.blog Web Addresses Now Open for Everyone

We are excited to announce that .blog web addresses are now available! For individuals, businesses, or brands, this is the perfect time to get the name you want.

To purchase a .blog domain, just  visit our registrars page where you will find a list of retailers offering .blog addresses for sale. The .blog domains are now available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

We are enthusiastic about the thousands of .blog addresses reserved during our initial sales periods known as Sunrise and Landrush. Some early .blog adopters included musicians like Ms. Lauryn Hill (MsLaurynHill.blog), JustBlaze (JustBlaze.blog), tech industry insiders like Om Malik (Om.blog) and companies like Stack Overflow (stackoverflow.blog). We expect many more to come online in the coming weeks.

Why .blog?

– Stand out from the crowd. There are several benefits to securing your .blog site. One of the reasons we are enthusiastic about .blog is because it truly stands out among the crowd.  .blog is an unmistakable way to communicate what your website is about.

– More names that fit your needs.
.blog opens up millions of new names that would otherwise be unavailable on .com or .org. With a .blog domain, you now have the opportunity to get the name you really want, without compromises.

– Where originality wins.
We believe the .blog domain will enable people to revisit a tradition of sharing original thoughts. With a blog there are no parameters around the types of content you publish whether it is video, illustration, long-form articles or photography. It’s your space to create, publish and you are the owner.

.blog presents a unique opportunity for internet users, and we are excited to open up a new avenue where people can refresh and rebrand, or create something completely new under an address that makes perfect sense for them. Don’t hold off on claiming your .blog domain. Visit our registrars page here to get started.