.blog Featured Site: thefeed.blog

There are many ways a blog can be utilized by companies with existing websites. thefeed.blog is a perfect example. The blog works seamlessly with the Tyson Foods website, allowing clients and consumers to easily navigate between the two sites.

Who is the blogger?

thefeed.blog is run by Tyson Foods. You probably recognize the name because they are the company behind popular brands like Tyson, JimmyDean, BallPark, SaraLee, Nature Raised Farms, Raised & Rooted, and more.

The blog posts are written by a variety of Tyson Foods staff such as Registered Dietician Nutritionists, the President & CEO, Chief Medical Officer, VP of Live Operations, and Director of Marketing, among others. The diversity of individuals behind the blog helps the company cover a wide range of topics while sharing the expertise present in each of their teams.

Who is the blog for and what’s it about? 

Tyson Foods uses its blog to share general company information, including new product information, sustainability efforts, animal welfare, and more. The blog is a communication tool to reach and engage with several different audience segments including job candidates, employees, consumers, and retailers. 

Content on the blog aimed at current employees or those interested in working for the company includes team member profiles along with employee programs. They also highlight farmers who work with their different brands.

thefeed.blog also covers topics of interest to consumers. This can include information to help people understand what to look for when shopping or solutions to common food challenges like how to plan meals. A few examples can be found in posts like Making Sense of Labels at the Meat Case and Get Back to School With Easy Meal Planning.

Tyson Foods also creates and shares messages that are relevant to their retailers and potential retailers. This includes things like Leading the Future of Plant Protein and Tyson Foods Enters Kids’ Snack Food Category with Hillshire Farm SNACKED!.

What makes it special?

Tyson Foods effectively uses thefeed.blog to personalize its brand and engage with a number of different audiences. They share lots of content related to awareness days and topics that will interest consumers. This allows people to connect with the brand, which can help them feel more reassured about choosing to buy Tyson Foods’ products to feed their families.

They also use the blog to create a positive image of the company and the people who make up their teams. They show a more personal side of the brand and clearly communicate an appreciation for their teams and the work they do. In addition, they highlight the many ways their company and employees are volunteering and making a positive impact in the world.

Allowing employees at different levels within the company to write for the blog helps show their authority in the marketplace and builds trust with potential retailers and consumers. The blog creates a “behind the scenes” feel and allows people to make a more personal connection with the brand. 

thefeed.blog creates an opportunity for Tyson Foods to show people the image and values of the company, without directly selling to them. 

What can we learn?

A .blog extension is effective for adding digital real estate to your existing brand. The design of tysonfoods.com and thefeed.blog is identical. Site visitors may not even realize that they’re moving back and forth between two different domains as they browse the blog posts and look for additional information on the company.

This is a great example of how a .blog domain can work seamlessly with your existing digital marketing efforts to grow your brand and company.