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Blogging about sports can mean competing for readers against major media and news networks, but thesporting.blog has a clear strategy on differentiating from the competition, and it’s all centered around producing quality evergreen content that stimulates debate and discussion. From martial arts to cricket, thesporting.blog covers just about everything within the world of sports.

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about?

With an aim to be the internet’s biggest publisher of evergreen sports content, thesporting.blog produces informative recaps, reviews, and articles, lists, and interviews by and about people involved in sports.

The blog was started in 2017 as a place for founder Oli Harris to write about and interview professional and amateur sports people. In the years since it has flourished to become a platform for fans of all sports to explore and discover more about their favorite teams and hobbies.

Now, thesporting.blog is more than just a blog. It’s home to a community of avid sports fans and runs its own podcast. In fact, there’s just one thing thesporting.blog doesn’t do: publish sports news. 

You won’t find the score of last night’s game here. Oli’s vision for an entirely evergreen sports website, where audiences can refer to any article at any time and find relevant information, need not compete with the hundreds (if not thousands) of sports news and commentary websites out there. They’ve carved their own timeless niche, and it’s working for them.

What makes it special?

Thesporting.blog is entirely inclusive. Fans of NFL, rugby, and kabaddi will all find sources of information, interviews, and expert insights into their favorite games. Having developed a community of passionate writers with one thing in common—a love of sports—thesporting.blog is able to offer unbiased information about even the most niche sports from across the globe. 

This sets it apart from other dedicated channels that are focused on just one sport or one team, and it offers new audiences a chance to explore games, teams, and other aspects of sports that they might not otherwise have known about.

 What to incorporate into your blog?

– When choosing a domain name for your blog, think about how you can use both sides of the dot. Thesporting.blog is easy to remember because it’s a phrase that incorporates the Top Level Domain, and tells us exactly what kind of website to expect.

– Creating evergreen content is a great way to keep your articles relevant for longer and makes room for annual updates, which helps boost your SEO.