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Comedian, author, and award-winning activist, Sam Killermann, is the voice and heart behind samk.blog. Sam travels the world performing comedy and giving talks on themes of social justice, gender, and sexuality. He has been featured in TIME, The New York Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and “other fancy places.”

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

In his own words, Sam’s blog is “part open letter to the world, and part sharing experiences and observations of why I hold the world so dear.” The ultimate goal of his work is to nudge people toward a healthier, happier, more whole way of living. Everything he does and writes about is centered around activism. Posts are divided into three main categories: Better Humaning, in which he answers the question, “how can I be a better me while creating space for others to be a better them?”; Technolophizing, which addresses “how can we ensure technology is serving us, and our well-being—and not the other way around?”’ and Adventravel, which features stories from backpacking around the world and other anecdotes from his travels.

What Makes It Special?

This website was built from the ground up using Jamstack, which was created to be as fast, accessible, and environmentally sustainable as possible. Everything is open source and uncopyrighted, so it can be shared with others. 

Sam also does his own illustrations and is proud of having designed the symbol used for gender-neutral bathrooms across the world.

Like his uncopyrighted website content, he notes that every book he has ever written or co-written is available as a free PDF so that money isn’t a barrier to education. He says, “[y]ou cannot steal my books: I’ve already gifted them to you.” 

Sam has an upcoming book release that originated as a series of blog posts.

What Can We Learn?

Ultimately, Sam made a blog that he liked. It’s impossible not to notice the changing color pattern while you browse. “You might be wondering about the constantly shifting chameleon color scheme,” he says, then addresses if it was a necessary addition. “Yes, my friend. Because it makes me happy to visit this site, and I need to come here for this thing to work. So it was more than a need: it’s everything.” This sentence gives an insight into his conversational writing style, humor, and personality, which are all prevalent throughout the blog.

His blog also hosts his CV, has a place for Patreon subscribers, email subscribers, and links to his books. In monetizing his blog, he has made supporting him financially really playful: “I support this site, my puppies, and my global justice projects, by selling books. Royalties buy coffee. Coffee fuels articles.”