Registrar Premium Domain Name Factsheet

Three Character Premium Name Launch Schedule

Registry website:
Registrar support hours: 24/7
Registrar support email:
Registrar support phone: +44 (0)20 33 88 0600
CentralNic: Support Page

DateOctober 7th, 2020
Time15.00 UTC

Premium Domain Name Pricing

6 Tiers$200 – $100,000
RenewalsPremium Priced Renewals
Restore fee$40 USD


KKWT uses CentralNic’s registry backend, billing and invoicing platform . Please refer to CentralNic for more information regarding their billing and available payment options.

Download the Premium names list and price tiers

Technical Specs

Eligibility Restrictionsnone
IDN supportnone at launch
Whois proxy/privacyallowed

Domain lifecycle:

Registration1-10 years
Add grace5 days
Auto renew grace period45 days
Redemption grace period30 days
Pending delete5 days