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    .blog Featured Site:

    If you’re tired of popular social media platforms, this week’s featured dotblogger is for you. creates an easy way for microbloggers to share and connect. We featured this blog back in 2017 and it’s great to see how much it’s grown.  

    It’s also the perfect example of the benefits of using a premium domain name. clearly communicates exactly what the website is—a space for microblogging. It’s a highly intuitive URL. 

    What is microblogging?

    To understand the significance of this dotblogger site, you need to know about microblogging.

    Much like they sound, microblogs are quick and short blogs. They consist of short sentences, images, or video links. And they’re extremely popular among individuals who feel the blogosphere is verbose. They’re also popular among individuals who don’t consider themselves “bloggers”.

    Many people use microblogging platforms every day without knowing it. Posting on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are examples of microblogging. Reddit is another popular platform.

    What is seeks to provide a platform to those who want to share. And so they have created their own, removing much of what people dislike about mainstream social media platforms.

    The platform enforces strong community guidelines. It’s not a place for fake news, hate comments, or advertisements. It’s a community of independent microbloggers. Here’s why that matters.

    When blogging first grew in popularity, many people had their own websites where they shared their thoughts and opinions. As the web grew and expanded, there was a big shift to using social networking sites instead of personal websites. But with that transition, bloggers gave up some of their freedom.

    By sharing on social networking sites you lose a degree of control over your content. Your post or even your account could be deleted. Ultimately, if the platform closes, you may lose access to all of your past posts. In a world where many people are storing their personal images and stories on these platforms, there’s a lot at risk.

    How works has a different approach. It allows you to connect your personal blog through their free plan and receive a username. There are also several paid plans that provide you with additional benefits. For example, there are affordable plans that include hosting if you don’t already have a blog up and running.

    You can also choose from different plans that allow for cross-posting to other platforms, meaning you can post once and have it appear on Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Mastodon automatically. This gives you the advantage of being active across the platforms while allowing you to keep your content, images, and videos on your own site.

    Overall, makes it easier to blog and share varying post sizes, videos, and podcasts with the world. You maintain full control of your content, with the advantage of using a platform to easily connect with others.

    Check out this video from their site describing how it works.


    Blogging comes in a variety of styles. has created a place to bring microbloggers together and offers an alternative to social media platforms.

    If you’re ready to start sharing your content or you’re tired of popular social networking sites, a account might be the right fit for you.

    .blog Featured Site:

    Next up in our Featured Bloggers series is In our last blog article, we covered why premium domain names matter. This is a great example of a blogger with a short, memorable, and easy to type premium domain. The domain consists of the blogger’s initials. He is an influential leader in the tech space with many followers, who has chosen to aggregate his writing, thoughts, and content using a .blog domain name.

    The writer behind

    M.G. Siegler is a self-proclaimed “writer turned investor turned investor who writes”.

    His career began in front-end web development. But it was his hobby that propelled him forward. While working as a developer, he dove into the world of blogging. Eventually he was hired to blog for VentureBeat and eventually TechCrunch.

    In time, he became a General Partner at CrunchFund before becoming a General Partner at Google Ventures, now known as GV. As an investor, he’s worked with big brands like Airbnb, Square, Uber, and Vine.

    He also invested in content and social media startups like Medium and Secret. The app Secret was designed to allow people to share secrets anonymously with their phone connections. It was an original idea meant to help normalize and level social media interactions. And while it did not last, Medium took off.

    Siegler has also continued writing. He has a Medium blog called 500ish Words. He believes online content is “too verbose” so he keeps posts close to just 500 words.

    What’s different about

    What truly makes stand out is the way in which it’s written. When you’re blogging purely to share and express thoughts, you don’t have to worry about those guidelines. For example, long-form blog posts tend to out-perform shorter blogs for SEO. But Siegler keeps his posts short because he’s not writing for search engines. He’s writing as a way to think and share ideas.

    Another thing that stands out about is it’s a collection of writings. This is not the only place where Siegler writes. He includes links to articles he has written elsewhere. If you’re interested in following him, it’s an easy way to do so.

    He also has well over 200K followers that engage with his blog posts. His posts tend to read more like social media updates and the engagement follows. The short posts with personal flair are refreshing. He’s not writing to please anyone. He’s writing to express himself. takes us back to the beginning

    Blogs started as a way for people to share thoughts and information online. They’ve grown into effective marketing tools for businesses and a source of income for individuals. And while this is good, it’s not the only way that blogs can or should be used. takes us back to where we started. It shows how a blog can be a useful and fun way to ponder, reflect, and share thoughts and opinions.

    If you’re looking for a way to reflect and share your thoughts, becoming a dotblogger is a great option. 

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    Foodies everywhere will be inspired by this week’s featured dotblogger, You  may have heard before that “a picture paints a thousand words,” and this blogger does a breathtaking job of communicating her love of recipes and food through both her words and her photography.


    The Food and Mood blog is not meant to be a resource for following a simple recipe, and it’s not written for a person who just wants to rush through cooking a meal. This is a blog for people who love the experience of preparing meals and enjoy it from start to finish.

    Mateja Zvirotić Andrijanić is the woman behind the blog. She describes herself as “the one to whom a meal is much more than a mere human need.” She doesn’t just eat because she has to. She has a real passion and love for the entire grain-to-plate process.

    This blog is written by and for the person who enjoys picking fruit, going to the market, and then figuring out how to make the most of what they have. It combines the beauty of nature with creating delicious, mouth-watering recipes.

    Why stands out

    Aside from being a blogger, Mateja is also a food photographer. She includes stunning photographs of the ingredients and completed dishes that she creates. Doing so allows her to showcase her photography skills and connect with potential clients. While she doesn’t sell her services directly on, she refers interested readers to her photography portfolio.

    On the blog, her images help tell the story of the recipes she creates. She also does an incredible job of providing detailed descriptions of the process as opposed to the simple step-by-step directions you may find on other food blogs. You can tell that Mateja knows her audience and speaks directly to them. 

    She’s all about taking her time when putting together a recipe. Her recipes aren’t about finding shortcuts but about enjoying the process as well as the final product.

    Another thing that helps the Food and Mood blog stand out is that she publishes some posts in both English and Croatian. This is a great example of an easy way to expand your audience to other countries and languages. Foodies are found in all countries around the world, and Mateja is able to connect more widely by publishing her blog in English as well as her native language.

    How bloggers can reach others

    Mateja is active and creative in the way she uses her blog to reach and collaborate with others. She includes beautiful, high-quality images of her dishes to showcase her photography, but she doesn’t leave connecting with others to chance.

    On the About page, Mateja directly shares the ways through which people can work with her. She lists several options and includes an opening for people to share new ideas for collaboration as well.

    Outside of her blog, Mateja uses social media. She actively shares her blog content on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog posts. These platforms also allow her to showcase her food photography, and catch her audience’s attention of as they scroll through their feed.

    As shows, blogs can be an effective way to connect people across the world. They can facilitate easy communication in multiple languages. Reaching a global audience is just one of the beautiful things about blogging.

    .blog Featured Site:

    Louis Pasteur once said, “A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” And that’s a quote that gives you a sneak peek into our latest featured dotblogger, It’s a blog that focuses on the story behind the wine.

    Meet Appetite for Wine

    One of the beautiful things about blogs is they allow people to share their passion and connect with others who feel the same way. This featured dotblog is a great example. It’s written by Kent Reynolds and Robyn Raphael-Reynolds, a couple who enjoys fine wine and everything that goes along with it.

    Kent and Robyn live in California close to Wine Country. They’ve been sharing their passion for wine on the blog for almost six years. As you follow along with their stories you start to feel like you know them. Their content is engaging and personal – they even shared the story of their wedding with their readers in 2019.

    What you’ll find on the Appetite for Wine blog

    Posts on the blog fall into several categories.

    Destinations – Kent and Robyn share their experiences at vineyards and wineries around the world. They mainly cover US destinations such as Napa Valley and even a vineyard in Hawaii. But they also include other countries like Greece, Portugal, and Canada, with stories on both the well-known and lesser-known locations.

    Reviews – What would a wine blog be without reviews of wine? The Appetite for Wine blog does reviews on wine and wine-related products like books about wine, and music suitable for wineries. Their reviews provide a deep level of detail and knowledge of the subject which helps them build credibility as experts. 

    General posts – Kent and Robyn also write posts that offer general tips and stories. They share their personal experiences, like the story of the first wine tasting they hosted and tips for protecting bottles of wine as you travel.

    Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Appetite for Wine participates in a monthly writing challenge. It was created by other wine writers looking to boost creative wine writing.

    This is a great example of a blog with a clearly defined niche. Everything on it is related to wine. This helps readers to know exactly what they’ll find when they first encounter the blog.

    How the blog is being used is all about one couple sharing their passion for wine. After just a few minutes on the blog, you can tell Kent and Robyn have a real interest in and understanding of wine. This makes it easy for others with the same interest to connect with them.

    They aren’t focused on selling products or services on the blog. They do provide links for some products, but it’s not the main purpose of the blog. There are also a few ads on the website such as above the header and in the sidebar. This is an easy way to monetize the blog.

    They also highlight wine industry awards and recognition they’ve received. Examples include Top 100 Wine Blogs and The Great Seal of the Wine Century Club. Having these badges on the blog helps to build their credibility with readers.

    Overall, you get the impression that the blog is a creative writing outlet for the couple. It’s a way to write about and share their information about something they love with others who have the same interest in wine.

    Back to the basics of blogging

    In 2021, blogs are being used in many diverse ways. They are used as marketing tools. They’re used to engage potential clients. But is a fantastic reminder that blogging is a great way to share your passion while connecting with those that have shared interests. Do you have a passion worth sharing? Starting your own blog might be a way to find your audience.

    .blog Featured Site:

    If you’re a sports fan, we have the perfect dotblogger for you to meet. Today’s featured blog is run by sports photographer Andrew D. Bernstein.

    Meet the blogger

    When it comes to sports photography, Andrew D. Bernstein is one of the greatest. Back in the 1980s, he was part of the team that created NBA Photos, which later became the worldwide leader in NBA photography licensing. He’s also been in many other ventures over the years.

    His company is called Andrew D. Bernstein Associates Photography, Inc. Over the years, he has worked with LA teams, including the Dodgers, Clippers, Kings, and Lakers. His work has been used by companies that include Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Reebok.

    Andrew helped revolutionize sports action photography indoors through new technology and tactics. His accomplishments and work speak for themselves.

    Outside of photography, Andrew has made numerous appearances on radio and television to share his work. He is also the founder of the media and events company Legends of Sport.

    What is Legends of Sport?

    Legends of Sport is a blog and podcast. The podcast is in its third year and is now being distributed by the Los Angeles Times. In the podcast, Andrew interviews different sports legends to learn more about their careers. These legends even share details about their personal lives. Some of the athletes who have been featured on the podcast include Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Steve Kerr, and Candace Parker.

    Legends of Sport allows Andrew to share his passion for the sports world in a different way rather than solely through his photography.

    Similar to the podcast, the blog allows him to dive deeper into sports topics and legendary teams and athletes. The blog was created to celebrate sports teams, athletes, events, and historic moments. Topics include legendary teams like the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2011 Dallas Mavericks, to name a few examples.

    On the blog, Andrew also includes a section called “Today in Sports History.” He posts new content here every single day. These posts share the stories of iconic moments and unforgettable athletes from history. There is a lot of work that goes into posting on a daily basis, but it adds a great element to the blog.

    While the Legends of Sport blog is not about Andrew’s photography business, he includes links back to his business website. This enables people to learn more about him and the work that he does.

    If sports are one of your passions, we encourage you to browse and relive some of your favorite moments from sports history.

    Using a blog to share your passion

    Blogs are a fun way to connect with others who share your passion. Andrew is a sports fan who turned his passion into a career in photography. Now, he’s also expanded it into a podcast. Andrew’s blog is a place where sports fans can learn about their favorite legends. It’s also a platform where Andrew freely shares his interests with the world.

    In the past, we’ve featured blogs that businesses and entrepreneurs use to support their marketing efforts. The Legends of Sport blog drives traffic to the podcast and Andrew’s photography website. However, it’s also a place for him to share his love of sports and connect with others who feel the same.

    The great thing about the diversity of blogs is that you can use them to write about and share information on any topic. It is a great way for you to create content and find a community of people with whom you can share your passion the same way that Andrew does. 

    .blog Featured Site:

    We love that the diversity of blogs means they can be owned by your next-door neighbor or an institution that’s been operating for over 140 years. The featured dotblogger we have for you today is

    The Natural History Museum is located in London. They opened their doors in 1881 and have stayed on the cutting edge of science ever since. This popular tourist destination and leading science research centre also maintains an active and engaging blog.

    Meet the Natural History Museum

    If you’re interested in natural history, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of exhibitions on display at the Natural History Museum. 

    The museum curates more than 80 million life and earth specimens that are grouped into collections of zoology, botany, mineralogy, paleontology, and entomology. And due to the long history of the museum, it’s even home to important specimens collected throughout history, such as those of Charles Darwin.

    As well as being a tourist attraction, the museum has a strong focus in the areas of research, education, conservation, and digital collections, with an emphasis on discovery, learning, and sharing their findings with the world.

    How The Natural History Museum Uses their Blog

    The Natural History Museum uses its blog to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the museum’s activities. It’s a platform through which librarians, researchers, curators, staff, and volunteers can share their experience and expertise with the world. Their collective blog posts provide patrons with more in-depth information than they would gather just from visiting the museum for a day.

    In one post, you can read about what the museum staff do to prep for moving specimens to a new location. In other posts, you can find the daily diary of a Principal Curator. And in recent years, they have been sharing information about the work they’re doing to digitize and preserve the work, research, and discoveries of the past.

    How the blog helps engage and educate

    The blog has become a valuable resource for meeting the demands of inquisitive minds, and even more so during the pandemic. While the museum was closed due to Covid, the blog has continued to provide a way for people to stay engaged and connected with the work of the museum.

    Overall, the blog serves two purposes:

    1. Allows people to read updates and engage with the museum

    The Natural History Museum effectively uses its blog to keep people engaged in the work they’re doing and in the natural history around them. They use their blog to provide insight into  the detailed workings of the museum. Instead of simply looking at historic specimens, they answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how questions of their passionate readers.

    In addition to educating, and sharing information, the museum uses its blog to inspire their readers to get involved. For example, they recently challenged readers to participate in the worldwide City Nature Challenge. Those interested were encouraged to get outside, photograph nature in their city, and share their observations.

    2. Provides volunteers a platform for sharing experiences

    The Natural History Museum blog also provides a medium for staff and volunteers to share their passion, experiences, stories, and tips with others. By sharing the pride and passion they have for their work and workplace with the world, they also maintain their individual involvement. And it can encourage others who may want to volunteer at the museum or who are interested in pursuing a career in this line of work.

    Blogs are fun ways to engage and educate

    If you’re looking for ways to further engage and educate an audience, this blog is a great example. The content takes the museum experience a step further. It is a perfect resource for museum visitors who are left wanting more when they leave. The museum blog provides a wealth of knowledge and an insider’s guide to the treasures of the Natural History Museum.

    .blog Featured Site:

    Can you imagine sitting on the beach, with an umbrella drink in your hand, the waves gently lapping on the shore, and watching your favorite movie? Or what about enjoying a rooftop viewing of a film with the stars above your head. That’s the reality one of our dotbloggers is making happen for people everywhere.

    In this edition of our Featured Blogger series, we want to introduce you to

    A little about Open-Air Cinema

    Back in the day, drive-in movies were a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages. Over the years, the movie-going experience transitioned to luxury indoor theaters. But a growing trend is showing that people love the experience of the open-air cinema.

    Going to see a movie is no longer about simply watching the film. It’s about the experience that you receive. While indoor theaters have looked to level-up what they provide, some even including wait staff and full service restaurants, one company is helping people get in touch with a much bigger movie-going experience—the open-air cinema.

    The AIRSCREEN Company has a website selling the inflatable movie screens that are being used to create these unforgettable events and experiences.

    The Open Air Cinema blog shares the story of the company while inspiring people to want to learn more or even make a purchase. While the blog may not be the place where the company lets you purchase their product, it does a great job of helping to promote their products by telling the story of the incredible results they deliver.

    How the blog is being used

    The blog is being used in a few key ways to help showcase the inflatable screens the company sells on  

    The first thing you’ll notice as soon as you land on the blog is their incredible use of photography. Instead of words, your screen is filled with a single image. You’re immediately watching a slideshow of events using The AIRSCREEN Company’s inflatable movie screens. It piques your interest from the start

    The blog has a small section sharing the history of open-air cinema, starting back in 1895. There is also a section that shares the stories of the events their customers have created across multiple continents.

    Lastly, the blog shares open-air cinema ideas others have pulled together to showcase how you can do the same. And these aren’t your basic ideas. They cover everything from film festivals and drive-ins to rooftop and hot tub showings.

    They even share the story of how the premiere of “Mission Impossible Fallout” took place on the cliffs of the Norwegian fjords requiring a 4-hour hike for attendees. Not only does it sound exciting, but it showcases the many diverse ways that their movie screens can be used.

    A small part of something bigger

    Sometimes a blog works solely on its own. It’s not connected to anything else or serving any purpose outside of what you see on the blog. Then, there are blogs like that are just one important marketing piece of something bigger. This is a great example of a blog that pairs together with the commercial site to help showcase the cinema experience, tell stories of its customers and drive interest in the company’s products. 

    The AIRSCREEN Company uses this blog to highlight their products and how they can be used. They do a wonderful job of telling the stories of their customers. Browsing around on the blog leaves you wishing you had an open-air cinema in your local area. Better yet, the AIRSCREEN company hopes you’ll be inspired to create your own.

    Even without having a “buy now” button anywhere on the blog, their use of the blog encourages you to want to make a purchase by directing you to Their blog content is purposeful and their images are stunning. Every part of the blog is serving its purpose well.

    This is just one more example of all the amazing ways that a blog can be used!

    .blog Featured Site:

    If you think of incredible storytelling and sharing experiences when you think of blogs, then you’re going to love the featured blog we have for you today. We’d like to introduce you to Elisha and her blog

    Meet Elisha from Going Somewhere

    Elisha is a native Australian who fell in love with the idea of traveling the world at a young age. At 21 years old she set out on an adventure that lasted over a year. And while she did much of what she set out to do, instead of crossing the experiences off her list, it ignited a passion to continue to travel.

    Elisha is now a professional freelance travel blogger and photographer.

    Along with travel tips, her blog offers stories that help to inform readers about cultures and people from many different countries. And because she prefers to travel off the beaten path, and without a structured plan, she’s able to cover topics and experiences that many haven’t had while traveling.

    Some of her experiences include:

    • Horseback riding through the Columbian jungle
    • Attending a protest in Palestine
    • Climbing Kilimanjaro
    • Crossing the Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border
    • Hiking across the desert in Australia
    • Trekking through the Himalayas

    Along with traveler tips in general, she’s also able to use her unique perspective to share tips for female solo travelers. For example, she shares tips on acceptable clothing for women when traveling through Iran.

    Her blog posts are full of photographs of the beautiful destination landscapes and locals that help bring her stories to life. Even her post sharing the challenges of being a travel writer during the 2020 pandemic does a wonderful job of marrying written narrative with storytelling photography.

    How is being used

    Not only is Elisha sharing her own stories and memories on the blog, she’s also sharing valuable information for other travelers.

    There are many posts sharing travel tips from her first-hand experience. She has categories on the blog for things like:

    • Country Guides
    • Trek Reports
    • Border Crossings
    • Hiking Tips 
    • Responsible Travel

    You can get basic tips for traveling along with specific tips for certain destinations. She enjoys interacting with locals and learning about their culture. She stays in more authentic settings like hostels instead of hotels. This style of travel allows her to provide very practical tips for other travelers. 

    Elisha also showcases her work as a paid travel writer on the blog. This allows potential clients to see the type of work she’s done for others along with her own blog posts. They can also reach out to her through her contact page if they’re interested in working with her. It’s a great example of how other writers can use a blog to help draw in potential clients.

    The diversity of bloggers

    We love how the Going Somewhere blog showcases that blogs are for everyone! They are for people from all demographics and can reach people around the world. Blogs are able to build community with people across all borders who have a shared interest. They unite people together which is something the world needs more of.

    Elisha shares personal experiences with cultures and destinations many know little about. Some are areas where many are afraid to travel. This helps to spread awareness for people around the world.

    Are you looking to plan your next adventure? Or find a travel writer to write for your own blog? Or maybe you want to read about something outside of your everyday life. We encourage you to check out Elisha’s blog.

    Blogs are a tool that anyone can use to get their message out in the world. Whether you want to share about travel like Elisha, or you have a different story to tell, a blog is a great way to do that. As we like to say, a blog is for all the ways you share. 

    .blog Featured Site:

    We love it when we come across a fun and unique blog. We’d like to introduce you to a farmer who is excelling with her blog, This is a great example of the different ways a blog can be used to optimize other business opportunities.

    Who is Fresh Eggs Daily®?

    Fresh Eggs Daily® is a business and blog run by Lisa Steele. Lisa is a 5th generation chicken farmer and has grown a following of almost a million accounts across her social media channels. She’s known as “the Queen of the Coop”.

    And if that wasn’t enough, Lisa is also an author, had her own show, and has appeared on many television programs. She also created a line of natural poultry products. It’s safe to say when it comes to chicken farming, Lisa is the guru. Her blog does a great job of sharing valuable information with other chicken farmers while also supporting her business.

    How Fresh Eggs Daily® is using their blog

    Fresh Eggs Daily® isn’t what you might expect from a chicken farming blog. Lisa has done a fantastic job of sticking to her niche market—people raising chickens—and her blog and business are excelling because of it.

    She is using her blog effectively in many different ways to grow her brand. And while there is a lot of information to consume, it’s all directly related to her specific niche.

    Here are some of the things Lisa is using her blog for:

    Keeping in touch with her audience

    A great way to help your audience to engage further with your blog and content is to get them to sign up for your email list. When you do this, you gain their permission to talk to them right in their inbox instead of waiting for them to show up at your blog.

    As soon as you get to the Fresh Eggs Daily® blog, she has a popup inviting you to sign up.

    Selling ads 

    In a recent post, we shared the different ways that you can use your blog to make money. Lisa is using several of those strategies on her blog and one of them is advertising space. As you browse her website, you’ll come across multiple ads.

    Selling products

    Not only is Lisa using her blog to make money from advertising, she’s also using it to sell products. Her shop pages link out directly to her Amazon store where she sells all kinds of products for raising chickens.

    Promoting other products

    Lisa has done a great job of putting her blog to use for her business. She had a TV show for a few years along with six books. There are links for everything right on her blog making it easy to buy her book and watch her show.

    Offering press and media links

    To make it easy for people to reach out to work with her, Lisa includes a Media page on her blog with all the necessary details that anyone would need.

    What’s your passion?

    There truly is a market out there for just about any topic that you can dream up. If there is something that you’re interested in, there’s a good chance that others are interested in it too. Starting a blog is a great way to pull that community of like-minded people together.

    .blog Featured Site:

    We’re into the second month of the New Year and if we’re all being honest, this is the time when many people start to fall away from New Year’s Resolutions. The .blog team is committed to our resolutions though and hopefully in this article we can help you with one of yours as well. 

    One of our resolutions that we shared was to spend more time highlighting members of the .blog family of bloggers, who we call dotbloggers. But we know that a lot of people make resolutions around health and wellness. That’s why we’re going to highlight a dotblogger that can help you out with your health goals –

    All about Pink is Pink

    One of things that we love about blogs is that they give people an opportunity to share their personal stories and a part of them with the world. And we think that the Pink is Pink blog is doing an incredible job of authentic storytelling.

    The blog is run by a health coach named Karla Branco who has a focus on integrative nutrition. She shares her own personal story about how living a busy corporate life (even in the health industry) was running her down and having a negative impact on her physical and mental health. When her husband’s job caused her to move from Brazil to Barcelona, she used the opportunity to shift the direction of her health and life.

    She learned how to find balance in her life and eventually became a health coach.

    What Karla shares on the blog

    Through her extensive training and experience, she’s gained a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness, which she shares on her blog. The Pink is Pink blog is a type of holistic health and wellness blog.

    Karla has her blog divided into two main categories: recipes and welfare. Her “recipe” category is then broken down further into breakfast, salads, snack, lunch, and desserts. Her “welfare” category is split into food, self-care, sport, and relationship.

    But here’s the catch. While the recipes are available to anyone, the blog posts in the welfare section are only for subscribers of her blog. There is no cost to subscribe and it’s a great way to be able to build an email list where you can further engage with your audience.

    How Karla is monetizing her blog

    New bloggers are always interested in learning how to make money blogging, and Karla provides a great example. She uses her blog to sell her services as a health coach.

    By creating blog posts, she’s able to show the expertise that she has in the health and wellness field. And through her sharing bits of her own life and story with her audience, she is able to build trust with them. When reading through her blog, you start to feel like you know her. This can make it easier for people to take the step of reaching out for help with their own health.

    Karla even has a store set up on her blog to make it easy for people to choose what package they want to buy from her. While she is selling services, this is a great example of how you can use a store on your blog for selling products as well.

    Thinking outside of the box with your .blog domain

    You can turn your blog into a business or build a blog for your business. As you’ll notice through our Meet the Bloggers series this year, there are many diverse ways that blogs are being used. We’ve already seen it through the blogs we’ve already highlighted. shares music and media to further connect with their audience. shares her expertise in the tech world while showcasing her freelance writing abilities. And uses their blog to highlight creative ways that people can use their products while making it easy for them to buy.

    If you’re ready to put your creative ideas to use, get your .blog domain and get started today. And maybe next year, we will see you as one of our featured bloggers! 

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