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Foodies everywhere will be inspired by this week’s featured dotblogger, foodandmood.blog. You  may have heard before that “a picture paints a thousand words,” and this blogger does a breathtaking job of communicating her love of recipes and food through both her words and her photography.

Meet foodandmood.blog

The Food and Mood blog is not meant to be a resource for following a simple recipe, and it’s not written for a person who just wants to rush through cooking a meal. This is a blog for people who love the experience of preparing meals and enjoy it from start to finish.

Mateja Zvirotić Andrijanić is the woman behind the blog. She describes herself as “the one to whom a meal is much more than a mere human need.” She doesn’t just eat because she has to. She has a real passion and love for the entire grain-to-plate process.

This blog is written by and for the person who enjoys picking fruit, going to the market, and then figuring out how to make the most of what they have. It combines the beauty of nature with creating delicious, mouth-watering recipes.

Why foodandmood.blog stands out

Aside from being a blogger, Mateja is also a food photographer. She includes stunning photographs of the ingredients and completed dishes that she creates. Doing so allows her to showcase her photography skills and connect with potential clients. While she doesn’t sell her services directly on foodandmood.blog, she refers interested readers to her photography portfolio.

On the blog, her images help tell the story of the recipes she creates. She also does an incredible job of providing detailed descriptions of the process as opposed to the simple step-by-step directions you may find on other food blogs. You can tell that Mateja knows her audience and speaks directly to them. 

She’s all about taking her time when putting together a recipe. Her recipes aren’t about finding shortcuts but about enjoying the process as well as the final product.

Another thing that helps the Food and Mood blog stand out is that she publishes some posts in both English and Croatian. This is a great example of an easy way to expand your audience to other countries and languages. Foodies are found in all countries around the world, and Mateja is able to connect more widely by publishing her blog in English as well as her native language.

How bloggers can reach others

Mateja is active and creative in the way she uses her blog to reach and collaborate with others. She includes beautiful, high-quality images of her dishes to showcase her photography, but she doesn’t leave connecting with others to chance.

On the About page, Mateja directly shares the ways through which people can work with her. She lists several options and includes an opening for people to share new ideas for collaboration as well.

Outside of her blog, Mateja uses social media. She actively shares her blog content on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog posts. These platforms also allow her to showcase her food photography, and catch her audience’s attention of as they scroll through their feed.

As foodandmood.blog shows, blogs can be an effective way to connect people across the world. They can facilitate easy communication in multiple languages. Reaching a global audience is just one of the beautiful things about blogging.

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