.blog Featured Site: pawsandreflect.blog

Self-proclaimed dog nerd Haley launched Paws and Reflect to blog about her journey in training her adopted shelter dog, Scout.

The blog began as a place to journal the progress she was making with Scout, but has since become a lifestyle blog that follows Haley, her partner Sean, and Scout’s van life adventures.

What is the blog about?

Paws and Reflect is aimed at dog owners looking for information and advice on dog training, behavior, and care. The blog covers topics from basic obedience training to separation anxiety and reactivity. Haley also shares personal stories and experiences to help encourage dog owners who are feeling lost or alone.

What makes it special?

Though it began with dog training, Paws and Reflect has since evolved into a lifestyle blog, showing us how your blog can evolve with you.

The blog is categorized into a fun ‘About Us’ section, which introduces the main topics they cover, each person (or dog) involved, and even Hermes the van. The About Us page highlights the journey and evolution of the blog and each of its ‘characters.’

What to steal?

  • Some of Paws and Reflect’s content is behind a paywall, which helps the content creator monetize their hard work while still offering free blog posts for everyone to read.
  • Showcasing the evolution of the content helps new audiences understand and connect with the blogger.
  • Haley shares resources like timetables and trackers to help others benefit from her learnings.