The Domain Industry Adopts .blog

Prior to the .blog launch on August 18th for trademark holders we had many groups and individuals contact us regarding participation into our exclusive founder’s program. This program is a unique opportunity to be one of the first in the world to use a .blog domain.


A few weeks ago we announced, and during launch week. Blacknight was our first “Domain and Hosting” founder, and we are now pleased to announce these additional new domain industry founders leading the way with their very own .blog: Bluehost is a US based web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the largest web hosting brands in the marketplace, powering millions of websites. HostPapa is a Canadian based hosting company with a global presence. They provide fully-featured hosting packages with top customer service, powered by green renewable energy. The registry operator of .uk, .wales and .cymru, and the backend operators for 28 new TLDs from Minds and Machines as well as .blog. A fellow registry (and close friends) responsible for one of the most successful new TLDs to date, .club.

ICANN activated over 1000 TLDs since January 2014, but the ability to capture the industry’s attention has eluded many new registries. Since blogging is a universal activity performed by individuals to large corporations, the interest in .blog has been high, particularly from the domain industry itself. Our ability to work with such renowned industry notables from across the globe demonstrates the value of using a .blog domain and significantly strengthens the power of new TLDs on the internet.

More founders to come. Stay tuned.

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