.blog Featured Site: berenstainbears.blog

March is National Reading Month in schools across the United States. To celebrate, we chose a dotblogger who is behind some of children’s favorite books, berenstainbears.blog.

Who is the blogger?

The first Berenstain Bear book was published in 1962 by Stan and Jan Berenstain. The series has remained popular with children and parents ever since and grew into a franchise including books, television series, software and video games, and even a stage show.

The Berenstain couple’s son, Mike Berenstain, took over the franchise when Stan and Jan passed away and continued publishing new books. Berenstainbears.blog is written on behalf of the franchise.

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about? 

The Berenstain Bear blog is geared toward parents and children that are fans of the books. The posts highlight books in the series that match upcoming holidays. In addition, it shares craft ideas, recipes, and other fun and creative activities for children and families related to the books.

What makes it special?

The blog shares personal stories and insights into the Berenstain family. These posts allow readers to connect with the family while seeing that many of the Berenstain Bear family adventures are connected to the authors’ personal stories and memories.

There is a nostalgic feel to the website for parents who also grew up enjoying the Berenstain Bear books. It also includes trivia and stories behind the creation of the books. Overall, the blog is a fun resource for both parents and children that allows them to take the books a step further with activities readers can do on their own.

What can we learn?

Berenstainbears.blog is as timeless as the books. The themes and topics discussed in the books and highlighted on the blog are ones people can relate to and holidays celebrated each year. Creating evergreen content like this can help a blog to remain relevant to readers for years to come.

This blog is an excellent example of how to further connect with and provide helpful resources for your audience. If you’re looking for fun ideas to do as a family or want to relive some of your favorite childhood stories, this blog has it all.