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June Hunter is an English photographer and artist living in Vancouver. She turned her childhood passion for photography into a career as an artist, with a specific interest in urban environments, crows, and other birds. Her work is featured and documented on her blog, urbannature.blog.

What’s this blog about?

As a professional artist, June uses her blog both to promote her work, but it also introduces her work in more depth. Her commentary gives readers a glimpse into the history of June’s passion for birds. It contextualizes the images she shares and adds extra information about the birds, the areas they live in, and even their characteristics that June has picked up on through years of documenting their lives.

What makes it special?

June’s blog reminds us that joy and beauty can be found anywhere—including urban environments. Each of her blog posts focus on a different topic, showcasing her particular interest in crows but also in starlings, hummingbirds, and other species. By exploring urban areas in Canada, she highlights how easily nature can be found and enjoyed, not just in wild or rural places.

Highlighting how to make more from the mundane: June finds delight in everyday things that she captures within a few streets of her home in urban Vancouver. It encourages us to find beauty in our cities and inspires us to pay closer attention to the everyday things we so easily overlook.

 Ideas for inspiration

  • Instagram galleries are a great tool for photography blogs. Having an Instagram gallery in the menu of her blog makes it easy for fans of June’s work to browse a more curated selection of her art.  
  • If you are selling online, use your blog to promote your products. Urbannature.blog offers product suggestions in the footer at the end of each blog post.