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.blog Turns 4!

2020 may not have given us many reasons to celebrate, but today we have a great reason to. And we’d love for you to join in!  .blog is now 4 years old!!! And like most 4-year olds, we are constantly learning and growing through observation and trial-and-error as we prepare for what’s ahead. We aren’t […]

Is Your Blog Growing? Here Is How To Find Out

You’re ready to show your expertise and let your voice be heard. You’ve been putting in the time and doing the work to build your blog, and now you’re ready to grow. But how do you measure performance of a blog? What analytics are worth paying attention to? And how do you know if you’re […]

12 Social Media Tools Every Blogger Should Know About

Marketing your blog is a big part of being a blogger. One that you can’t ignore if you want to reach more people and help them with your knowledge and expertise. We’ve already covered the five essential steps to growing your audience here. As a reminder, being active on social media is one of them.  […]

Why .blog?

Blogs have grown from simple online diaries into the content that fuels the Internet. But no matter what you create — or why you create it — own what you create by putting it on your domain. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to stop compromising. It’s time to own your online presence.

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  • Make it yours

    Make it yours

    A new extension gives you endless options. Get the name you really want and make it yours.

  • Own your first impression

    Own your first impression

    .Blog is eye-catching, unique, and instantly lets people know what to expect.

  • Expand your influence

    Expand your influence

    Own an address that’s easy to search, share, and remember.

  • Invest in yourself

    Invest in yourself

    When you build a site on your own domain, you reap 100% of the value you create.

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