5 Tips to Achieve Blogging Success as a Subject Matter Expert

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are people with high levels of experience and a deep understanding in a specific area. SMEs aren’t always bloggers, but knowing what you are blogging about and positioning yourself as an expert in your field is key to having success as a blogger. Often, businesses will bring on SMEs to increase the authority of their blogs.

Maybe you’re an SME with your own blog, or maybe you’ve been asked to guest post. Either way, this article will give tips on successfully blogging as an SME.

Write from an outline

When you are knowledgeable and passionate about a subject, it’s sometimes hard to discuss it concisely. An outline can help you organize your thoughts and keep you on track. 

Before you begin writing, make a note of all the ideas you want to address. Write down the points you plan to cover, then expand upon them. You can write them in simple bullet points or break them up into headers with additional information under each one. Writing from an outline ensures you cover everything you set out to address and makes your writing process more organized and streamlined.

Read other articles

Experienced bloggers know how important it is to learn from other bloggers within their niche. The same goes for SMEs. Reading content in your field can inform you of what readers want to learn about.

When you read other blogs, pay attention to the tone of voice, common themes, and popular content. These markers will guide you as you formulate your own posts. Remember that the questions that fellow SMEs in your field discuss are not always the same questions that the general population is curious about. The more research you do ahead of writing, the more impactful your article will be.

Speak to your audience

When writing as an SME, it is important to remember that you are the expert, and your audience probably isn’t. Strive to give your knowledge in an accessible way. Use language that makes your article more approachable and easy to read. When using acronyms, even ones commonly used in your field, be sure to spell them out first so your knowledge can be understood across all levels of expertise.

Stay up to date

If you’re running your own blog, regularly updating your posts can help keep your site relevant. Over time, information changes and even small tweaks to potentially outdated posts help keep your blog up to date. Ensuring the continuing accuracy of your blog also positions it as a trustworthy source.

Even if you are guest posting, you can ask the host blogger if they would like edits on your past articles. Most importantly, it is essential to stay well-researched and educated to maintain your status as an SME.

Be yourself

No matter how long you have been an SME, you might feel pressure to prove your expert status. Try to remember that you have earned your position, and be authentic—this is how you earn credibility.

You have specific knowledge, experience, and skills. Trust your authority and don’t shy away from your uniqueness. Just like your background, your uniqueness is a strength, and your personal journey within your field of expertise contributes something valuable and is worthy of sharing.

From SME to Blogging Expert

Knowing your field and finding success as a SME doesn’t always translate to successful blogging. Blogging is a craft that takes experience and thought. Whether you are a regular blogger or an SME who has never blogged before, following these simple tips will help you find success and feel confident sharing your knowledge on any blog.

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