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Fit For Golf is a blog written by Mike Carroll, an Irish strength and conditioning coach based in California who specializes in golf fitness. Fitforgolf.blog is for golfers of all levels looking to improve their game through fitness. 

Mike’s blog provides resources, including articles, videos, and workouts, that can help golfers improve their strength, flexibility, and power. This variety of themes shared in versatile content formats helps fitforgolf.blog to attract a wide audience. The audience of golf fans, players, and enthusiasts can brush up on their skills, form, and knowledge.

What is the blog about?

Carroll has worked with golfers of all levels, from beginners to PGA Tour players. He is passionate about helping golfers improve their game through fitness. 

For beginner golfers, fitforgolf.blog provides helpful information on basic topics like choosing the right exercises, how to warm up and cool down, and how to prevent injuries. For intermediate golfers, it offers advice on how to improve their swing speed, power, and flexibility. Advanced golfers can find insights and advice from top PGA Tour coaches and trainers, too. 

The blog serves as a platform to showcase the paid app Fit for Golf, and gives users a taste of the expertise that readers can expect to find. As well as allowing readers to explore free content before they make a purchase, having this platform allows the creators the flexibility to upload and update content more easily.

What makes it special?

Though designed to encourage readers to sign up for the app, the Fit For Golf blog has plenty of free content to help golfers of all levels before they decide to invest. The blog also highlights user reviews to demonstrate trust.

The blog also features a podcast. In each episode, Mike speaks with golf experts, chiropractors, and other physicians, coaches, and leaders in different sporting arenas. By employing different content types, Mike potentially broadens his audience.

What to steal?

  • Offer free resources to help hook users in before promoting paid content.
  • Publish user reviews to enhance trust in your brand and content. 
  • Create videos to help users engage with content visually.