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Kevin Xu is the author and founder of Interconnected.blog. An expert voice on global tech and geopolitics, his publication explores the connections between builders, operators, investors, and regulators. He writes from professional experience in founding startups, as a White House staffer, at enterprise tech companies, and in venture capital.

Kevin studied Law and Computer Science at Stanford and International Relations at Brown University. He co-hosts a podcast on Asian American and Canadian political discourse. His work has been widely cited and published, including in The New York Times, Business Insider, Wired, Al Jazeera, and The Wall Street Journal.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

Interconnected is a bilingual newsletter focusing on the intersection of tech, business, investing, geopolitics, and US-Asia relations. By highlighting these “interconnections,” the blog gives entrepreneurs an edge in building companies, investing, and hiring. It serves as a place for those interested in the international business market to find information that can help them become more educated consumers and professionals.

What Makes It Special?

Kevin publishes new content every Sunday in English, Chinese, and sometimes Japanese. He believes sharing content in multiple languages is an important part of building more common ground and information accountability between cultures. “No lost in translation, no lost in suspicion, and no media filter, just words straight from […] the author himself.”

What Can We Learn?

Kevin uses this blog to publish articles from his newsletter. Newsletters can be an effective tool for building subscribers, creating loyalty, and driving readers back to your blog. Also, Interconnected.blog offers free and paid premium subscriptions. For free, anyone can read interconnected.blog’s public, non-premium posts, and for $80 per month, subscribers have access to premium-level content, gain early access to co-investment opportunities, and receive a 1-on-1 expert consulting call.