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Travel blogger bulgarianonthego.blog is on a mission: not only to share the most beautiful attractions across the globe but also to fight against over-tourism and demonstrate the joys of ethical, off-the-beaten-track travel. After studying journalism and communication science in Vienna, Austria, writer Lyubomira launched her travel blog, which takes readers on an educational and inspirational tour of the world’s hidden treasures.

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about?

Lyubomira describes her blog as a “platform to share all of my practical tips and tricks with you, to tell you about places you might have never thought of visiting, and most importantly – inspire you to go out there and see the world, because nothing makes you richer than traveling.”

Her goal is to encourage would-be travelers to discover underrated destinations and hidden gems rather than following the crowd to all of the world’s most-visited tourist sites. Her blog is divided into three sections: 

  • Destinations, which rounds up her travels across three continents 
  • Useful Resources, which offers tips and tricks for travelers
  • Bulgaria Travel Community, a group that connects travelers to the best spots in Lyubomira’s home country

What makes it special?

By focusing on lesser-known travel destinations, bulgarianonthego.blog sheds light on hidden spots that many travelers miss out on. It also carves its own niche, setting itself apart from the other travel blogs that cover the same old ground— literally.

Her inspirational writing, aspirational photography, and oozing passion make the blog—and the destinations she writes about—a place you want to be. Always informative and not patronizing, her view of the world, travel, and discovering the lesser-known is perfectly conveyed through her posts on topics ranging from ski resorts to Christmas markets. And to accompany her prose, Lyubomira’s gorgeous photography would make even the most unadventurous reader want to pack their bags and book a flight.

All the content is clearly well-researched and thought-out, and all of the posts balance opinion with fact.

What can we learn?

In 2018, Lyubomira combined her passion and education by launching bulgarianonthego.blog. She was already traveling the world, one unblemished country at a time, so what better way to put her journalism studies into action than by writing about her adventures?

But it’s not just Lyubomira’s passion for travel that makes bulgarianonthego.blog one of the most inspiring travel blogs on the web. Her niche—promoting the benefits of exploring lesser-known, sustainable travel—gives her site an edge that appeals to an educated, engaged audience. 

From considering climate change to over-tourism and the devastation it can wreak on under-resourced communities, bulgarianonthego.blog offers the conscious traveler a wealth of alternative destinations and ideas.

 What to incorporate into your blog?

  • Discover your niche and run with it: When your audience understands what you’re about, they’ll come to you for the information they know they won’t find elsewhere.
  • Work with your passions: They say that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Lyubomira combines her love for travel and expertise in communications and proves that perfectly.
  • Don’t skimp on the details: The consistent aesthetic of Lyubormia’s aspirational imagery is as important and impactful to bulgarianonthego.blog as her writing.
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