.blog Featured Site: leica-camera.blog

This week we’re featuring a blog you’re going to want to see. It’s the leica-camera.blog. The blog produced by Leica, the camera manufacturer beloved by photographers everywhere, is full of stunning images, and showcases photography using Leica cameras. Just like you would imagine, the blog is a treasure trove of brilliant photography.

A little about Leica Camera

Leica Camera is a German company known for reliable high-end cameras. One of the first to use 35mm film, Leica has been making cameras since 1925.

How Leica uses the blog

Leica-camera.blog is a gallery of artists’ work using Leica cameras and products. Many of the posts are accompanied by interviews and stories by the photographer.

For businesses, the Leica blog is a creative example of how you can “sell” your product without really “selling” it. The blog posts are not focused on why you should buy their cameras. Instead, they show the quality that the cameras produce. It’s a creative way to encourage and inspire photographers to want to buy their products.

The blog is a place where fans of Leica can come to see how the cameras are being used. They can visually see the results being achieved. Visitors can browse work created with different camera models and use the navigation menu to explore the blog by camera model or by subject.

What we love about the blog

We love the way the blog highlights photographers and their work. This blog is not about Leica Camera trying to tell the story of their company or why their products are great. That story is being quietly weaved throughout the beautiful work on display.

Keeping with the theme of blogs and sharing, the Leica-camera.blog is a resource for photographers. They share tips and inspiration. As photographers browse the images they are shown what is possible while also seeing through the eyes of a fellow photographer. Even if you’re not interested in taking photos, you can find inspiration in the stories that are shared.

Tell a story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we love how leica-camera.blog shows this to be true. The images throughout the blog are stunning. But we also love that there is more to discover than just the images. The blog posts build out the story around the images and provide details that other photographers are interested in learning.