and reach a wide audience. shows that you don’t have to be an expert in all areas to run a blog. This blog exists thanks to the collective effort of multiple people helping to keep things running. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all the tasks involved with running and growing a blog, consider working on a team together. 

    .blog Featured Site:

    At their core, blogs connect people. They create a place where like-minded people can communicate around shared interests. Our next featured dotblogger draws on her vast academic experience to help arm Research Higher Degree students with tools for success through

    Who is the blogger?

    The Research Degree Insiders blog is written by Dr. Katherine Firth, an award-winning and innovative researcher, educator, and author with over 15 years experience of working with emerging researchers around the world. She is currently the Academic Coordinator at International House, the University of Melbourne, where she manages the academic program including academic advising, teaching, the library, and graduate student academic development.

    She also teaches writing workshops as a consultant and has written several books on the academic writing process. 

    Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

    Research Degree Insiders is written to provide an inside look into how others have succeeded at earning their research higher degrees. The blog is geared toward anyone pursuing a research-based higher degree, such as a Ph.D., or wanting to build or improve on their academic writing skills.

    Dr. Firth has gained an incredible amount of knowledge throughout her studies and career in the world of academia and research. She has gathered together the resources, tools, tips, and tricks she has learned along the way to share on the blog.

    She wants to help people thrive in the academic world so they will be more productive in their research. From her own experience, she understands first-hand how hard and overwhelming the process can be when you’re just getting started.

    How succeeds with a very specific niche

    Blogging about a specific niche is a common topic discussed among bloggers as an effective strategy for growing an audience. Targeting a particular segment of the audience makes it easy for readers to identify if the blog is for them and also helps build a community of like-minded individuals. But, choosing a specific niche for a blog does not mean only focusing on one topic. There can be many topics that fall within each niche. 

    Research Degree Insiders does well at covering multiple topics while staying within the niche of individuals interested in academic writing and research degrees. One of the reasons the blog is successful is that Dr. Firth covers a broad range of topics that are relevant to her audience. Her content is not solely devoted to research, but also covers academic writing, editing, time management, and similar areas of interest.

    In addition, because Dr. Firth is writing from her own experience; she’s able to connect on a more personal level with the audience. She understands the challenges they face and the emotions they are feeling as they work toward their higher degree. 

    What can you learn from

    If you’re pursuing a research-based higher degree, you can learn valuable tips to help you throughout the process. You can also find support and encouragement for your academic journey. 

    If you’re interested in starting a blog, offers a good example of how you can connect with a niche audience of your own. What are you interested in blogging about? Grab your .blog domain today because your readers are waiting!

    .blog Featured Site:

    This week we’re featuring a blog you’re going to want to see. It’s the The blog produced by Leica, the camera manufacturer beloved by photographers everywhere, is full of stunning images, and showcases photography using Leica cameras. Just like you would imagine, the blog is a treasure trove of brilliant photography.

    A little about Leica Camera

    Leica Camera is a German company known for reliable high-end cameras. One of the first to use 35mm film, Leica has been making cameras since 1925.

    How Leica uses the blog is a gallery of artists’ work using Leica cameras and products. Many of the posts are accompanied by interviews and stories by the photographer.

    For businesses, the Leica blog is a creative example of how you can “sell” your product without really “selling” it. The blog posts are not focused on why you should buy their cameras. Instead, they show the quality that the cameras produce. It’s a creative way to encourage and inspire photographers to want to buy their products.

    The blog is a place where fans of Leica can come to see how the cameras are being used. They can visually see the results being achieved. Visitors can browse work created with different camera models and use the navigation menu to explore the blog by camera model or by subject.

    What we love about the blog

    We love the way the blog highlights photographers and their work. This blog is not about Leica Camera trying to tell the story of their company or why their products are great. That story is being quietly weaved throughout the beautiful work on display.

    Keeping with the theme of blogs and sharing, the is a resource for photographers. They share tips and inspiration. As photographers browse the images they are shown what is possible while also seeing through the eyes of a fellow photographer. Even if you’re not interested in taking photos, you can find inspiration in the stories that are shared.

    Tell a story

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we love how shows this to be true. The images throughout the blog are stunning. But we also love that there is more to discover than just the images. The blog posts build out the story around the images and provide details that other photographers are interested in learning. 

    .blog Featured Site:

    Next up in our featured dotblogger series is Github, “the largest and most advanced development platform”, is designed around collaboration and sharing. blog plays a key role in how the company communicates with their vast community.

    Who is GitHub

    GitHub is the most popular git repository platform in the world. What’s that mean for non-techies? Let’s break it down.

    Git is software that coders use when working on open-source programming projects. Open source is when a developer creates code for software and then allows anyone to change the code and use it as they want.

    Git tracks the changes that are made, which allows coders to restore previous versions of coding as well. It’s a helpful resource when starting projects because you can find what’s already been created and build upon it instead of having to start from scratch.

    GitHub is used by 65+ million developers, 3+ million organizations including big brand names including Ford, Etsy, Pinterest, and Home Depot, 200+ million repositories, and 72% of Fortune 50 companies.  

    Community and collaboration are a large part of why people use the platform and the blog is one way they keep everyone connected and informed.

    What’s on the blog

    The GitHub blog shares product innovations and updates with their community. For example, a recent post notified users of an update in security features and new color modes. Posts like this can garner excitement for updates that users may not know about otherwise.

    The blog is also used to promote messages and lessons shared by the GitHub Education Stream Team. They utilize GitHub Campus TV through Twitch to share lessons to help everyone from newbie to experienced coders. This is a great way to show expertise within the industry and gain the trust of their audience.

    GitHub shares blog posts from the company introducing new hires, sustainability efforts, and are transparent about the culture they’re building within the company. The blog also shares open source projects and updates. 

    There is a lot of information to discover in this blog, but it is easy to navigate. The design is clean and simple. This helps keep the focus on the information being shared. And the categories menu allows readers to go directly to the topic they need.

    Building community is a way for Github to share information with their community. GitHub users can visit the blog to read posts from decision makers, developers and users alike. The wealth of information they share creates trust while providing the latest news and updates.

    .blog Featured Site:

    In our latest featured blog, creativity meets art and literature meets the sea. is a unique blog that exists to showcase and support the Sea Library. The one-of-a-kind library nestled in the blogger’s home on the Latvian coast is a curated collection of “sea” themed books. The library is open for all, near and far, to come and browse through the books and appreciate the art while relaxing in the tranquil setting. It’s a destination you can’t help but want to visit. 

    About the Sea Library

    Anna Iltnere is the artist and dotblogger behind She was formerly a journalist who covered the art scene in Russia, Scandinavia, and the Baltic Region. But in 2018, she traded it all in to follow her heart and be near the sea.

    She now resides near the sea on the Latvian coast. Her house is home to both her family and her passion – the Sea Library. It’s her dream turned reality and it transcends “real life”, joining the digital world through

    The Sea Library is the space in her home dedicated to sea-related books and art. It sits on the perfect piece of land between a river and the sea.

    Books and art with a connection to the sea have been sourced or donated from across the globe. adds another dimension to the Sea Library, allowing people from all countries to learn more about it’s books. And the doors of the library are open to all. You can come and peek around while taking in the sights and sounds of the sea. Or, you can borrow a book and return it when you’re through.

    What’s on the Beach Books blog

    The Beach Books blog is a beautiful representation of the physical space that is the Sea Library. And you can see and feel the passion that Anna has for the library and the sea through her collection of images.

    The content is made up of book reviews, interviews with authors, and announcements of upcoming books. She uses dropdown lists on her menu to help people easily navigate to the type of book they’re interested in.

    You’ll notice throughout the blog, the blogger chooses words and phrases that add to the sea theme. This includes phrases like, “Sea books, soon to be washed ashore” as her description of the books that are coming soon. This careful consideration of word choice adds to the personal feel of the blog.

    Product sales on the blog

    Anna also uses the blog to sell handmade woven bookmarks and postcards. The revenue she earns from her products goes to support the library. Anna explains that she weaves as a way to maintain the library, her true passion. Yet the products appear in the background of the blog which allows the library to remain as the focal point.

    The blog does an incredible job of capturing Anna’s different passions: The sea. Love of books. Beautiful art. Creativity.

    Blogs provide a creative space for individuals to share what they’re working on with the world. Anna uses to share all the work she’s doing at her Sea Library. She gives you such an inviting sneak peek into what you can expect to find if you visit, that she leaves you wanting to plan a trip to see it. 

    What unique interest would you love to explore with others who share your interest?

    .blog Featured Site:

    Blogs are a great way to bring attention to a topic you’re passionate about. This week’s featured dotblogger is The blog focuses on the local food scene in Birmingham, England and supplements the Breaking Bread Podcast through articles, photos, and recipes.

    The Breaking Bread bloggers

    Liam and Carl are the podcasters behind the blog. They live in Birmingham and are passionate about their city. They believe the local people and food scene are special, leading them to create the Breaking Bread Podcast to showcase their activities.

    The podcast has two parts. The first is made up of interviews with locals including chefs, restaurant owners, food producers, and other foodies. Their goal is to tell some of the stories behind what makes the Birmingham food scene what it is.

    They aim to provide insight and details that you won’t learn simply from just eating at a local restaurant.

    The second part of the podcast is the Breaking Bread Podcast Big Review Show. This is where Liam and Carl provide their own unique reviews of local eateries. They share thoughts about the food, atmosphere, and what stands out at each location.

    During the pandemic when restaurants were closed, they started sharing recipes and insider tips for cooking restaurant-style meals at home.

    What makes the blog stand out stands out from the crowd of food bloggers by narrowing the focus  to a specific niche. They concentrate solely on the local Birmingham food scene. This makes it easy for blog readers to quickly determine if the content is relevant to them. Their collaboration with other local people and businesses has an added advantage of being a way of helping them grow the traffic to their blog. When you interview individuals on a blog or podcast, they’re likely to want to share your content with people in their circle as well. This is an effective way to continue growing a blog audience.

    Liam and Carl also stay active on social media to help drive traffic to the blog and podcast. This is an additional way to find and engage with readers while pointing them back to the blog.

    The podcast-blog connection stands out by combining multiple forms of content on their site. In 2021, diversifying the type of content on a blog can play an important role in helping it grow in visibility.

    This blog doesn’t rely solely on written articles to attract people and connect with them. The content of their blog is based on their podcast. However, they’re not relying solely on a podcast to grow their audience either.

    They combine their efforts on the blog by highlighting their podcast episodes and food photography as well. Each podcast has detailed show notes, which give a behind-the-scenes feel. This includes highlights from the episode as well as unique images that help tell the story.

    In addition, being able to hear their voices helps to further humanize their brand. It makes it easier for their audience to connect with them and feel they know them. Even if you don’t have a podcast, embedding video into your blog can help accomplish this as well.

    Blogs can be used to reach people across the globe. But they’re also a great tool to connect with and celebrate the people in your local area. Their impact can be reinforced by including multiple forms of content and media.

    The Breaking Bread Podcast blog does a fantastic job of utilizing written, audio, and visual content to engage their audience. It’s just one more example of the diversity of blogging

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