Welcoming Leanne Hogben as KKWT’s Head of Registry Services

KKWT, the registry subsidiary of Automattic, is excited to announce an addition to the team. Leanne Hogben, a familiar face from the industry, has joined KKWT in the role of Head of Registry Services. Her depth of experience, knowledge, and capabilities will surely complement KKWT. Leanne will work alongside Paolo Belcastro and Don Ruiz to help tackle improvements in operational activities and growing the.blog business.

After spending the past 14 years at GMO internet, of which 7 have been with Registry Services helping to launch and grow .shop, Leanne brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has worked in all areas of registry services and has a firm grasp of the domains market and the challenges new TLDs still face in the changing global domains climate.  

Being from Australia and having lived in Japan for many years, Leanne also has extensive insights into the APAC region – the key players, the cultures, and opportunities for new TLDs.

Working for Automattic certainly has its perks. One of which is the ability to work anywhere in the world. Leanne has decided to start her position with KKWT from her home in Melbourne, Australia, giving our team another place to consider for team meet-ups!

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