Announcing .blog Marketing Programs for 2017

Since the beginning, our approach at Knock Knock WHOIS There has been slow and steady wins the race. We strongly believe in working towards long-term, data-informed objectives rather than prioritizing short-term goals. With this in mind, we’ve been diligently working on marketing opportunities for our registrars in 2017 and we’re pleased to announce that they are now available to our channel and will run from June 1st to December 31st, 2017.

We know that choosing not to offer marketing programs from the beginning was a unique path and we decided upon it carefully. Prior to offering any discount or rebate program, we wanted to better understand .blog’s performance on its own. Now that we have this baseline information, with roughly 300 new .blog domains being registered every day and at a usage rate of above 51%1, we’re ready to take the next step to push those numbers even higher.

Creating a marketing option that benefits all registrars and end users equally is a challenge, particularly when prioritizing flexibility and freedom for how those programs are implemented. We’ve spent a long time developing these programs and believe that there is an option to fit the needs of all types of registrars.

At KKWT we’re looking forward to seeing the impact of these new programs, both within the .blog community of registrars and users, and in the domain name space as a whole. As registries and registrars work to make new gTLDs more accessible, we help to promote the uptake and usage of new, alternative options, giving end users the power to choose the option that’s best for them.

1Pandalytics: Third-party hosting industry data provider.