.blog Featured Site: comefromaway.blog

After being stuck close to home for over a year, something is refreshing about hearing of far-off destinations and travel. Our next featured dotblogger is comefromaway.blog. It’s more than your traditional travel blog. It shares the personal experiences of one family who took the opportunity to move to a new country.

The story behind comefromaway.blog

The blogger behind the comefromaway.blog is a wife and mother to three kids. She and her husband relocated their family of five from Canada to Chile for an adventure. The blog shares their experiences, tips, and travel destinations for others to learn from. We weren’t able to find the name of this adventurer but the author calls herself mamashinetravel, so we will too.

Although Chile may be a new destination to explore, the family is not new to travel. This blogger has lived in 15 different countries.

You feel you get to know mamashinetravel and her family through her blog even though she blogs somewhat anonymously. Very rarely will you find the names of the blogger or her family on the blog. But mamashinetravel’s images and shared experiences create a nice personal touch.

The first blog post shares the meaning behind the phrase “come from away”. It is “a uniquely eastern expression for someone who has recently moved to the east coast of Canada, but it essentially means you are a visitor. It doesn’t matter if you have been there for a month or years — sometimes you are always a Come From Away.”

What’s different about the blog

There are a lot of travel blogs. But comefromaway.blog is different from many because it’s an account of family adventures from a very personal perspective. Not just Top 10 destination lists or must-see local attractions, comefromaway.blog shares the logistical and family-related details of travel, as well an appreciation of all they experience in Chile.

On a multi-day trip, mamashinetravel doesn’t just share where they went on each day. She also describes details like what they ate along the way or how they lost their matches when hiking. It has a personal feel that makes it relatable.

The blog focuses entirely on Chile and the posts cover destinations and cultural experiences such as the festival, Cuasimodo which is celebrated in Santiago

But something that makes this travel blog even more unique is that two of the family’s three children are special needs. Comefromaway.blog offers  helpful tips for anyone traveling or moving to a new country with young children, and particularly, those traveling or moving around internationally with children with special needs.

 This is the story of a family sharing their lived experience of moving to a foreign country. This allows them to see the world around them from a unique perspective. They have unique tips to share and they have a fresh take not being from Chile.

They provide valuable local tips despite not being true locals. They’re “come from aways”.


There is much knowledge gained from first-hand experience. It cannot be mimicked. And the Comefromaway.blog shares unique experiences, travel destinations, and tips for others to learn from. What they share could not be shared in the same way by anyone else. This is the beauty of blogging.

What topic are you passionate about sharing your unique experience and perspective? Maybe it’s time to snag your .blog domain and start telling your story to the world.