.blog Featured Site: fantastichiphop.blog

YouTube content creators can become familiar faces, but content creators don’t have to show their faces to be successful. This week we take a look at Fantastichiphop.blog, a blog that puts the creator’s vast knowledge of hip-hop music front and center. YouTuber, Fantastic Hip Hop shows us how a blog can complement a successful YouTube channel.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

This blog is for anyone passionate about hip-hop. Changing the world through the power of music”, it includes reviews, commentary, and rankings in both written and video formats.

What Makes It Special?

Fantastichiphop.blog is 100% dedicated to hip-hop music. The title and content make it clear quickly what readers will gain from visiting. This is a great example of how YouTube content creators can use a blog to gain further reach for their content and shows us how bloggers can benefit from including video content

All the content is clearly well-researched and thought-out, and all of the posts balance opinion with fact.

What Can We Learn?

There is no face behind this blog, which is evidence that bloggers don’t always have to show themselves but rather create a brand image and appeal. This approach also allows hip hop to be the true feature of fantastichiphop.blog.

The clear passion for hip-hop culture and well-defined niche organically benefit search engine optimization (SEO). [link to Google’s new update article] Equally notable is the impressive regularity with which Fantastic Hip Hop posts. The consistent and timely publication of reviews of new albums makes this site a relevant and helpful source of information for music lovers.