The Diversity of .blog Domains

Blog. It’s such a simple word and yet it can represent so many different things. Blogs came onto the scene originally as somewhat of an online journal, and while they can still be used for that purpose, they’ve also exploded into something so much more. 

Blogs are a way to share life, build community, or grow a business. For plenty of bloggers, their blog is their business. And not only can blogs be used for personal or business purposes, they can also be written on any topic under the sun (or all around the sun if you have an astrology blog). That’s the beauty of blogging—it can be whatever you want it to be.

The .blog TLD is a great way for bloggers to showcase their work and we have bloggers in categories across the board. Some are small lifestyle blogs that provide a way for the blogger to share thoughts on life and others are providing a platform for growing business to connect with and sell to their target market. 

We want to take a moment to highlight some of the great work done by .blog bloggers. 

Food blogs

  • is a blog designed for wine lovers by wine lovers in northern California. It includes recommendations for wine tasting locations, reviews and wine news. 
  • is a growing blog with a 70k+ social following. The blog is focused on Thermomix baking. They share tips, recipes, and even offer online courses.
  • is a Croation blog for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, exploring new palettes with good stories. The blogger has a love for photography as well which shows through her wonderful food images.  

Health/Nutrition blogs

  • is a blog with a following of almost 158k. The blog covers healthy recipes, wellness tips, and information on health coaching. 
  • has a following of around 12k and is specifically geared towards people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It shares real information about life with a lifelong condition to educate, spread awareness, and provide hope.
  • is a German blog run by a nutritionist sharing a 7-step plan for living a healthy life. She shares recipes along with tips on nutrition and healthy living. 
  • is a business blog run by a personal trainer that works to help people live a healthy life geared towards longevity.

Lifestyle blogs

  • works to empower and motivate readers by creating content that matters. The blog covers a range of topics including health, wellness, neuroscience, relationships, and dating advice from the angle of those moments when you think “maybe it’s just me”. 
  • is written by a local New England TV personality and 5th generation chicken famer. It has a large following of well over 500k The blog covers everything from raising chickens and growing gardens to delicious recipes.
  • is the place where Yoast CEO, Marieke van de Rakt, writes about her life as an entrepreneur. It’s a great example of the simplicity of a blog for sharing thoughts. 

Sports blogs

  • has a following of over 40k and is a blog focused solely on sports. It highlights sports legends including individuals, teams, and the greatest moments in sports history. It also serves as a place to highlight the LOS podcast.
  • covers all things regarding sports law. It has grown to have a global reach while addressing important legal issues in sports throughout the world. 

Fashion blog

  • is a blog that has been featured on a number of news outlets and business websites. It covers where fashion meets retail in the ever-changing digital-era with news, insights, and conversations with leading fashion technology entrepreneurs. 

Music blogs

  • is the blogging site of the popular iHeartRadio. It covers a range of music and artist news with nearly 2M followers. 
  • is run by a music journalist who loves to follow a good story. She dives past the Top 40 and connects with artists across all genres. 
  • is a UK based music review blog with a 5k+ following. It covers as much music as possible across the music spectrum. 

Travel blogs

  • is a travel blog run by a full time traveler. She focuses on a slower paced, more meaningful style of travel and has covered destinations around the world.
  • is a small blog sharing the experiences of a family of 5 that moved from Canada to Chile. It covers some logistics along with coverage of destinations they’re visiting and the things they do.
  • has a growing 1k+ following. It’s the blog for Funky Corp which is a Tokyo based marketing agency. It showcases the more personal side behind the business. 

Business/Tech blogs

  • is a growing blog focusing on the startup scene in NYC. Right now the blog is sharing information collected from the entrepreneurs of startups with the promise of it growing into onsite visits once Covid restrictions are lifted.  
  • is a blog that combines the tech world with the creative world. It is written by a technology software consultant with a flair for writing.
  • is a business blog focused on outdoor movies and drive-ins. They highlight their products along with cool locations that they’ve been setup in.
  • is a blog run by an Australian payment provider. Their blog is called the A-List and shares shopping, fashion, travel, and beauty posts.
  • is used as an online magazine for University of St. Gallien’s Executive School. They share insights they’ve gained from their research.
  • is a blog run by an experienced leader who shares his first-hand experience as a speaker. The blog shares leadership and business tips.

Other categories

  • is the blog for the London Natural History Museum. It shares behind the scenes information and more details on topics related to the museum and has a following over 500M. 
  • is an Austrian blog focused on all things real estate. It’s full of resources for tenants and homeowners. 

As you can see, there is no limit to the audience or niche that a .blog domain can be successful in. We’re proud of our .blog bloggers and are excited to start a new initiative to showcase their work in 2021. Keep your eyes out because starting next year, we’ll be showcasing some amazing bloggers on in more detail.