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This week we take a look at fastmail.blog. This is a company that has turned its blog into a vast knowledge base supporting its email product, while still connecting with readers on a personal level, and establishing the brand as an expert voice in email security.

Who is the Blogger?

Fastmail is a privacy-friendly email hosting provider. Their slogan, “email on your side,” highlights the driving mission of their business and their goal of bringing a human touch back to email.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Fastmail.blog aims to educate consumers about the benefits of their service and the importance of email privacy. Their posts demonstrate how Fastmail is different from other email providers while providing readers with actionable tips to operate better online both personally and professionally. In addition to promoting their own business, they use their blog to share tools for living and working in the digital age.

What Makes It Special?

By highlighting the importance of privacy and internet security, fastmail.blog persuades potential clients that their product is valuable even when the posts aren’t directly discussing their service.

The blog is a valuable resource for customers and includes posts that spotlight new features and teach consumers how to better use their products. Fastmail.blog introduces employees in “Meet Our Team” posts, giving a personal quality and supporting the company values of privacy, security, and a “human touch”.

What Can We Learn?

Having a blog can have lots of benefits for businesses. Each post serves as a new page, improving search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic. The blog is a rich resource of knowledge on Fastmail products and services. By connecting to their audience through posts that provide tips on productivity and internet security, they build trust in their company as a credible and valuable source of information. Building this foundation paves the way for new customers and helps retain their current customers, all while supporting their mission and reinforcing their brand.

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