Why Marketers Should Care About Claiming Their .blog Domain


You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your brand and the stories you want to tell. A .blog domain can help you, as a marketer, create a simplified experience and a feeling that your content is tailored just for your audience.

Beyond the homepage:

The word “blog” is something that Internet users already have an understanding of. People expect blogs to be a source of information, creativity, entertainment and honesty. But for brands it can be difficult to provide all of these things on a corporate website. That’s why an extension like .blog great. It’s flexible and enables you to tell your story in ways that wouldn’t feel natural on your homepage.

Making your content easy to find:

Having a place to publish your content is important, but what’s the point if it’s not easily accessible. If you want your audience to consume your content again and again, it’s important to have a domain that’s memorable and that will remain top of mind. It’s unlikely that a consumer would remember your blog if the address was brand.com/corporate/insights/stories… you get the point. A .blog domain can cut to the chase and enable you to have something more eye-catching and descriptive. Whether it’s a product update or influencer advice on a specific topic, your domain should match that uniqueness of your brand and your content.

On your own terms:

Having a social presence is critical for brands today. Social media has provided a way to connect, share and hear from audiences unlike any channel before. But at the end of the day you’re on their turf and therefore at the mercy of their platform updates, character limitations and image requirements.  A .blog domain means owning your content and publishing it exactly the way you want.  

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