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Blogs have adapted over the years into effective marketing tools used by companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs. However, blogs remain a fun and satisfying way to explore and share your hobbies or interests with others. Our next featured dotblogger is blonded.blog. This is a fan-driven blog dedicated to all things Frank Ocean, one of the defining artists of our time.

Who are the bloggers?

Blonded.blog is a group effort run by three Frank Ocean fans who have each taken on a different role within the blog. They are listed on the website as:

  • curb: Web Master / Designer / Editor in Chief
  • Mónaco Sheikh: Research / Archivist / Social
  • Mayday: Historian / Archivist

In addition, the bloggers encourage and invite other Frank Ocean fans to contribute their own pieces of content about the artist and his work.

If you’re unfamiliar with him, Frank Ocean is a singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper, photographer, and visual artist. He got his start by writing songs for artists like Beyoncé before becoming wildly successful on his own. He is known for his ability to cover deep topics with a fresh new perspective that keeps his fans always wanting more. 

Who is the blog for and what’s it about?

This blog is an unofficial site about Frank Ocean. It’s not connected to any of his official sites. The purpose of the blog is to share and preserve the works of Frank Ocean as a singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper, photographer, and visual artist.

Blonded.blog acts as an archive of all Frank Ocean’s work, which makes it easy for fans to follow along while learning more about his life’s work. In addition, the blog lists all upcoming shows once they have been announced.

The blog also reshares information about and from Frank Ocean. This includes bits and pieces such as his Instagram updates. The section of the blog titled 365 provides a space for contributors to share opinion articles about his work and finished pieces. 

What makes it special?

One reason this blog stands out is the contribution of multiple individuals working together behind the scenes. This blog was originally created from a series of Frank Ocean preservation projects which began on several separate blogs. Blonded.blog combined all of the individual efforts into one platform, allowing it to expand into something greater.

Blonded.blog has brought fans together in more ways than one. While the blog itself is a space for fans to come together over their shared passion and interest in Frank Ocean, the process of creating the blog has provided the same benefit to the contributing bloggers. 

What can we learn? 

Frank Ocean’s work is diverse. There are many different ways in which you can enjoy what he has created from music to jewelry. Blogs are also designed to embrace variety. They can cover any number of different topics and reach a wide audience. 

Blonded.blog shows that you don’t have to be an expert in all areas to run a blog. This blog exists thanks to the collective effort of multiple people helping to keep things running. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all the tasks involved with running and growing a blog, consider working on a team together. 

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