.blog Featured Site: fujifilm.blog

The team behind fujifilm.blog describe themselves as “curious, explorers of daily life, collectors of experiences.” Inviting readers to “explore the world of Fujifilm,” this blog offers all the photography content you would expect from a global photography brand alongside a look into the company’s culture, values, history, and people.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

The official Fujifilm Corporate blog features photographers and Fujifilm employees and gives tips on all things related to photography. It highlights new products and technology and shares Fujifilm’s greater mission: to make the world a better place through articles such as this one on  Breast Cancer prevention.

What Makes It Special?

The blog supports Fujifilm employees by uplifting “colleagues that invent, produce, communicate and sell our innovative products and services to create value from innovation.” Beyond photography, the blog shines a light on the company brand and values. Posts, such as this one highlighting how Fujifilm has been integral in developing healthcare technology from 1934 through the pandemic, share lesser-known applications of the company’s technology.

What Can We Learn?

Fujifilm.blog effectively showcases the culture around the brand; for both those who are part of Fujifilm and those who want to learn more about the company. It’s a great illustration of why all businesses should blog.