.blog Featured Site: thehome.blog

If you want a modern and organized space, but feel overwhelmed on how to get there, thehome.blog might be the answer. This week we feature an interior design blog that teaches readers how to organize and design personal spaces to create spaces where they can thrive.

Who is the blogger?

Thehome.blog was founded by home organization enthusiast Adam Jernigan. He believes that happiness starts at home and is passionate about helping others enjoy their home, including apartments or other small spaces. 

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?  

The blog is a go-to for home organization tips, especially for those looking to rent an apartment, organize their home, style their rooms, and more. Adam shares the best tips to help people turn their space into a home that makes them proud. 

The blog is full of advice: moving and decluttering tips, modern home design and home organization advice, as well as more general interior design. In addition, there are tips for first-timers and advice for those renting apartments. As well as traditional home interior tips, the blog also shares advice on organizing and decorating your home office.

It is worth noting that thehome.blog takes advantage of affiliate marketing, one of the sources of passive income available to bloggers. The blog includes affiliate marketing links for many of the products recommended on their website and mentioned in their blog posts. 

What makes it special?

Interior design and home organization is a niche with many different categories. Thehome.blog has found a way to narrow the niche even further by focusing mainly on those with smaller spaces and those who are renting. This helps make it easier for readers to identify the relevance of the blog, since all of the content is focused on the same area.

Focusing on a narrow niche like this is also an effective way to keep readers engaged in the blog for longer. If they’re interested in one blog post, they’re likely to be interested in others, since they are similarly focused. However, where thehome.blog really succeeds is in continuing to cover several different topics while sticking within that narrower niche.

This blog is also special because it’s a great example of someone starting a blog from their passion. This blogger started out by creating content around a topic he was interested in and then sharing helpful information that attracted those interested in that same topic. This broad audience includes people in desperate need of help organizing their space along with those who share the passion and hobby of organization and interior design. 

What can we learn?

Thehome.blog shows us a number of key concepts in blogging. The first is how to turn a passion into a blog. Adam created content he was interested in, related to a passion he had, and it allowed other people to find and connect with him. The global reach of the blogosphere makes connecting with others who have shared passion easier. It gives you a platform at your fingertips to share your experience and expertise. 

In addition, the blog shows us how to diversify within a niche. There are many topics similar to interior design where you can further narrow the niche. This can help you focus on a specific area, making it easier for your target audience to find you and engage in your blog. 

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