.blog Featured Site: thinkinginenglish.blog

This week we introduce Thinking in English, a podcast for English learners. We delve into how its creators use thinkinginenglish.blog to enhance and support their podcast, offer listeners additional resources to help them achieve their goals, and to act as a portal for their English conversation classes. The team behind the blog promotes the importance of thinking in a language you’re learning as a key part of developing fluency and delivers content and materials to help people achieve this goal.

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about?

Founder Tom Wilkinson came up with Thinking in English in response to the frequent complaints of students about a lack of suitable and accessible resources for advancing their English. Today the blog features three qualified teachers with experience working with both adults and children learning English as a second language. 

Thinkinginenglish.blog offers additional resources for listeners of the podcast, including podcast transcripts, vocabulary guides, reading comprehension practice, and conversation classes.

By publishing content around talking points like politics, the news, and philosophy, thinkinginenglish.blog helps English language learners take in and consider information in a second language. This helps them get used to processing their new language and also encourages them to engage in topical discussions.

What makes it special?

Thinkinginenglish.blog brings together resources across multiple mediums to support their listeners’ language learning goals.. Creating accessible short-form content for students learning a new language makes learning more fun and achievable while helping them fit lessons into their everyday lives.

The creators had existing expertise and found a way to transfer it into a blog and podcast that reaches beyond their classrooms.. By offering both written and audio content to their audience, they increase not only the ways in which their students can learn but also how new audiences can find their content. 

From pronunciation guides to discussing sports and considering wider societal issues, the range of topics available to English students on thinkinginenglish.blog helps users progress at their own rate, dip their toes into new topics, and increase their understanding of the basics—all of which contribute to becoming fluent in a new language.

 What to incorporate into your blog?

– Think about the different mediums and platforms where you publish. How can they interplay and work together to create an even better experience for your readers? Thinkinginenglish.blog publishes both written and audio content to help reach a wider audience and present a broader offering to their students.

– Publish podcast transcripts on your blog. This offers greater accessibility and has potential SEO benefits as search engines index text better than audio.

– Offer paid users premium content or courses such as the conversation courses on offer at thinkinginenglish.blog.