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new dotblogger:

Kirsten Alana is a photographer who travels, and a traveler who takes photographs. Originally a wedding photographer, she made the courageous decision to quit her job and focus on a new career that would combine her passions for travel and photography. As she’s made her way across the globe – quite literally, she was the first photographer to travel around the world on the Four Seasons private jet – she’s built an impressive portfolio through her sincerity and eye for an amazing picture. is Alana’s photoblog-style Tumblr. Here, you can find snapshots from many of her trips, along with a glimpse into the life of the Traveling Photographer.

RRA Updates and our Commitment to Pricing Stability

At Knock Knock WHOIS There, we believe that keeping things simple allows registrars and resellers to focus on their core business. For this reason, we recently made the decision to amend the .blog Registry-Registrar Agreement, changes which will be effective on July 15th, 2017.

The modifications we made are:

  • The addition of section 3.14 regarding Rights Protection Mechanisms and Uniform Rapid Suspension compliance, as required by ICANN.
  • Clarification to section 7.1(ii) to further limit the scope of liability for our registrars.
  • An amendment to section 5.1.1 to ensure that the pricing of a .blog domain, once registered, will not increase.

This final amendment is to underscore our stance on price stability in the new gTLD marketplace. Any .blog domain that is registered will not see a pricing increase for renewals on subsequent years.

Pricing stability improves a registrar’s ability to promote new gTLDs to website owners, both new and experienced alike. By building a sense of security and predictability amongst end-users, we contribute to the perception of new gTLDs as reliable and accessible options.

We also believe this allows .blog registrars to focus on sales, without the worry of future price changes that would cause complexities to their business. As Domain Name Wire indicates, introducing pricing changes, along with a wide variety of pricing tiers, creates a barrier to registrars interested in onboarding more new gTLDs. We’d like to see the barrier to entry as low as possible to promote usage and a broader acceptance of new gTLD domains.

If you’re interested in joining the .blog registrar family, sign up through our application form.

.blog Marketing Resources

When it comes to new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), education is paramount for usage. TLDs like .com, .net, and .org are stable pillars of the domain name space, but the introduction of new gTLDs has given end-users more options to own their first choice when it comes to selecting their online identity.

As we launch our first round of channel marketing programs, we want to provide tools to help support our registrar partners in promoting the .blog TLD. Through marketing assets, educational materials, and social media branding, we’re hoping to help you help your customers. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with Nominet, the .blog registry operator and registry for (among others), to build a handful of guides and blog posts to share with your clients.

On our marketing assets page, you’ll find two of our latest additions:
Getting Started with SEO
How to Move Your Website to a New Domain

Both of these online guides will help your customers learn more about leveraging their website and new domain. To follow, we’re also working with the Nominet team to provide a sampling of blog posts, with accompanying graphics, to use on your social networks and blogs.

We enjoy supporting you supporting your customers. If you have feedback, questions, or requests for helpful materials in the future, let us know.

Where Blogs Come From

We’ve come a long way from the blogs of the early 1990s. From the first weblog, in which bloggers were logging their daily lives on the web to today’s expansive online communities, we’ve seen the exponential growth of blogs with ample virtual groups to the launch of specialized conferences. It has grown into today’s blogosphere which is made up of all blogs and their interconnections.

Blogs have changed and evolved. They’ve transformed from basic web pages to share one’s thoughts to hubs for personal bloggers building virtual communities, and companies seeking to engage with their customer base. Today, blogs are more important than ever and are for everyone, not just the enthusiasts.

Universal. That is one word to describe blogging. Blogs can be found virtually everywhere. Here you can find a live look at activity across where a majority of users are bloggers. In addition, blogs are written in over 120 languages. Here are their top 10:


As well as having global appeal, blogs are also valuable outlets for writers of all backgrounds and types. “Beginner bloggers” to “Hopeful Income Generators”, who use ads, marketing, and reviews to monetize their personal blogs, are all part of the makeup of the blogging community.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.45.23 AM

Beyond the individual or personal bloggers, larger brands and companies have found blogs to be a useful resource for connecting with their consumers. Small businesses and large corporations almost universally maintain an online presence to share news, promotions, and more with their consumer base.
So really, what are you waiting for? Join in the conversation and start your own blog today!

.blog Joins the i2Coalition

With a little less than a year under our belt since the launch of .blog, Knock Knock WHOIS There (KKWT) is ready to tackle broader issues facing our community. With their focus on diversity and transparency in technology, we’re excited to join i2Coalition to assist in these efforts.

Founded in 2012 in light of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), i2Coalition has focused on education and advocacy for a more open, transparent internet since its inception. Their membership base includes 70+ leaders in the technology field, ranging from registries and registrars to hosting and cloud service providers, all of whom are dedicated towards preserving internet freedom.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Automattic, the company behind, KKWT’s philosophies and culture are interwoven with the mission to “democratize publishing.” Automattic has taken an active role in promoting an open internet through actions such as regular transparency reports and publicly taking a stand in support of Net Neutrality.

These values are equally critical to KKWT. Building open, engaging, and accessible online communities is a foundational value for the .blog registry, whether that’s through providing bloggers with access to a great new namespace or fostering an internet in which online citizens can easily and freely share their voice.

We are passionate about keeping the internet transparent and free for end users, from individual bloggers to large organizations, around the world. As a company that is fully remote, with a diverse global presence, we’re equally dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in the technology and domain industry to better reflect the various backgrounds, needs, and perspectives of all end users. We greatly appreciate i2Coalition’s efforts in these areas and are looking forward to lending our resources and enthusiasm to their efforts around education, advocacy, and diversity.

Announcing .blog Marketing Programs for 2017

Since the beginning, our approach at Knock Knock WHOIS There has been slow and steady wins the race. We strongly believe in working towards long-term, data-informed objectives rather than prioritizing short-term goals. With this in mind, we’ve been diligently working on marketing opportunities for our registrars in 2017 and we’re pleased to announce that they are now available to our channel and will run from June 1st to December 31st, 2017.

We know that choosing not to offer marketing programs from the beginning was a unique path and we decided upon it carefully. Prior to offering any discount or rebate program, we wanted to better understand .blog’s performance on its own. Now that we have this baseline information, with roughly 300 new .blog domains being registered every day and at a usage rate of above 51%1, we’re ready to take the next step to push those numbers even higher.

Creating a marketing option that benefits all registrars and end users equally is a challenge, particularly when prioritizing flexibility and freedom for how those programs are implemented. We’ve spent a long time developing these programs and believe that there is an option to fit the needs of all types of registrars.

At KKWT we’re looking forward to seeing the impact of these new programs, both within the .blog community of registrars and users, and in the domain name space as a whole. As registries and registrars work to make new gTLDs more accessible, we help to promote the uptake and usage of new, alternative options, giving end users the power to choose the option that’s best for them.

1Pandalytics: Third-party hosting industry data provider.

new dotblogger:

Best known as the Chief Technical Officer at Amazon, Werner Vogels is also a veteran blogger. In 2001, he started to share his writings on the technology industry and related news and products.

Vogels has won a variety of awards for his work in the technology field, gaining notoriety for his penchant to take complex systems and make them scalable, efficient, and effective. In addition to his technological expertise, he’s also an extremely accomplished photographer. Updated daily, he showcases his visually striking snapshots at

new dotblogger:

With over 200,000 customers using StudioPress themes to power their websites, it’s clear that the masterminds behind the popular Genesis theme framework are achieving their mission of “WordPress made easy.” Between the recently launched StudioPress sites (a streamlined, managed-WordPress hosting plan) and variety of quality themes to meet all of their customers’ needs, StudioPress is a one-stop shop for website owners ready to leverage the power of WordPress.

Geared towards designers, developers, and bloggers alike, the StudioPress blog is equipped with tips on creating your website. Articles include creative ways to optimize tools available to site owners, like how to build traffic through a visually appealing website and the basics of SEO. is the perfect extension of their accessible philosophy and a stand-out resource for site owners of all levels.

new dotblogger:

We are finding bloggers from all over the world. Andy Clark, who lives in the UK, is as passionate about his shed as he is about blogging. Andy has been blogging about things he makes and repairs in his shed for nearly 10 years and we are proud to have him as a dotblogger after making the switch to

Blogging has been a great adventure and has lead to talks, prizes, magazine articles, a gnome making workshop and even a trip to New York. Along the way Andy written about some of his fellow makers and has interviewed them about their great projects. Guest posters also contribute on the topics of storage, repair and shed maintenance.

Keep up the great work both on and offline Andy!

Calling all Registrars!

All ICANN Accredited Registrars will be eligible to sell .blog domains as of February 19th.

February 19th will mark the end of the .blog ‘Claims Service’. This is the first 90 days of registration after .blog launched in General Availability on Nov. 21st, 2016. During this period, notices were sent to potential domain name registrants if the domain they were seeking to register matched a trademark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). If the registrant decided to register the domain name anyway, notices are sent to the applicable trademark holder of the domain name.

This means after February 19th, trademark claims will no longer be required. Therefore, all .blog accredited registrars are eligible to offer .blog domains, including those that are not TMCH agents.

If you have not yet signed up as a .blog registrar or would like to sell .blog domains directly please sign up here.