.blog Featured Site: vintagedolls.blog

Step into the world of vintagedolls.blog. This is where lifestyle blogger Rachel is curating content and reshaping the narrative around Millennials in the digital world. Evolving from a passion project into a full-blown career, Rachel seamlessly blends eye-catching aesthetics and contemporary trends. It is a wonderful example of a luxury lifestyle blog. 

Vintagedolls.blog is a portal into Rachel’s world of luxury travel, elevated experiences, and timeless style.

What is the blog about?

Since 2015, Chicago-based blogger, Rachel has been crafting inspirational and aspirational content for a diverse audience covering fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Her engaging storytelling and keen eye for aesthetics have helped her to amass a social media following of millions globally. She makes vintagedolls.blog a digital space for those drawn to the allure of her luxury lifestyle.

Whether you’re feeling wanderlust and want travel insights and hotel reviews, Rachel can help. If you’re looking for tips on fashion, style, and even how to enhance your own image editing skills, you’ll find it here too. It is a source of inspiration and a testament to Rachel’s dedication. She has been blogging for eight years.

What makes it special?

What makes vintagedolls.blog unique is not just aesthetics. Yes, you’ll spot a healthy dose of pink in almost every post. But the star is the genuine connection Rachel has with her audience. Her journey from hobby blogger to professional influencer is inspiring. The blog has an impressive client roster, including Google, Barneys New York, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Rachel’s distinctive brand identity, a “touch of pink”, is evident throughout every element of the blog, including the photography. And Rachel is happy to share this trick. As part of her commitment to fostering a friendly professional blogging world, Rachel shares insights and tips. Her blog posts show how she navigates professional blogging, giving away valuable resources for aspiring bloggers.

What to steal?

  • Insert social icons in the header and footer of your blog. This makes it easy for users to find and follow you as they scroll through each page.
  • If you are looking to attract brand partnerships, make it easy for potential collaborators to find you by including your email contact on your contact page.
  • Fill each blog post with eye-catching imagery that grabs the reader’s attention and creates visual storytelling.


.blog Featured Site: pawsandreflect.blog

Self-proclaimed dog nerd Haley launched Paws and Reflect to blog about her journey in training her adopted shelter dog, Scout.

The blog began as a place to journal the progress she was making with Scout, but has since become a lifestyle blog that follows Haley, her partner Sean, and Scout’s van life adventures.

What is the blog about?

Paws and Reflect is aimed at dog owners looking for information and advice on dog training, behavior, and care. The blog covers topics from basic obedience training to separation anxiety and reactivity. Haley also shares personal stories and experiences to help encourage dog owners who are feeling lost or alone.

What makes it special?

Though it began with dog training, Paws and Reflect has since evolved into a lifestyle blog, showing us how your blog can evolve with you.

The blog is categorized into a fun ‘About Us’ section, which introduces the main topics they cover, each person (or dog) involved, and even Hermes the van. The About Us page highlights the journey and evolution of the blog and each of its ‘characters.’

What to steal?

  • Some of Paws and Reflect’s content is behind a paywall, which helps the content creator monetize their hard work while still offering free blog posts for everyone to read.
  • Showcasing the evolution of the content helps new audiences understand and connect with the blogger.
  • Haley shares resources like timetables and trackers to help others benefit from her learnings.


.blog Featured Site: fitforgolf.blog

Fit For Golf is a blog written by Mike Carroll, an Irish strength and conditioning coach based in California who specializes in golf fitness. Fitforgolf.blog is for golfers of all levels looking to improve their game through fitness. 

Mike’s blog provides resources, including articles, videos, and workouts, that can help golfers improve their strength, flexibility, and power. This variety of themes shared in versatile content formats helps fitforgolf.blog to attract a wide audience. The audience of golf fans, players, and enthusiasts can brush up on their skills, form, and knowledge.

What is the blog about?

Carroll has worked with golfers of all levels, from beginners to PGA Tour players. He is passionate about helping golfers improve their game through fitness. 

For beginner golfers, fitforgolf.blog provides helpful information on basic topics like choosing the right exercises, how to warm up and cool down, and how to prevent injuries. For intermediate golfers, it offers advice on how to improve their swing speed, power, and flexibility. Advanced golfers can find insights and advice from top PGA Tour coaches and trainers, too. 

The blog serves as a platform to showcase the paid app Fit for Golf, and gives users a taste of the expertise that readers can expect to find. As well as allowing readers to explore free content before they make a purchase, having this platform allows the creators the flexibility to upload and update content more easily.

What makes it special?

Though designed to encourage readers to sign up for the app, the Fit For Golf blog has plenty of free content to help golfers of all levels before they decide to invest. The blog also highlights user reviews to demonstrate trust.

The blog also features a podcast. In each episode, Mike speaks with golf experts, chiropractors, and other physicians, coaches, and leaders in different sporting arenas. By employing different content types, Mike potentially broadens his audience.

What to steal?

  • Offer free resources to help hook users in before promoting paid content.
  • Publish user reviews to enhance trust in your brand and content. 
  • Create videos to help users engage with content visually.


Who Blogs?

Each year there are hundreds of millions of new blog posts published. With so many new posts being produced every day, it’s worth asking the question: who blogs?

Trying to pinpoint who blogs is nearly an impossible task. Anyone with a computer or smartphone internet access can blog — and millions do. Blogging has no boundaries and is one activity that is truly diverse and inclusive. Bloggers come in all ages, sexes, ethnicities, sizes, shapes, colours, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. They write from every country, and in every language. Every blogger is unique in their own way.

Take Gary: He’s a self-proclaimed foodie, travel addict, and aviation enthusiast who logs his travels on The Gastronomic Traveler. Then there’s Charlotte, the 22-year-old from England, aka The Girl That Games. Yoga Mama writes a yoga blog for pregnant and nursing mothers from Bulgaria, while Danny Zappa is a Swedish photographer who lives in Brazil.The Animal Farm Foundation is a US-based non-profit corporation that rescues and re-homes animals. Lyn is a young women from Vietnam who’s studying in Japan and sharing her experiences at Enjoy Japan Life. Shinola is a Detroit-based watch manufacturer. Do you see what’s happening here? Anyone and everyone blogs. People who want to network, share ideas, create revenue streams, advertise and market, connect with like-minded people, have a voice, help others, stay in touch, learn and grow.

Many people blog as a long-form of their social media networks, students blog to share schoolwork with their teachers and classmates, marketers blog to promote products and services, hobbyists to find others with common interests, and organizations blog to raise awareness. Some people blog for the pure joy of creating and sharing, while others do it as part of their job or to make money.

For any topic you can think of, there is a blog post on it, and a unique person or group of people sharing their passion. Whether it’s a travel, food, photography, or daily blog, thousands of new voices join the ranks of “who blogs?” every day.