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At their core, blogs connect people. They create a place where like-minded people can communicate around shared interests. Our next featured dotblogger draws on her vast academic experience to help arm Research Higher Degree students with tools for success through researchinsiders.blog.

Who is the blogger?

The Research Degree Insiders blog is written by Dr. Katherine Firth, an award-winning and innovative researcher, educator, and author with over 15 years experience of working with emerging researchers around the world. She is currently the Academic Coordinator at International House, the University of Melbourne, where she manages the academic program including academic advising, teaching, the library, and graduate student academic development.

She also teaches writing workshops as a consultant and has written several books on the academic writing process. 

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

Research Degree Insiders is written to provide an inside look into how others have succeeded at earning their research higher degrees. The blog is geared toward anyone pursuing a research-based higher degree, such as a Ph.D., or wanting to build or improve on their academic writing skills.

Dr. Firth has gained an incredible amount of knowledge throughout her studies and career in the world of academia and research. She has gathered together the resources, tools, tips, and tricks she has learned along the way to share on the blog.

She wants to help people thrive in the academic world so they will be more productive in their research. From her own experience, she understands first-hand how hard and overwhelming the process can be when you’re just getting started.

How researchinsiders.blog succeeds with a very specific niche

Blogging about a specific niche is a common topic discussed among bloggers as an effective strategy for growing an audience. Targeting a particular segment of the audience makes it easy for readers to identify if the blog is for them and also helps build a community of like-minded individuals. But, choosing a specific niche for a blog does not mean only focusing on one topic. There can be many topics that fall within each niche. 

Research Degree Insiders does well at covering multiple topics while staying within the niche of individuals interested in academic writing and research degrees. One of the reasons the blog is successful is that Dr. Firth covers a broad range of topics that are relevant to her audience. Her content is not solely devoted to research, but also covers academic writing, editing, time management, and similar areas of interest.

In addition, because Dr. Firth is writing from her own experience; she’s able to connect on a more personal level with the audience. She understands the challenges they face and the emotions they are feeling as they work toward their higher degree. 

What can you learn from researchinsiders.blog?

If you’re pursuing a research-based higher degree, you can learn valuable tips to help you throughout the process. You can also find support and encouragement for your academic journey. 

If you’re interested in starting a blog, researchinsiders.blog offers a good example of how you can connect with a niche audience of your own. What are you interested in blogging about? Grab your .blog domain today because your readers are waiting!