.blog Featured Site: screenhub.blog

Screenhub.blog brings together a community of bloggers who are passionate experts in the world of TV, movies, and gaming. By consistently putting out new content, including reviews and recaps, Screenhub attracts readers looking for news and information on “all things from the screen.”.

What’s this blog about?

Launched in 2018, ScreenHub publishes the latest news, theories, and reviews on TV shows, movies, and video games. Its five authors focus on new releases from varied genres, but almost always cover Hollywood blockbusters like The Mandalorian, The Last Of Us, and The Lord of the Rings. 

Screenhub.blog diversifies content with both ‘spoiler review’ recaps of movies and episodes and spoiler-free reviews for those who haven’t watched yet.

What makes it special?

The authors at ScreenHub clearly know their stuff. Each blogger shares in-depth knowledge on specific topics and series, bringing in relevant references and trivia that span eras and genres of entertainment. Screenhub.blog also hosts a podcast that focuses mostly on movies. The podcast is a great way to bring these topics to life and turn them into conversations with other passionate experts. It also allows their readers to take a deeper dive into the subject and engage with Screenhub via a different medium.

 Ideas for inspiration

  • Use tags to help readers find content that matches their interests. Screenhub.blog uses a wide range of tags such as #horror #marvel #netflix to categorize content by genre, platform and more.
  • Diversify your content! Screenhub.blog uses different content formats; spoiler reviews, non-spoiler reviews, etc. and different mediums; both podcasts and blog posts.