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new dotblogger:

With over 200,000 customers using StudioPress themes to power their websites, it’s clear that the masterminds behind the popular Genesis theme framework are achieving their mission of “WordPress made easy.” Between the recently launched StudioPress sites (a streamlined, managed-WordPress hosting plan) and variety of quality themes to meet all of their customers’ needs, StudioPress is a one-stop shop for website owners ready to leverage the power of WordPress.

Geared towards designers, developers, and bloggers alike, the StudioPress blog is equipped with tips on creating your website. Articles include creative ways to optimize tools available to site owners, like how to build traffic through a visually appealing website and the basics of SEO. is the perfect extension of their accessible philosophy and a stand-out resource for site owners of all levels.

new dotblogger:

We are finding bloggers from all over the world. Andy Clark, who lives in the UK, is as passionate about his shed as he is about blogging. Andy has been blogging about things he makes and repairs in his shed for nearly 10 years and we are proud to have him as a dotblogger after making the switch to

Blogging has been a great adventure and has lead to talks, prizes, magazine articles, a gnome making workshop and even a trip to New York. Along the way Andy written about some of his fellow makers and has interviewed them about their great projects. Guest posters also contribute on the topics of storage, repair and shed maintenance.

Keep up the great work both on and offline Andy!

Calling all Registrars!

All ICANN Accredited Registrars will be eligible to sell .blog domains as of February 19th.

February 19th will mark the end of the .blog ‘Claims Service’. This is the first 90 days of registration after .blog launched in General Availability on Nov. 21st, 2016. During this period, notices were sent to potential domain name registrants if the domain they were seeking to register matched a trademark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). If the registrant decided to register the domain name anyway, notices are sent to the applicable trademark holder of the domain name.

This means after February 19th, trademark claims will no longer be required. Therefore, all .blog accredited registrars are eligible to offer .blog domains, including those that are not TMCH agents.

If you have not yet signed up as a .blog registrar or would like to sell .blog domains directly please sign up here.

new dotblogger:

It’s quite possible that Tim Ferriss is actually The Most Interesting Man in the World. His resume reads more like an adventure novel, with such impressive feats as winning a national Chinese kickboxing championship to being a lecturer at his prestigious alma mater, Princeton University.

However, he’s best known for his multiple New York Times Best Seller books on how to “hack yourself”: The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef. He’s also a speaker, angel investor, and hosts a podcast that is often ranked as #1 in iTunes, The Tim Ferris Show.

At Knock Knock WHOIS There, we’re so happy to welcome Ferris into the .blog family with the brand-spanking new, certainly a solid contender for the most interesting blog in the world.

new dotblogger:

Manton Reece has a vision for a better way to blog and he’s bringing that vision to life with his Kickstarter-backed project, is a new, microblogging platform that will include a sleek publishing interface and reader where community members can read short posts from other microbloggers. There will also be iPhone app, so you can write on the go.

“As soon as I registered, everything about what I was doing became more clear and obvious,” Reece said. As he explains in his Kickstarter introduction, in the earlier days of the internet, site owners owned their content and could move, or remove, it whenever they chose. As more and more content is shared via closed social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, there’s been a shift in the long-term ownership of such content. is a means to simplify the process and put the power back in the hands of site owners.

NamesCon, here we come…

For many of us, there is never a good enough reason to go to Vegas…except for the latter part of January when our good friends, Richard Lau and his team, put on one of the best domain industry events of the year. For four full days, NamesCon brings together the biggest names in the domain and hosting industries, from end-users to registries, for a chance to network and learn about the latest news and technology in the field.

As one of the newest registries, we are extremely pleased to announce that some of the folks here at Knock Knock WHOIS There (KKWT) will be attending NamesCon, including our very own Matt Mullenweg. For those of you who remember the very first NamesCon 4 years ago, Braden Pollock, a seasoned domainer and online business entrepreneur, and Matt had a wonderful keynote fireside chat that they will continue on Tuesday, January 24th at 10:00am in the Uniregistry Keynote Hall. The topic this time will be:

WordPress, co-founded by Matt Mullenweg, already powers over a quarter of the Internet. His billion dollar startup, Automattic, is undoubtedly an Internet success. Come hear about his personal experiences and his next billion dollar idea.’

In addition, KKWT are proud sponsors of this amazing event. First off, we will be the sponsor for The Coffee Hut. Be sure to come by for your morning coffee or pick-me-up and say hello to our friendly staff. Second, the always fun Women in Domaining Dinner where we will be giving away a Series 2 Apple Watch to one lucky attendee. And finally, the reason NamesCon even exists, WaterNight, where we are a Co-Title Sponsor. WaterNight is a fundraising event for, which help provide clean water for life to people in rural areas of Uganda and Kenya. We are humbled to be a part of such a thoughtful and worthwhile cause.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


new dotblogger:

Michele Neylon is one of those people you’d love to have on your team. In this case, we all benefit from Neylon’s extensive web hosting and domain name experience as founder and managing director of Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd, an Irish domain registrar and hosting company. In addition to his work at Blacknight, he runs several websites and is an avid blogger, having received multiple blogging awards.

One the best-known people in the domain industry, Neylon has never shied away from advocating for a better internet. He has sat on the EUrid Registrar Advisory Board, was chair of the Registrar Stakeholder’s Group at ICANN (the governing body of the internet), and has recently been elected to ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization. It’s easy to see why we’re excited to have him on our team with

new dotblogger:

Created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, Stack Overflow is an online community of programmers dedicated to sharing knowledge. For new and experienced developers alike, the format of Stack Overflow allows community members to ask questions, and provide answers, in a straightforward, crowd-sourced method.

For the tech-curious, offers an insider look at the workings of the company. From how to recruit to tips on becoming a better developer, take a peek under the hood of Stack Overflow through their brand new .blog domain.

.blog Web Addresses Now Open for Everyone

We are excited to announce that .blog web addresses are now available! For individuals, businesses, or brands, this is the perfect time to get the name you want.

To purchase a .blog domain, just  visit our registrars page where you will find a list of retailers offering .blog addresses for sale. The .blog domains are now available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

We are enthusiastic about the thousands of .blog addresses reserved during our initial sales periods known as Sunrise and Landrush. Some early .blog adopters included musicians like Ms. Lauryn Hill (, JustBlaze (, tech industry insiders like Om Malik ( and companies like Stack Overflow ( We expect many more to come online in the coming weeks.

Why .blog?

– Stand out from the crowd. There are several benefits to securing your .blog site. One of the reasons we are enthusiastic about .blog is because it truly stands out among the crowd.  .blog is an unmistakable way to communicate what your website is about.

– More names that fit your needs.
.blog opens up millions of new names that would otherwise be unavailable on .com or .org. With a .blog domain, you now have the opportunity to get the name you really want, without compromises.

– Where originality wins.
We believe the .blog domain will enable people to revisit a tradition of sharing original thoughts. With a blog there are no parameters around the types of content you publish whether it is video, illustration, long-form articles or photography. It’s your space to create, publish and you are the owner.

.blog presents a unique opportunity for internet users, and we are excited to open up a new avenue where people can refresh and rebrand, or create something completely new under an address that makes perfect sense for them. Don’t hold off on claiming your .blog domain. Visit our registrars page here to get started.

new dotblogger:

Since 2000, has been offering affordable, quality services in the domain name, hosting, and marketing industry. From their home base in Vancouver, Washington, the team offers a wide-range of services, varying from web hosting to marketing services, SSL certificates to web design. The goal? Provide top-notch, yet accessible services to allow anyone to easily build their online web presence.

Their site,, is a natural extension of this mission. One of the first user of the .blog TLD,’s adoption of the new gTLD offerings serves as an example to their customers. Between how-to articles to make the most of your web presence and educational awareness, is a perfect resource and online community for all levels.