.blog Featured Site: legendsofsport.blog

If you’re a sports fan, we have the perfect dotblogger for you to meet. Today’s featured blog is legendsofsport.blog run by sports photographer Andrew D. Bernstein.

Meet the blogger

When it comes to sports photography, Andrew D. Bernstein is one of the greatest. Back in the 1980s, he was part of the team that created NBA Photos, which later became the worldwide leader in NBA photography licensing. He’s also been in many other ventures over the years.

His company is called Andrew D. Bernstein Associates Photography, Inc. Over the years, he has worked with LA teams, including the Dodgers, Clippers, Kings, and Lakers. His work has been used by companies that include Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Reebok.

Andrew helped revolutionize sports action photography indoors through new technology and tactics. His accomplishments and work speak for themselves.

Outside of photography, Andrew has made numerous appearances on radio and television to share his work. He is also the founder of the media and events company Legends of Sport.

What is Legends of Sport?

Legends of Sport is a blog and podcast. The podcast is in its third year and is now being distributed by the Los Angeles Times. In the podcast, Andrew interviews different sports legends to learn more about their careers. These legends even share details about their personal lives. Some of the athletes who have been featured on the podcast include Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Steve Kerr, and Candace Parker.

Legends of Sport allows Andrew to share his passion for the sports world in a different way rather than solely through his photography.

Similar to the podcast, the blog allows him to dive deeper into sports topics and legendary teams and athletes. The blog was created to celebrate sports teams, athletes, events, and historic moments. Topics include legendary teams like the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2011 Dallas Mavericks, to name a few examples.

On the blog, Andrew also includes a section called “Today in Sports History.” He posts new content here every single day. These posts share the stories of iconic moments and unforgettable athletes from history. There is a lot of work that goes into posting on a daily basis, but it adds a great element to the blog.

While the Legends of Sport blog is not about Andrew’s photography business, he includes links back to his business website. This enables people to learn more about him and the work that he does.

If sports are one of your passions, we encourage you to browse legendsofsport.blog and relive some of your favorite moments from sports history.

Using a blog to share your passion

Blogs are a fun way to connect with others who share your passion. Andrew is a sports fan who turned his passion into a career in photography. Now, he’s also expanded it into a podcast. Andrew’s blog is a place where sports fans can learn about their favorite legends. It’s also a platform where Andrew freely shares his interests with the world.

In the past, we’ve featured blogs that businesses and entrepreneurs use to support their marketing efforts. The Legends of Sport blog drives traffic to the podcast and Andrew’s photography website. However, it’s also a place for him to share his love of sports and connect with others who feel the same.

The great thing about the diversity of blogs is that you can use them to write about and share information on any topic. It is a great way for you to create content and find a community of people with whom you can share your passion the same way that Andrew does.