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If you think of incredible storytelling and sharing experiences when you think of blogs, then you’re going to love the featured blog we have for you today. We’d like to introduce you to Elisha and her blog goingsomewhere.blog.

Meet Elisha from Going Somewhere

Elisha is a native Australian who fell in love with the idea of traveling the world at a young age. At 21 years old she set out on an adventure that lasted over a year. And while she did much of what she set out to do, instead of crossing the experiences off her list, it ignited a passion to continue to travel.

Elisha is now a professional freelance travel blogger and photographer.

Along with travel tips, her blog offers stories that help to inform readers about cultures and people from many different countries. And because she prefers to travel off the beaten path, and without a structured plan, she’s able to cover topics and experiences that many haven’t had while traveling.

Some of her experiences include:

  • Horseback riding through the Columbian jungle
  • Attending a protest in Palestine
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro
  • Crossing the Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan border
  • Hiking across the desert in Australia
  • Trekking through the Himalayas

Along with traveler tips in general, she’s also able to use her unique perspective to share tips for female solo travelers. For example, she shares tips on acceptable clothing for women when traveling through Iran.

Her blog posts are full of photographs of the beautiful destination landscapes and locals that help bring her stories to life. Even her post sharing the challenges of being a travel writer during the 2020 pandemic does a wonderful job of marrying written narrative with storytelling photography.

How goingsomewhere.blog is being used

Not only is Elisha sharing her own stories and memories on the blog, she’s also sharing valuable information for other travelers.

There are many posts sharing travel tips from her first-hand experience. She has categories on the blog for things like:

  • Country Guides
  • Trek Reports
  • Border Crossings
  • Hiking Tips 
  • Responsible Travel

You can get basic tips for traveling along with specific tips for certain destinations. She enjoys interacting with locals and learning about their culture. She stays in more authentic settings like hostels instead of hotels. This style of travel allows her to provide very practical tips for other travelers. 

Elisha also showcases her work as a paid travel writer on the blog. This allows potential clients to see the type of work she’s done for others along with her own blog posts. They can also reach out to her through her contact page if they’re interested in working with her. It’s a great example of how other writers can use a blog to help draw in potential clients.

The diversity of bloggers

We love how the Going Somewhere blog showcases that blogs are for everyone! They are for people from all demographics and can reach people around the world. Blogs are able to build community with people across all borders who have a shared interest. They unite people together which is something the world needs more of.

Elisha shares personal experiences with cultures and destinations many know little about. Some are areas where many are afraid to travel. This helps to spread awareness for people around the world.

Are you looking to plan your next adventure? Or find a travel writer to write for your own blog? Or maybe you want to read about something outside of your everyday life. We encourage you to check out Elisha’s blog.

Blogs are a tool that anyone can use to get their message out in the world. Whether you want to share about travel like Elisha, or you have a different story to tell, a blog is a great way to do that. As we like to say, a blog is for all the ways you share. 

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