How Bluesky and .Blog Domains Can Shape Your Online Identity

Big things are happening in the digital world. Bluesky, a project by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that is on a mission to change how social media works. Instead of big companies controlling everything, Bluesky wants to give users more control. And your .blog domain can be part of the movement. 

What is Bluesky?

Right now, big companies control most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They make the rules, decide what content gets shown, and have a lot of power over how users interact online. 

But Bluesky wants to make social media more open and decentralized. Their goal is to create a new system where different social media platforms can work together in a fairer way. Imagine if, instead of just one company running the show, many platforms could communicate and share information so that no single company has all the control.

Ultimately, Bluesky wants social media users to have more say in what they see and share. They’re also exploring ways to use advanced technology to prevent harmful or misleading content from spreading to build a friendlier and fairer online space for everyone.

How’s it different from other social media sites?

Bluesky is not its own social media platform. It’s a separate project that aims to develop a new kind of technology or protocol for social media. This technology could be used by different existing social media platforms to help them work together in a more decentralized and open way.

In other words, Bluesky is like a set of rules and tools that social media platforms could use to connect with each other and give users more control over their content. So, while Bluesky itself is not a social media platform, it could potentially influence how various platforms operate in the future.

Using domain names as social handles

A key feature of Bluesky is providing the ability to use a custom domain as your social handle. 

Using your domain name as your social media handle can offer several benefits:

Personal Branding

Having a unique domain name as your social media handle allows you to create a consistent and memorable personal brand across different platforms. It’s like having your own online identity that’s easy for people to remember.


When you use your own domain name, you have more control over how your online presence looks and feels. You can customize your website to reflect your personality, showcase your work, and share your thoughts exactly how you want.


A personalized domain name can make you look more professional and credible when it comes to your online presence. It shows that you’ve invested time and effort into establishing your digital identity.

Ownership and Privacy

When you use social media platforms, they technically own your content. With your domain, you own your website and the content you share, giving you more control over your data and privacy.


Social media platforms come and go. Having your own domain name ensures that your online presence remains consistent even if platforms change or shut down.


Your own domain gives you the freedom to express yourself fully without restrictions, enabling you to share longer-form content, portfolios, blogs, and more. It also means that anyone who discovers you on social media will immediately know what website to find you at, and vice versa.

The benefit of using a .blog domain as your social handle

The benefit of a .blog domain as your social handle is that it immediately tells people that blogging is your thing. It also helps to boost your credibility as a professional blogger (even if it’s not your literal profession) as your .blog domain helps to align you with other well-known bloggers.

So instead of just choosing the title of your blog as your social media handle, stand out from the crowd and use your unique .blog domain name. It aligns your social channels with your blog, helping to boost traffic and discoverability.  

So as the digital landscape, and social media in particular, continues to grow and change, using a .blog domain keeps you ready for whatever comes next. Ready to take charge of your online identity? Embrace the future of social media with Bluesky and your .blog domain name.