Marketing Assets

We’re excited to have you partnering with .blog to help bring a unique opportunity both to your business and your clients. Over the years, we’ve continued to see the diversity of blogs grow and along with it the potential of the .blog domain.

.Blog combines the unique benefits of both generic TLDs and vertical TLDs.

It is a high-quality domain yielding high renewal rates, usage rates, and attachment to paid services rates. The combination of a high-quality trustworthy extension with wide market access creates large and profitable opportunities for selling .blog domains. 

To help you build awareness around this domain option and share .blog with your clients, we’ve created the following Marketing Assets as a one-stop shop for your promotional needs.

Brand Guidance

Whether you’re just launching a .blog promotional program or looking to revamp your messaging around this TLD, check our Brand Guidance page for a high-level, easy-to-use overview of our colours, messaging, fonts, et al. for guidance.


Here you can download the .blog logo in different sizes and formats, or you can download a complete archive including all versions and colour references by clicking on this link.


Feel free to download and use any of the files linked above to promote .blog on your website. By downloading the logo files linked from this page, you agree to:

  • Display the logo standalone, not in a sentence or phrase.
  • Use the complete logo, not its elements separately.
  • Conserve the logo proportions and integrity.
  • Keep the logo flat as it is, without drop shadows, glows, 3D or other effects.

Promotional Content

Showing expertise in the industry can help build trust with potential bloggers looking to purchase a domain. Through our blog, we’ve created a vast library of knowledge to help bloggers succeed. We encourage you, as our partners, to use these example blog posts to help connect further with your target market. Although we don’t recommend copying them, feel free to re-purpose them as you wish for your own marketing campaigns.

Blog Posts

  • Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging: Many people like the idea of blogging, but aren’t sure about how, or if, they should get started. Here, we’ve written up some helpful reasons as to why everyone can, and should, start a blog, complete with their own .blog domain, of course.
  • Why Your Blog Needs a Niche and How to Find the Right One: There are many advantages for bloggers that choose to focus on a specific niche, or overall theme, for their blog. We share valuable tips to help new bloggers choose the right niche for them.
  • 5 Tips For Selecting The Best Domain Name For Your Blog: New bloggers can easily get stuck trying to choose the perfect domain name. We put together a list of 5 things for them to focus on in order to make a decision and purchase their domain name.
  • The Best Blogging Tips and Tricks: There are a lot for new bloggers to think about and figure out. We compiled a list of the best advice bloggers could use to help them start, run, and grow a blog.
  • 7 SEO Best Practices That Every Blogger Should Follow: We shared some of the best SEO practices that new bloggers could use to rise to the top of the search rankings.
  • 12 Social Media Tools Every Blogger Should Know About: With so many tools and resources available it can be overwhelming for bloggers to know what to use. We compiled a list of 12 tools to help bloggers succeed with social media.
  • 5 Essential Steps To Grow Your Blog Audience: Bloggers write to share their story with the world. This list helps bloggers learn how to grow and connect with an audience.
  • How to Monetize Your Blog: For bloggers of all levels, we’ve created a convenient list of ways to generate income from your blog, ranging from joining a known ad network to writing sponsored posts.
  • SEO For Bloggers: Here’s what you need to know: An essential part of blogging is, not only producing content, but making sure that content gets seen. As a primer to our “Getting Started With SEO” guide, we’ve developed this post to help introduce bloggers to some of the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

Showcase / Featured Sites

We like to think that blogs can be for anyone but not everyone. As a TLD that is both generic and specific in meaning, we have dotbloggers in a number of industries and areas but there are generally three types of customers for a .blog domain:

  • Personal – Individuals are using .blog domains as a space to share their thoughts, opinions, and interests on a wide range of topics. A blog provides them with an opportunity to connect with others that share interests and stories. 
  • Business – Businesses are using blogs to draw in potential customers and bring them along the customer journey. Through blogs they’re able to build trust and show their expertise and authority in their industry. 
  • Brands – Brands are using .blog domains to humanize their brand and further engage with their audience. This is done through strategies like showing the “behind the scenes” stories of employees, sharing blog posts with helpful tips and tricks around their industry, and highlighting the real-life benefits of their products and services.

You can see specific examples of the creative ways .blog domains are currently being used through our featured dotbloggers and showcased blogs. We invite you to look around to see examples of all the different types of dotbloggers.

Here we offer a collection of profiles and interviews in blog format. 

Browse a broad selection of .blog websites in thumbnail format showcasing the true diversity of dotbloggers. Use the filters to dive deeper and search by vertical or registrar.

Social Media and Supporting Graphics

Social media is an excellent way to reach your customers and let them know that you have these new resources available to them.

To help promote these materials, we’ve created graphics that you can use via your social networks, or within the copy on your website. They work as both stand alone content in your .blog promotions, or alongside our blog posts and instructional guides.


Together with one of our industry partners we produced some handy guides to help customers and end users get started with their new .blog domain. Please feel free to use and distribute amongst your customer base.

  • Getting Started with SEO: An introduction to the world of SEO, including how it works, why it’s important, and free tools to use to make the most of your domain.
  • How to Move Your Website to a New Domain: For customers who may be switching to a new web address, this straightforward checklist will walk them through all the necessary steps to get their new site up and running as smoothly as possible.

Messaging Kits

We also have Messaging Kits available for assistance with language and copy around .blog domains.

Image Library and Banners

In addition to the supporting graphics for our guides and blog posts, we also have a variety of website marquees available for your use.

If you prefer to develop your own designs, feel free to use the following royalty-free images from our image library.


Download infographics on the latest trends in blogging and .blog domains. These infographics show how the blogging industry is growing across the board. This data was put together with the help of our friends at Pandalytics, and is supported by our own .blog data.


We have a variety of videos available, including messaging from our CEO and Founder, as to why .blog is the best option for the blogging community, and new gTLDs as a whole.