Who Buys .blog Premium Domain Names?

.blog offers domains and services for all types of bloggers and users, from individual bloggers like Tim Ferris to big businesses, like Amazon. Many of these users often choose to purchase premium domains for their online digital identity. Premium domain names use highly recognizable keywords for better branding and marketability, are shorter in length, and stand out above others in the growing list of domain names. 

Why a Premium Domain?

First and foremost, premium domain names are shorter and much more memorable. These high-quality domains offer opportunities for brand building [link], are easier to market and are typically composed of target words which can result in better search engine optimization (SEO).

Who Buys Premium Domains

Digital Asset Investor

The digital asset investor gravitates toward premium domains because they are interested in well-priced, low renewal cost domains. This buyer is seeking opportunities to flip the domain for a quick and easy profit. Typically, these investors are interested in domains with large market opportunities, such as those with keywords and phrases relevant to the domain extension and search engines. Examples of the domains this type of buyer is interested in are insurance.blog, health.blog, travel.blog, bobs.blog.

Recent decreases in carrying costs combined with extremely high and untapped premium word inventory paves the way for savvy investors to purchase and hold these valuable domain names. Since domains first appeared, investors have been taking advantage of this valuable investment and there is no end in sight.

Single End User

Unlike an investor, this buyer is typically making a one-off purchase rather than buying multiple domain names. Their premium domain purchase is often tied to an emotional or sentimental meaning behind a name, such as our.blog or `family name`.blog.

This buyer is looking to carve a space for themselves online and wants a name that perfectly reflects them and their blog. The premium domains they choose speak directly to their online personality and presence. They are relevant and easy to remember and share.

Corporate End User

For the corporate end user, the purchase of premium domains is generally based on possible return on investment (ROI). Many high-end companies (e.g., Nike, Amazon, Calvin Klein, Chevrolet, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Visa, etc.) also purchase these domain names to protect their brand and prevent others from obtaining domains using their brand name. Unlike the buyer who is guided by emotions, these purchasers choose a domain based on facts, like search volume, relevance to their brand or product, possible SEO values, and overall marketability.

Corporate end users typically have large budgets, longer sales cycles, and there is more red tape involved. Through their purchase of these top-tier .blog domains, they help their customers and anyone involved in their brand stays better connected to their base. In addition to securing their brand name, they may choose to capitalize on generic keywords (e.g., health, travel, cooking, sex) in a reputable extension that is not clogged with overexposure and spam.

Premium Domains, Premium Experience

There are many reasons one might want to invest in a premium domain for their business or brand. From a savvy investment to an emotional connection to a name to a well-planned business decision, a wide range of people benefit from premium domains. Learn more about available premium domains and how you can purchase a premium .blog domain to advance your goals.

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