.blog Domains: Let the Landrush Begin

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Landrush Phase for purchasing .blog web addresses.

This phase marks the first time non-trademark owners can apply for early access to a .blog domain name. That means anyone can now apply to claim a name.

To get started, visit one of the many registrars now participating in .blog Landrush.

Landrush lasts for only 7 days — .blog addresses open up to everyone at regular prices starting November 21 — so demand can be high and therefore you may pay a little more to be first in line for the name you want.

If more than one brand or person wants the same .blog domain, then the registration will go to auction.

The Landrush Period will end on November 9 at 14:59 UTC. After that deadline, here’s what you can expect to happen:

– November 10: Any domains for which there was only one application will be registered. All other domains with multiple applicants will then go to auction. These applicants are sent to a web marketplace, and our auction provider, called Sedo. Sedo will then set up the auctions and notify the bidders via email.

– November 11: Sedo will send out the actual schedule for the auctions to the bidders.

– November 14-17: Sedo carries out the auctions and collects any auction-related proceeds.

– November 18: Sedo exports the winning Application IDs to Nominet (our back-end infrastructure provider) where they are then finalized. Any applications where payment has not been made will remain pending to be processed.

– November 21: Nominet registers the winning applications and charges normal fees against registrar’s accounts. Nominet systems issue poll notifications to successful and unsuccessful registrars.

Any outstanding applications not completed by November 21 will be registered once approved.

Because the .blog space at the moment is virtually untouched, now is your chance to get a more memorable domain than what is probably available to you on a .com or .net. Just visit our registrars page to get started.

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