.blog Featured Site: alearningaday.blog

In May 2008, dotblogger, Rohan set out to blog every day. Fourteen years later, he says this daily habit has changed his life. Consistency is key to a successful blogging strategy, and this week we take a look at, alearningaday.blog, to uncover some of the learnings within. Rohan introduces himself to us with the three virtues that guide his blog and how he lives, seeking to: 

  1. Contribute positively to the world, 
  2. Build meaningful relationships along the way, and 
  3. Learn from every opportunity.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

First and foremost, alearningaday.blog is for Rohan himself. He shares how the act of daily writing has changed his life by giving him confidence in his ability to keep his promises. In his own words, “discipline is the foundation of integrity.”

He writes openly about the blog serving his personal growth and being a platform for “being the change [he wishes] to see in the world.” Although his daily blog posts are born from a commitment to himself, Rohan’s writing and dedication are inspiring to anyone who visits his site.

What Makes It Special?

Very few bloggers can say that they have published a post every day for over 14 years. Rohan’s consistency is remarkable and certainly sets his blog apart. Alearningaday.blog is also unique in its purpose and content. Rohan categorizes his posts into three broad themes; people, learning, and making a contribution These he explores through a series of observations, opinions, quotes, stories, reviews, and more. “Some days, [the posts will] provoke. On others, they’ll challenge. And, on a few, they’ll resonate.”

What Can We Learn?

Writing and blogging consistently can have many benefits. Writing every day can help to refine your voice and improve communication. Blogging regularly keeps visitors returning to your blog. Alearningaday.blog gives us an insight into what one blogger has learned from blogging as he continues to ”inspire a learning-focused mindset that values becoming over being.”