.blog Featured Site: scottlamb.blog

This week’s featured blogger is an expert in the field of blogging and content creation. Writer, editor, and VP of content at Medium, Scott Lamb is a self-described “internet person.” Scottlamb.blog, is his personal corner of the web and offers everything from memes to tech industry news, and the future of AI. 

What is the blog about?

Stories of Christmas break and crosswords sit alongside articles on Web3, and how Medium approaches new digital trends like AI-generated writing.

His writing targets just about everyone interested in online publishing and how it might look in the not-so-distant future. Anyone who uses Medium can learn a lot from Scott’s insights. 

What makes it special?

Scott’s passion for writing means that the latest trends and developments online are interspersed with his own joyful content on “less important” (though no less interesting) themes.

 Ideas for inspiration

1. A personal blog doesn’t always need to stick to a niche. At scottlamb.blog, we get his take on everything from Wordle theories to the climate crisis, to writing advice and TikTok.

2. The first name + last name + .blog combination is the perfect domain for a personal blog. scottlamb.blog immediately tells us this is Scott Lamb’s blog. Or go with just a first name, last name, or nickname. All intuitive choices for anyone leaning into their own personal brand.

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