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.blog Web Addresses Now Open for Everyone

We are excited to announce that .blog web addresses are now available! For individuals, businesses, or brands, this is the perfect time to get the name you want.

To purchase a .blog domain, just  visit our registrars page where you will find a list of retailers offering .blog addresses for sale. The .blog domains are now available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

We are enthusiastic about the thousands of .blog addresses reserved during our initial sales periods known as Sunrise and Landrush. Some early .blog adopters included musicians like Ms. Lauryn Hill (, JustBlaze (, tech industry insiders like Om Malik ( and companies like Stack Overflow ( We expect many more to come online in the coming weeks.

Why .blog?

– Stand out from the crowd. There are several benefits to securing your .blog site. One of the reasons we are enthusiastic about .blog is because it truly stands out among the crowd.  .blog is an unmistakable way to communicate what your website is about.

– More names that fit your needs.
.blog opens up millions of new names that would otherwise be unavailable on .com or .org. With a .blog domain, you now have the opportunity to get the name you really want, without compromises.

– Where originality wins.
We believe the .blog domain will enable people to revisit a tradition of sharing original thoughts. With a blog there are no parameters around the types of content you publish whether it is video, illustration, long-form articles or photography. It’s your space to create, publish and you are the owner.

.blog presents a unique opportunity for internet users, and we are excited to open up a new avenue where people can refresh and rebrand, or create something completely new under an address that makes perfect sense for them. Don’t hold off on claiming your .blog domain. Visit our registrars page here to get started.

About reserved domains

As we move forward on the road to General Availability, which will start on Monday, Nov 21st at 15.00 UTC, we’d like to take a moment to explain the process behind the decision to activate domains in our Founder’s Program while reserving some others.

Founder Program, or Qualified Launch Phase (QLP)

As a registry, we had the option to activate up to 100 domain names, either for our use or to give to third parties to promote .blog.

We offered some these domains to third parties, and you can see a showcase of these sites on our Founders page. We also decided to offer a list of 25 very generic domains to, so that they could be shared for free among millions of users instead of being owned by single entities.

Reserved Domains

Reserved domains are domain names that are not registered, and cannot be registered until released. As a registry, we can decide to reserve as many domains as we want.

We reserved all one-, two- and three-character domains from being registered by anyone and will probably release them in the future. In addition, we allowed employees of our parent company, Automattic, many of whom are bloggers and passionate about blogging, to reserve a single domain each, some of which were first names.

Landrush Applications

Many registrars started taking pre-registrations for the Landrush period as early as last August. We do realise that some users were disappointed when they discovered that the domain names they had applied for were in fact attributed as part of the Founder’s program, or reserved, and wouldn’t be possible to register or auction at the end of Landrush.

We would like to apologise to these users, but as the lists of Founder domains and Reserved ones weren’t final until just before Landrush, we couldn’t communicate them to registrars in advance (there is nothing registrars hate more than ever-changing lists of reserved domains) .

In addition, domains were removed as well as added to the lists, and we didn’t want to take the risk for registrars to refuse applications in September for domains that would be released in October.

To mitigate the downside of such uncertainty, we structured our fees in a way that registrars are charged only for successful registrations, giving them the opportunity to refund their clients in full for failed applications.

.blog Hosts Launch Party at ICANN57

On Tuesday, November 7th we hosted our official launch party at ICANN57 and it will definitely go down as a night to remember. Leading up to the event, ICANN had been a wonderful host to us in Hyderabad, India as our team enjoyed attending the various meetings and discussions. The opportunity to interact with so many partners, industry experts, and decision makers has been invaluable to us, so the fact that so many came out to show their support was incredibly inspiring.

Hyderabad, India

In case you’re not familiar with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), they are a nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces of the internet. ICANN meetings are held three times throughout the year in different regions of the world enabling attendees from around the globe to attend.

While the conference days center around policy discussions and relationship building, ICANN attendees were clearly ready to let loose by the time our party was kicking off. The launch party took place at the Banyan Tree, a spacious outdoor location where, in addition to music, there were magicians, fire dancers and mad scientists working the crowds. Attendees had their minds blown by unique performances while they sipped cocktails and enjoyed tasty bites to eat.


One additional attraction at the event was the photo booth where party goers could snap fun shots. We asked people to share photos throughout the night, tag @dotblog and use hashtag #dotblogICANN57 in order to enter the contest. At the end of the night, we announced Anil Kumar Peddireddy as the winner and he walked away with a brand new Apple Watch Series 2 as his prize!

If you missed out on the Apple Watch the first time around, don’t worry… there is still one more chance to win. Continue to post photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #dotblogICANN57 up until November 21st and we will announce a second winner shortly thereafter.

One thing we learned about some of our new friends was that when the music is pumping, there’s no holding back on the dance floor. The .blog team had a wonderful time hosting the launch party last night and again, we are moved and inspired by everyone who came out to help us celebrate.

Check out photos and highlights of the party (here).

.blog Domains: Let the Landrush Begin

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Landrush Phase for purchasing .blog web addresses.

This phase marks the first time non-trademark owners can apply for early access to a .blog domain name. That means anyone can now apply to claim a name.

To get started, visit one of the many registrars now participating in .blog Landrush.

Landrush lasts for only 7 days — .blog addresses open up to everyone at regular prices starting November 21 — so demand can be high and therefore you may pay a little more to be first in line for the name you want.

If more than one brand or person wants the same .blog domain, then the registration will go to auction.

The Landrush Period will end on November 9 at 14:59 UTC. After that deadline, here’s what you can expect to happen:

– November 10: Any domains for which there was only one application will be registered. All other domains with multiple applicants will then go to auction. These applicants are sent to a web marketplace, and our auction provider, called Sedo. Sedo will then set up the auctions and notify the bidders via email.

– November 11: Sedo will send out the actual schedule for the auctions to the bidders.

– November 14-17: Sedo carries out the auctions and collects any auction-related proceeds.

– November 18: Sedo exports the winning Application IDs to Nominet (our back-end infrastructure provider) where they are then finalized. Any applications where payment has not been made will remain pending to be processed.

– November 21: Nominet registers the winning applications and charges normal fees against registrar’s accounts. Nominet systems issue poll notifications to successful and unsuccessful registrars.

Any outstanding applications not completed by November 21 will be registered once approved.

Because the .blog space at the moment is virtually untouched, now is your chance to get a more memorable domain than what is probably available to you on a .com or .net. Just visit our registrars page to get started.

Why Marketers Should Care About Claiming Their .blog Domain


You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your brand and the stories you want to tell. A .blog domain can help you, as a marketer, create a simplified experience and a feeling that your content is tailored just for your audience.

Beyond the homepage:

The word “blog” is something that Internet users already have an understanding of. People expect blogs to be a source of information, creativity, entertainment and honesty. But for brands it can be difficult to provide all of these things on a corporate website. That’s why an extension like .blog great. It’s flexible and enables you to tell your story in ways that wouldn’t feel natural on your homepage.

Making your content easy to find:

Having a place to publish your content is important, but what’s the point if it’s not easily accessible. If you want your audience to consume your content again and again, it’s important to have a domain that’s memorable and that will remain top of mind. It’s unlikely that a consumer would remember your blog if the address was… you get the point. A .blog domain can cut to the chase and enable you to have something more eye-catching and descriptive. Whether it’s a product update or influencer advice on a specific topic, your domain should match that uniqueness of your brand and your content.

On your own terms:

Having a social presence is critical for brands today. Social media has provided a way to connect, share and hear from audiences unlike any channel before. But at the end of the day you’re on their turf and therefore at the mercy of their platform updates, character limitations and image requirements.  A .blog domain means owning your content and publishing it exactly the way you want.  

Click here for more information on how you can reserve your .blog domain today.

.blog Concludes a Successful Sunrise Phase, Beating Expectations

Yesterday marked the end of the .blog Sunrise Launch Phase, a period where trademark owners could make their domain claims. We are pleased to announce that since beginning the Sunrise Phase on August 18th, more than 1,000 .blog domain sites have been activated, signaling growing interest and enthusiasm for our Top Level Domain (TLD).

The response to the availability of .blog has been extremely positive. As Elliot Silver wrote on, “.blog is one of the few extensions I could see having a major impact on the entire new gTLD space.”

Thus far, interest has been particularly high among major tech companies, but spans brands across industries, from banks and automobile manufacturers, to hotels and household consumer products.

What we are hearing from early subscribers is that .blog is valuable because it means something without explanation. It’s short, it’s easy to remember and easy to say. .blog provides a solid foundation to build something that can grow and be shared independently regardless of what’s happening in the social space.

The next phase of the .blog TLD launch will be Landrush, open to everyone where early adopters can reserve domains freely from November 2nd through November 9th at a slightly higher price. Following Landrush, General Availability for all will begin on November 21st when the domains are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis at standard prices

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Trademark owners, check out our list of registrars at and reserve your .blog name today.

600 Trademark Applications and Counting for .blog in the First Weeks of Sunrise

We’re just a few weeks into .blog’s Sunrise launch phase for trademark holders, and we’ve already received more than 600 trademark applications — a strong sign of early interest in the TLD.

We launched .blog to trademark holders on August 18. The first opportunity for the general public to register a .blog domain is November 2-9, for early access applicants during the Landrush launch phase. Then domains will open up on a first-come-first-serve basis starting November 21 for General Availability.

In addition to trademark applications, we’ve also seen the domain industry launch .blog sites, as well as founder’s program participants including,, and more.

To sign up during Sunrise, just go to

The Domain Industry Adopts .blog

Prior to the .blog launch on August 18th for trademark holders we had many groups and individuals contact us regarding participation into our exclusive founder’s program. This program is a unique opportunity to be one of the first in the world to use a .blog domain.


A few weeks ago we announced, and during launch week. Blacknight was our first “Domain and Hosting” founder, and we are now pleased to announce these additional new domain industry founders leading the way with their very own .blog: Bluehost is a US based web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the largest web hosting brands in the marketplace, powering millions of websites. HostPapa is a Canadian based hosting company with a global presence. They provide fully-featured hosting packages with top customer service, powered by green renewable energy. The registry operator of .uk, .wales and .cymru, and the backend operators for 28 new TLDs from Minds and Machines as well as .blog. A fellow registry (and close friends) responsible for one of the most successful new TLDs to date, .club.

ICANN activated over 1000 TLDs since January 2014, but the ability to capture the industry’s attention has eluded many new registries. Since blogging is a universal activity performed by individuals to large corporations, the interest in .blog has been high, particularly from the domain industry itself. Our ability to work with such renowned industry notables from across the globe demonstrates the value of using a .blog domain and significantly strengthens the power of new TLDs on the internet.

More founders to come. Stay tuned.

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.Blog Domains Are Now Available for All Trademark Owners

Now’s your chance to become one of the first people in the world to own a .blog domain name.

Starting today and until October 17th, trademark holders can apply to register their .blog domain through a certified trademark agent. Trademark owners get first priority during this, the “Sunrise” phase of our rollout. Continue reading “.Blog Domains Are Now Available for All Trademark Owners”