.blog Turns 4!

2020 may not have given us many reasons to celebrate, but today we have a great reason to. And we’d love for you to join in!

 .blog is now 4 years old!!! And like most 4-year olds, we are constantly learning and growing through observation and trial-and-error as we prepare for what’s ahead. We aren’t just set in our ways, doing what we do. We remain curious about the new TLD market and the ever-changing domain landscape.

And though we are proud to say we can tie our own shoes, we have goals that we’re working towards. Our goals are a little more lofty in that we strive to give every blogger big or small, individual or corporate, the opportunity to utilize .blog. Because you know what else 4 year olds are great at? Telling stories.

If you’ve ever hung out with a 4-year old before, you know exactly what we’re talking about. They want your undivided attention so they can report on the big things they’re learning and share all the new knowledge that they’ve gained. 

.blog helps provide bloggers the opportunity to share their stories and knowledge with the world. 

This year, more than any other in our recent history, the world has been reminded of the importance of connection. And that’s what blogs are all about—helping people share, connection and build community. We’re thankful for the opportunities that we’ve had throughout the past four years to help individuals and businesses do just that.

We look forward to what’s ahead and thank you for your support in helping us on our mission to offer .blog to the world.