.blog Featured Site: montana-cans.blog

For a business, creating a blog and finding the right balance between spotlighting its products/services and engaging the consumer can feel like a challenge. However, our next featured dotblogger shows with the right approach, it can feel pretty simple. Montana-cans.blog shows they know their audience, and positions the brand as an expert voice on graffiti and art culture.  

Who is the blogger?

Montana-cans.blog is run by Montana Cans, a German manufacturer of spray cans and other paint products. The founders of Montana Cans have their roots in graffiti and the urban art movement, and they see montana-cans.blog as a platform to communicate with their community of friends, artists and enthusiasts. 

Who is the blog for, and what’s it about?  

Montana-cans.blog is for consumers and artists. The blog shares product news and videos as you might expect. However, the blog also shares everything from DIY projects to murals created by artists using their products. 

The blog acts as a source of inspiration for artists, while also highlighting how their products meet the unique and constantly evolving needs of graffiti artists.

What makes it special?

More than simply highlighting their products, Montana Cans uses their blog to position themselves as an integral part of graffiti culture, which allows them to show their expertise in the field as a lifestyle. They aren’t simply selling products. Instead, readers can see the company is immersed in the world of graffiti art. It shows they have a clear understanding of the needs required by these artists, and how that fits into their everyday lives.

The in-depth coverage of exhibits and the work of local artists allows them to connect with the graffiti community of artists, while also highlighting what their product lines can do.

What can we learn?

It’s apparent the bloggers behind montana-cans.blog intuitively know what their audience wants, and they are well connected within the art community. In addition to sharing the benefits of their products, they spotlight and feature artists’ work such as the all-female collective SISTERHOOD. Montana Cans’ culture is clearly communicated through inspirational and engaging content.