Big Business .bloggers: Amazon Fire TV and The Movie Channel

Blogs no longer apply only to individual content creators, hobbyists, and small businesses. Instead, bloggers can count big businesses, such as Apple and Amazon, among them.

Corporate blogs are an effective way to reach customers and share the company’s personality. With a .blog domain, visitors immediately recognize that they’re in for more than just a traditional website. An active blog demonstrates that you’re actively reaching out and connecting with your customers, both potential and existing ones.

Still don’t believe it? According to the marketing website, brands that have a blog have 55% more site visitors than those who don’t. Through regular, personable updates, you give customers a reason to come back — and to make a purchase.

We pulled two of our favorite examples of how businesses blog to help promote their products and communicate new features and content to their clients.

Amazon Fire TV’s Tips & Tricks category includes helpful, easy-to-find information for Fire TV owners.

With tens of thousands of channels, movies, and TV shows to stream, Amazon Fire TV bridges the gap between entertainment and technology. With voice control via the Alexa Voice Remote and integration with a wide variety of apps and services, Amazon Fire TV transforms your TV into a smart entertainment system.

At first sight, offers a clean, minimalist layout for visitors. Why is this important? Whenever the goal is to share information, the barrier to access should be as low as possible. Clean, easy-to-read layouts help visitors to understand and apply product advice, tips, and tricks.

The Amazon team curates content so that visitors can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for without too much clutter. At the top of the page, they’ve neatly laid out their different categories of posts: “Product News,” “What to Watch,” “Tips & Tricks,” and “Alexa.” This means that for visitors who are simply interested in new movies now available, they know exactly where to go.

Amazon Fire TV’s blog offers suggested posts, estimated read time, and the ability to subscribe to blog updates and social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, making people more likely to come back as they publish new and interesting content on a consistent basis. Timely “how-to” articles, such as Amazon Fire TV’s instructions on how to watch March Madness, allows them to anticipate customer needs and answer their questions before they ask. Now that’s great customer service!

The “Schedule” link offers visitors a quick and easy way to find their favorite movies and shows.

The Movie Channel is a great example of how you can use a .blog domain even if you’re not a traditional blog. Geared toward subscribers of The Movie Channel, a premium TV channel showcasing movies and original series, is a place for viewers to find out about new episodes and when they air.

Much like, The Movie Channel makes their site easy to use by breaking down content into various categories, listed out distinctly at the top of the page, “Showtime,” “Series,” “Movies,” “Sports,” “Documentaries,” and “Comedy.”

Better yet, they strive to understand why someone might visit their site — to see when a show or movie will air! To address that need, they’ve added a menu item, “Schedules” at the top of the site. It’s prominent on desktop and mobile devices, so visitors know where they can view the upcoming schedule.

While isn’t a “traditional” blog with new posts diving into different topics or features, they do publish new content consistently, which is why it fits so well with the .blog domain extension. By using a .blog domain, visitors know that you’re not a static website and that they can expect new content regularly. In other words, they have a great reason to come back

By dividing their site into sections using strong visuals, pulls its audience in, highlighting their latest offerings. Rather than stopping there, they continue to suggest related titles to make the channel, and the site, as easy-to-use and targeted for each of their customers. It’s personalized, engaging, and always new.

With big-league brands like these flexing their blogging muscles, blogs have entered a whole new realm. Put communication and connection first, and give customers a reason to come back for more.

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