The Who, What, Where & How of .blog and Blogging

As the internet continues to transform and adapt, the market for .blog domains continues to grow. The following infographics show how the blogging industry is growing across the board. This data was put together with the help of our friends at Pandalytics, and is supported by our own .blog data. 

Blogging just keeps growing… 

The number of blogs online is constantly increasing. The majority of people online spend time reading blog posts. 

Popular Blog Niches 

The popularity of blogs span many niches—personal and business. If there’s a topic someone is interested in, there’s likely to be a .blog domain covering it.

Bloggers by Country 

Our dotblogger community spans the globe. Blogging is universal and connects people from around the world.

Blogs by Language  

The blogging industry breaks the language barrier. .blog websites are written by people around the world in many different languages. 

Blogs by Platform  

You can find .blog domains across a number of popular blogging platforms. These are some of the favorite platforms for bloggers worldwide.   

Most popular WordPress Plugins  

There are many WordPress plugins making it easier than ever for new bloggers to start and run a blog. This makes blogging even more attractive to those curious about getting started.

Domain Usage rates  

.blog is a high-quality domain yielding high renewal rates, usage rates, and attachment to paid services rates. 

Blogs are used as a platform to share personal stories, educate clients about products and services, and connect with others around shared interests among other things. 

Over the last year, the need for connection has only grown and many people are looking to find communities to be a part of again. Blogging lets you tell your story and connect with people around the world. It’s no surprise we continue to see it grow broader and deeper in so many ways.