.blog Featured Site: noahpinion.blog

Noahpinion.blog is a newsletter blog by writer Noah Smith. Noah started blogging as a hobby twelve years ago while he was studying for his PhD in Economics. Now, he writes about the economy “and other interesting stuff” to an audience of over 150k subscribers.

Noah shares articles in newsletter format as well as on noahpinion.blog, offering a mix of free and paid content.

What is the blog about?

Though his expertise is in the field of economics, Noah uses his platform to share opinions on just about anything that takes his interest, so you’ll find blog posts on everything from technology and geopolitics to culture.

He shares news, opinion pieces, guest posts, and interviews with other experts. Noah is also a fan of pet rabbits, and regularly posts on this topic too.

What makes it special?

While some of his content sits behind a paywall, Noah still shares plenty of blogs that are free for all to read. This helps him generate an interested audience who might eventually choose to subscribe to his newsletters and premium content. Noah also regularly features guest posts that generate backlinks and boost his domain authority and SEO.  

Newsletters are a really engaging way for creators to share their content with their audiences. Many .blog users are finding that email newsletters help direct readers to their website in a natural way (link to previous newsletters post). It acts as a regular reminder to check out the blogger’s new content to people who genuinely want to see it.

What to steal?

  • Share the love: through his recommendations sidebar, Noah shares other sites that his readers might find interesting.
  • Create a cohesive brand: Noah’s catchy and clever domain name is easy to remember and is consistent across all of his online platforms, even his Harvard profile.