.blog Featured Site: appetiteforwine.blog

Louis Pasteur once said, “A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” And that’s a quote that gives you a sneak peek into our latest featured dotblogger, appetiteforwine.blog. It’s a blog that focuses on the story behind the wine.

Meet Appetite for Wine

One of the beautiful things about blogs is they allow people to share their passion and connect with others who feel the same way. This featured dotblog is a great example. It’s written by Kent Reynolds and Robyn Raphael-Reynolds, a couple who enjoys fine wine and everything that goes along with it.

Kent and Robyn live in California close to Wine Country. They’ve been sharing their passion for wine on the blog for almost six years. As you follow along with their stories you start to feel like you know them. Their content is engaging and personal – they even shared the story of their wedding with their readers in 2019.

What you’ll find on the Appetite for Wine blog

Posts on the blog fall into several categories.

Destinations – Kent and Robyn share their experiences at vineyards and wineries around the world. They mainly cover US destinations such as Napa Valley and even a vineyard in Hawaii. But they also include other countries like Greece, Portugal, and Canada, with stories on both the well-known and lesser-known locations.

Reviews – What would a wine blog be without reviews of wine? The Appetite for Wine blog does reviews on wine and wine-related products like books about wine, and music suitable for wineries. Their reviews provide a deep level of detail and knowledge of the subject which helps them build credibility as experts. 

General posts – Kent and Robyn also write posts that offer general tips and stories. They share their personal experiences, like the story of the first wine tasting they hosted and tips for protecting bottles of wine as you travel.

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Appetite for Wine participates in a monthly writing challenge. It was created by other wine writers looking to boost creative wine writing.

This is a great example of a blog with a clearly defined niche. Everything on it is related to wine. This helps readers to know exactly what they’ll find when they first encounter the blog.

How the blog is being used

appetitieforwine.blog is all about one couple sharing their passion for wine. After just a few minutes on the blog, you can tell Kent and Robyn have a real interest in and understanding of wine. This makes it easy for others with the same interest to connect with them.

They aren’t focused on selling products or services on the blog. They do provide links for some products, but it’s not the main purpose of the blog. There are also a few ads on the website such as above the header and in the sidebar. This is an easy way to monetize the blog.

They also highlight wine industry awards and recognition they’ve received. Examples include Top 100 Wine Blogs and The Great Seal of the Wine Century Club. Having these badges on the blog helps to build their credibility with readers.

Overall, you get the impression that the blog is a creative writing outlet for the couple. It’s a way to write about and share their information about something they love with others who have the same interest in wine.

Back to the basics of blogging

In 2021, blogs are being used in many diverse ways. They are used as marketing tools. They’re used to engage potential clients. But appetiteforwine.blog is a fantastic reminder that blogging is a great way to share your passion while connecting with those that have shared interests. Do you have a passion worth sharing? Starting your own blog might be a way to find your audience.